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  1. Please let me know if you have an equirectangular video we can use I would love to demonstrate it on our homepage
  2. Hello better?
  3. Yes it is possible but perhaps you may not need to use physics and instead use your won code? Something like this:
  4. Best option will be to provide a repro case on the PG
  5. Hello @JCPalmer is right. Please just add your own folder in Extensions repo. You can also consider to contribute to main repo depending on what you want to contribute
  6. Hello this is perhaps not related to GLTF. By default Babylon.js sorts transparent meshes back to front. Can you provide a sample demo?
  7. Hello by default all controls consider that Y is up. but you can check here that angles are updated when moving the pointer: So basically the idea would be to overwrite this function to provide a different behavior
  8. Hello Babylon.js has a system to adapt animations to time only. So framerate independent.
  9. This should work already: Just provide a video with equirectangular data and you're good to go Now regarding your first ask: I introduced the mirrored mode: reflectionTexture.coordinatesMode = BABYLON.Texture.FIXED_EQUIRECTANGULAR_MIRRORED_MODE;
  10. Can he share the errors he may have in the JS console?
  11. Hello this is definitely an issue with shadows :). Do you need realtime shadows in your scene? If so I suggest being sure to only add the minimum amount of objects in the list of affected meshes that your light can reach. You can also control the bias of the shadows by right-clicking on a light and going to "babylonjs properties" A suggest read to better understand dynamic shadows:
  12. Hello I think you can use the scene.getWorldExtends() which returns an object with two properties: min and max which are vector3 representing the bounding box of the world
  13. Hey thank you for reporting it! it is fixed now
  14. Hello team! as part of 3.0 version, I'm proud to announce the availability of ESM shadows (Exponential Shadow Maps). I updated the great doc done by @Wingnut to take this in account: VSM (variance shadow maps) were removed (to keep backward compatibility the properties are still here but they will trigger a warning in the console). ESM are great because they can be blurred. Here is an example of all kind of shadows we have now: ESM are great because they allow you to deal with selfshadowing: Hope you like it!