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  1. Ok your post motivated me here is the new version where engine and scene are no more mandatory parameter:
  2. Does "../assets/texture.jpg" work?
  3. No worry we did a good team here!
  4. It is here mostly for the Action Builder ;)
  5. @juanmajr93 the WebVRCamera is based on WebVR 1.1. So if the browser of GearVR is 1.1 you should be all fine. Can you just run a bit of JS to alert (navigator.getVRDisplays) ? Just to sure that you have to use the WebVR camera
  6. Hello and thank you so much for this APPRECIATED feedback. Here are my thoughts: - API with long name: I'm a big fan of clarity and that's why I chose to use meaningful naming. For learning purpose I would HIGHLY recommend to use Typescript with an editor like VS Code where intelisense will help you by documenting the API while typing. Thanks to this, you won't have to type more than 3 letters most of the time - The scene argument is here because then you won't have to attach your mesh to the scene. This is mandatory for scene rendering, memory management and all the internal work done for you by the engine. The option to avoid the scene in the parameter will FORCE you to think about calling scene.addMesh or something and I'm not convince this is better - Reading your message, I think I have an idea. I will update the MeshBuilder functions to automatically use the last created scene as host if the scene parameter is not set - MeshBuilder does NOT create a material (mesh.material is set to null) BUT by default Babylon.js will affect a default material if none is provided. For geometry, you are right, it is build for you for convenience reason - Can you elaborate more on the set() method for Vector3? You can already affect them with mesh.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(x, y, z) or mesh.position.fromFloats(x, y, z) - The right handed system is clearly an option for advanced users. I mean, once you decided which one you want to use, you don't have to think about it
  7. You have to just call arcCamera.setPosition(newPosition);
  8. OptimizeAsync will scale down the main HTML canvas which could be the issue? You can test it by calling engine.setHardwareScalingLevel(2);
  9. You know the price for a bug fix But I think I may know where the issue is.. Can you check my next commit ?
  10. Ping @Nockawa
  11. GearVR should work with VRDeviceOrientationCamera
  12. ok understood! adam is working on a fix
  13. they have billboard set so they are not supposed to rotate ? Or I missed something?
  14. Hello there must be something else because I can reference my texture with a "/something" here: