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  1. You can also do it at runtime.
  2. Gimbal Lock Your meshes rotation x is set to Math.PI*.5.
  4. @Dad72 it doesn't do the same thing, though:
  6. One thing you could do is subdivide it in your modeling software and then simplify it in BJS.
  7. My understanding is that it is the same as the subdivide in blender.
  8. BJS does not currently have a mesh subdivide feature.
  9. Does this help?
  10. There is a bug with that fix. Here:
  11. PR submitted.
  12. I'll try to figure it out over the next couple of days. edit: I tracked down the code that made this break. I might actually have a fix tonight.
  13. If you are working with positions that you get from mesh.getVerticesData(BABYLON.VertexBuffer.PositionKind) You'll need to use: BABYLON.Vector3.TransformCoordinates or BABYLON.Vector3.TransformCoordinatesRef to transform the positions from local space to world space.
  14. In BJS >= 2.5 the default world scale for Oimo is 1.
  15. It works properly in 2.4:
  16. AttachToBone doesn't keep the mesh attached properly between animations when the mesh of the skeleton is moving. This PG demonstrates the issue: Click to see the mesh jump to the left.
  17. If you have hacks that work, It might not be that difficult for you to clean your code up and integrate them to the framework. When you submit a PR they can give you comments and suggestions.
  18. canvas2d The hit area needs some work.
  19. Here is a doc and PG link that might be helpful:
  20. Isn't this a better comparison? Maybe I don't understand your question.
  21. This example might help:
  22. That didn't fix the issue. That just demonstrated that on the playground the issue seemed to be fixed with the extra render call in a separate renderLoop. The best fix that I've been able to come up with is this: I'm thinking that @Deltakosh can get attachToBone working the way it should in this situation, though. Especially if it was working in 2.4.