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  1. sure:
  2. I'll check with @Temechon. Thanks a lot for reporting it! I completely missed this issue
  3. right.. it is a hack I should not have used this one
  4. Wooooot! Something went wrong here. We definitely need to rebuild the doc for 3.0 Let me ping @Temechon
  5. create a camera You need to create a function named "createScene" which returns a scene with a camera: and then add your code in it
  6. can you please repro it in the PG?
  7. It works here: see how fast you can zoom with mouse wheel
  8. Thanks a lot. I appreciate your kind words
  9. Hello! 1. to render only what is visible: this is by default. But the edgesRenderer does not take it in account and will display ALL faces. You should instead try to use the outlines: 2. flat is easy: set material.disableLighting = true and set your color to material.emissiveColor
  10. Hello and welcome! you can use camera.wheelPrecision
  11. Hello ! it is tough to help without a repro. Do you mind creating one on ?
  12. Hello ! it is tough to help without a repro. Do you mind creating one on ?
  13. Why do you need alpha in the vertex attributes? Does it work for your needs? If not you will have to use mesh.position only for positioning. If you use vertex data to offset your mesh, the scene won't be able to sort the meshes correctly (it only uses the position)
  14. something like that:
  15. Clearly nothing you can detect unless you have a 16k screen