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  2. I think you should be disposing the meshes instead of the whole scene.
  3. Do not do any optimizations until you know where the bottleneck is. Invest some time in learning how to use the profiler.
  4. So you would be fine if there was just a getter for onDispose, right?
  5. Yes, since the width and height of the text is 100%. You could also do this:
  6. You need to set isHitTestVisible to false for the text or add the text before you add the stack panel. Maybe text controls should have isHitTestVisible set to false by default.
  7. I'm thinking this was for backwards compatibility. Use: node.onDisposeObservable.add(callback);
  8. Try setting img.crossOrigin = "anonymous" before you set img.src. edit: this might need to happen here:
  10. better yet:
  11. I just submitted a PR that fixes this issue:
  12. This seems to be working: I call camera.setTarget in afterRender.
  13. I will tonight.
  14. see the polyfill section
  15. I think we need to use: this.parentNode.removeChild(this); for ie11
  16. I'll be submitting a fix for this tonight.
  17. engine.getFps().toFixed()
  18. PR submitted:
  19. Is this what you are trying to do?
  20. I'm not seeing an error. edit: OK, I see it after clicking. If possible, you should probably switch to using GUI.
  21. This bug has been fixed. Note: Even though this has been fixed, newcomers should choose GUI over Canvas2D.
  23. You can set the scene.pointerDownPredicate: