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  1. If more people ask for it I will for sure
  2. I'm a little bit swamped out recently. Do you have some free cycles to look at it?
  3. Do you still repro it?
  4. I see no reason why this happens With no compensation there is no postprocess
  5. Because it makes no sense to have it most of the time. In your specific case I can see the value though But it is not a complex task to do it.
  6. Hey! Not really in one function but you can just go through scene.textures and set sampling to nearest mode (
  7. You are right for instances. You cannot dispose the root. For clones you can though
  8. Perfect thanks!
  9. Other option: I changed the updatePosition a bit to void the Y component of the camera direction
  10. Dynamic textures are tough to export because you first need to save them as a file and this is almost impossible to do with web browsers
  11. Hello unfortunately not directly. But indirectly yes (through 3ds or blender)
  12. Hello the VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera uses a postprocess to simulate the lenses. You can try to disable it by setting the compensateDistorsion to false (
  13. Sorry I did not read everything in detail (in a meeting right now) but if you want to rotate the camera around Z, you can change camera.upVector (like here:
  14. Do you mind testing with the latest v2.6 alpha and the very latest gltf loader? (just in case) Ping @Luaacro
  15. I beat you but your responses are always richer