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  1. mfdesigner

    oTakhi Atom-Drive: Publishing (Preview)

    Share your work with the others and the public on the Internet using Atom-Drive:
  2. mfdesigner

    oTakhi Platform: Atom-Drive (Preview)

    Atom Drive is still in preview mode. Anticipated release date is Summer 2019. Our cloud service at, like others, suffers congestion during heavy UPLOAD, which is a problem when server resources is limited. Atom Drive lets you host your own server and therefore solve both speed and availability issue, that is, if you just want to run it as a workgroup in a Local Area Network.
  3. mfdesigner

    oTakhi Platform: Atom-Drive (Preview)

    Atom-Drive is: (1) a Chromium Browser and Node.js Server hybrid. (2) a server-less solution ( no client process running on the server) that serves only software objects and web apps on demand over LAN and/or WAN. (3) a workgroup productivity solution for sharing software objects, apps assembled from these objects, and editors assembled from these objects for creating new intermediary objects and contents. (4) not one single application dictated by a few individuals, but a way to create many different applications by anyone for everyone. Apps can be embedded in web pages and viewable by regular web browsers. (5) a platform for embedding open-sourced c++ or javascript libraries into micro-service provider such as molecule packs or reusable droplets. (6) Scalable MySql backend allows objects to be stored on a cluster of hosts. (7) extensive client-side caching to reduce latency and increase productivity comparing to traditional client/server design.
  4. Use Volumetric Area Light to enhance a scene with subtle lighting cue.
  5. mfdesigner

    oTakhi Platform: Soft Shadows

    Adjustable shadow darkness, softness, and volume. Shadow can be generated from transparent meshes using alpha map and alpha test value.
  6. Featuring Forward & Inverse Kinematics, Reusable Pose Library, Cubic-Bezier Easing, Custom Easing Equation, All in a Shareable Component.
  7. Create realistic metals using reflection, specular, bump, and emissive maps.
  8. Create realistic materials using 13 attributes of control of an improved Principled BSDF Shader.
  9. mfdesigner

    oTakhi Platform: Thousand Points of Light

    Use Forward Tiled Shading to accelerate the rendering of thousand point lights. The performance varies depending on what GPU you have. Animating 1000 point lights push the limit of most consumer GPUs.
  10. Add ChatScript, a rule-based engine for natural language understanding and processing, to your game design and to automate game development in our completely script-able editor.
  11. mfdesigner

    oTakhi Platform: Plasma Gun FX

    Use scrolling texture map, OTAKHI.Lightning helper object, and particle system to create myriad of plasma beam effect.
  12. mfdesigner

    oTakhi Platform: Vortex Force Field

    Vortex Force Field.
  13. Physics-based modeling of explosion and pressure wave based on Friedlander Equation.
  14. mfdesigner

    oTakhi Platform: Pouring Rain

    Instanced Particles (raindrops and water ripples) with refractive and normal mapping. Visit all our showcases here.
  15. Mixing multiple path animations: Dynamically mixing and blending multiple skeletal animations over a figure-8 path animation.