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  1. Also as GLB is only supporting PBR can you share the initial scene you exported to GLB from babylon?
  2. To disable specular is babylon.js you have to set specularColor = black Pinging @bghgary for GLB
  3. Deltakosh

    arcRotateCamera panning issue

    It is actually a known edge case. I recommend most of the times to limit the beta value to something a bit smaller than PI
  4. Deltakosh

    Debugging physics with the inspector

    Well the viewMesh should not be dispayed in the graph, I'll fix that I will fix the picking issue as well
  5. Deltakosh

    Inspector v2.0 is ready for testing

    Can you share the scene you were using when that happened? This is a bug I think
  6. Deltakosh

    Debugging physics with the inspector

    Yes There is no real mesh adding as the helper already works on a different layer mode
  7. Deltakosh

    Touch controls on Iphone and Ipad not working

    if you rely on scene.onPointerObservable then yes you need to reference pep as it will provide a polyfill for pointer events
  8. Well why do you need to rotate the camera? In your example rotation the mesh should be perfect no? i think the problem is coming from the way the camera is building its viewMatrix and its relation to upvector (the problem will really be visible when you are almost perpendicular to upVector):
  9. perfect! Flagging as solved!
  10. merged Publication in progress
  11. Pinging @bghgary who did the Draco port for our glTF loader