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  1. Subtract in place help?

    use geometry without an underscore:
  2. Pivot Problems

    getPivotPoint should probably have an optional space param.
  3. Cursor pointer on GUI
  4. I'm pretty sure this is due to this bug: I haven't seen anything related to a security vulnerability.
  5. You can also use lookAt's optional params to correct the rotation:
  6. Turn off PARENT CHILD rotation

    Another solution using a TransformNode as a parent of both the boxes:
  7. Turn off PARENT CHILD rotation

    Why even parent the boxes? edit: I see Alenvie's solution doesn't use parenting.
  8. Raycast not in a exact position

    Try normalizing frontLocalMeshDirection.
  9. It is important that we have simple examples using BJS so that users can decide which is best for them. This is much more helpful than just someone telling you which is best.
  10. @dbawel it would be helpful if you provided examples of GUI”s you have created. Thanks edit: simple pg examples would be best. a few lines of code can be worth a thousand words and avoid a lot of back and forth. if you need to use css, maybe jsfiddle would be better than the pg.
  11. GUI overlay

    Please provide a PG example of the issue you are having. Thanks
  13. more GUI Controls (ie: Menu)

    Different styles in the same menu item. It can currently handle multiple styles in the same menu.
  14. more GUI Controls (ie: Menu)

    The menu still needs some work. For instance, I still need to figure out how I should handle menu items that use multiple font families. I'm going to bounce some ideas off Deltakosh when he gets back.
  15. Make sure you are using the latest build. Sebavan made an improvement to lookAt last night so that it won't force you to use rotationQuaternion.
  16. CreateBox vs CreateLines

    How about something like this?
  17. CreateBox vs CreateLines

    You could use the bounding box feature: edit: I think I misunderstood the question.
  18. What's next?
  19. Cut faces on custom polyhedron

  20. Using IK Bone Controller

    This looks better:
  21. Using IK Bone Controller

    I’m on my phone right now so I wasn’t able to view the PG, but it sounds like you may need to use the bendAxis feature. That allows you to define the local axis the joint will bend on.
  22. Using IK Bone Controller

    IMO, it is important to show a demo where the animation is playing.
  23. Using IK Bone Controller

    No I don't know. What I did to find the arms was trial and error.