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  1. PBR composer ( node based )

    Impressive. Can you put a link to PBR-Composer on your first post? I skimmed (didn't read ) that first post and went directly to Shader Editor thinking it was yours. Thanks
  2. syncBoneWithImpostor function help

    Create a test with at least 2 bones and 2 physics imposters connected by a joint. I never tested a 1 bone 1 imposter set up.
  3. Physics Movement Is Gounded

    I think you're going to have to determine if the body is grounded by observing collisions. You can use PhysicsImposter.registerOnPhysicsCollide:
  4. I'd fill the meshes array with empty meshes (or something else like boxes) and then in onSuccess replace those empty meshes with the real meshes.
  5. Tween model by TweenMax.js

    Still not working. Just use the skull:
  6. Scene dispose freeze BJS

    If you have no luck disposing a scene, then maybe you can reuse them.
  7. Read this:
  9. I don't think this has anything to do with the model. I'm thinking there is a divide by zero error somewhere.
  10. It's not just the ortho camera:
  11. [SOLVED] Forward Vector

    You're welcome.
  12. [SOLVED] Forward Vector

    You can use mesh.getDirection for this:
  13. Announcing Babylon.GUI

    I commented out line 57.
  14. Billboarding... How to actually use it

    another example:
  15. Restricting camera rotation
  16. Scared of Typescript

    This guide is really good:
  17. RayCasting

    Nope That example uses Pick (click on the ground) and Ray with a ground mesh. edit: and an example that uses a model:
  18. How to host .babylon file on web server?

    Try changing the extension of the .babylon file to .json .
  19. I'd keep it totally separate. Use a canvas for BJS and another canvas for Pixi.
  20. You should be able to. What issues did you run into?
  21. RayCasting

    Here is an example using a Ray and RayHelper:
  22. Mouse and camera controls

    I set a max speed on these: This one translates the camera position: edit: I also changed the cell sizes from 4300 to 256.
  23. Shower visualization

    This is most likely a bug in the version of FF you are using.