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  1. light on PBRMaterial: specular color is gone

    Specular is not taken in account from light (as we consider diffuse = specular for physic lights)
  2. Texture original size

    Hello I'm not sure to understand but did you play with texture.uOffset, texture.vOffset and texture.uScale and texture.vScale ?
  3. Bug in GUI causes crash

    Good catch..gonna be fixed with next commit
  4. New feature: Behaviors

    Behaviors are classes, there is no catalog per se (the doc is here to list them) And to be fair, I can't see a good reason to provide a catalog as you may need to understand what the behavior do before attaching it. So it is clearly a developer task
  5. BabylonHx 2.0

    Out of curiosity: are you generating hx files automatically from js?
  6. Help wanted!

    hello, and thanks a lot for your help! 1. just go to, create an deploy using this config: 2. You are right, we need to make sure all links still work. The good news is that we have a redirect file here: Just add any redirect you need 3. This ones if for @Temechon or @brianzinn 4. Search index will be rebuilt automatically. No worry about that
  7. New feature: Behaviors

    Hey community! I'm pleased (as always :)) to announce the availability of behaviors: I don't want to rewrite the documentation here so if you have 5 minutes, do you mind checking it and give your feedback here? Is it clear enough? What could be missing? any ideas for upcoming new behaviors? One of the behavior I would like to add is the DraggableBehavior:
  8. blured on top of non blured

    If you want to perfectly align I suggest using the texture like a fullscreen quad This is what I'm doing here: basically the idea is to create a foreground layer and use this rtt as the texture so the texture can be perfectly aligned with the screen size
  9. What the heck is BabylonFileConverter

    Hey! it was here since a very long time And yes it produces binary version of babylon file. The binary file is actually a set of files: we keep the json file format as a catalog of resources and all geometries are then saved in a different binary encoded file
  10. Move object relative to the camera view

    Correct xxxToRef takes an additional parameter which will define the target (where to save the result) xxxInPlace will save the result locally as you mentioned
  11. AssetManager & sceneOptimizer contribution

    Sorry I was completely unclear: We just need to test it first before integrating it into the "highly secured" core engine
  12. syncBoneWithImpostor function help

    Question is: how can we detect that bones are not centered ?
  13. webgl error

    Unfortunately no, I need a simple page hosted somewhere where with a simple code you repro the issue. The idea is to concentrate only on the memory leak
  14. Scene dispose freeze BJS

    This is a bit too complex to debug do you mind to create a simpler repro?
  15. AssetManager & sceneOptimizer contribution

    Hey! 1. Yes the accumulator needs 1s worth of data but you can still rely on 2. you can use TextureTools.CreateResizedCopy: 3.You can turn individual channels with these booleans: 4.Culling is on by default. You can turn it off with material.backFaceCulling = false. Occlusion queries are coming to webgl2 part of the engine 5.Once your extensions will be in the Extension repo, you will be able to use it in the PG