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  2. Couple of tweaks:
  3. I think I'll be able to track this down if you can reproduce it in the PG.
  4. The functions that RotationFromAxis is now using expects the axes to be left handed. There probably needs to be some code to check for that if we want to maintain the behavior of 2.5.
  5. @jerome It works if you flip the x axis:
  6. You can use the shader here:
  7. This should probably be Epsilon rather than 0:
  8. I used the skeleton that was attached to the mesh.
  9. I would create spheres and place them on each of the points. Do you have a playground example of your tube?
  10. I think it has to do with this line: This is the correct behavior.
  11. Cloned meshes share geometry.
  12. You can use TweenMax:
  13. A few more tweaks and:
  14. The solution you came up with to fix the scaling will work as long as the parent is scaled the same on all axes or if the child rotation is limited to the axis that is scaled. Something like that.
  15. After looking at your example and playing around with it a little I remembered that AbstractMesh.setParent only preserves rotation and position - not scale.
  16. Can you create a PG of your issue?
  17. Try to remove the parent from the child using: child.setParent(null, true);
  18. What version of BJS are you using? I fixed an issue with rotation a couple weeks.
  19. Don't pass the mesh to the rotation function.
  20. Use mesh.getDirection(localDirection) to get the world direction of whichever axis or direction you want.
  21. Does the pathfinding system freeze the game when there is only one enemy using it? If not, I'd simply limit the amount of times you can call the pathfinding function per frame. edit: OK, I'm seeing that just the recalculation of the navmesh freezes the game. You probably are going to need to use webworkers.
  22. Here is one way to do it: another:
  23. What could be wrong? The sphere is not following the tube. How about providing the link to the PG?