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  1. Update: added UBO
  2. Can you create a repro in the Playground. This will help me understand how to do what you want to achieve :0
  3. It should work Do you mind creating a playground repro? It's gonna be easier to fix it then
  4. I suggest using dot product: when dot(a, b ) > 0.95 then you are front facing
  5. You should not recreate the effect but instead update it: Look line #75
  6. Hello to take in account a specific camera you can just use this: let p = BABYLON.Vector3.Project(vector, Identity, camera.getViewMatrix().multiply(camera.getProjectionMatrix()), camera.viewport.toGlobal(engine.getRenderWidth(), engine.getRenderHeight()));
  7. solved

    Does it work on chrome? Can you use the debug layer to check which version of web is enabled?
  8. YEAH!
  9. No problem my friend, I do it RIGHT now
  10. It is possible but you'll still have to provide all vertices. And while it will be sub optimal for memory, regarding perf it will be great because all will be done by the GPU
  11. Thanks Keith I appreciate the feedback!
  12. You can also call engine.releaseEffects() to free shaders without killing the engine
  13. if you want to wipe everything: engine.dispose() Textures and shaders are cached at engine level because they can be shared between scenes