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  1. Black texture is fixed by latest nightly
  2. Camera's ellipsoid from above missing

    Yes definitely
  3. Camera's ellipsoid from above missing

    This is kind of expected Because of this guy: If the plane is backward facing the collision will ignore it (for performance reason)
  4. Supporting Shift key for virtual keyboard

    @aWeirdo fancy making it official?
  5. Solved: Mesh Editor - Edit Ribbon Vertices?

    it is babylonjs and thank you for being part of our community
  6. GUI mapped to Box Faces

    multimat is really my option #1 here You can create a box with specific UV per face:
  7. yes
  8. Camera's ellipsoid from above missing

    can you provide a test case ?
  9. WebGL2 is turned of on Chrome/M63

    Yes this forced me to turn webgl2 off on chrome m63 If you want to get more insider details: This will apparently be fixed for m64
  10. The whole game world/scene creation

    Blender is pretty well supported so it is a good reason to use it We did a lot of improvement on the 3dsmax one lately as well
  11. Unfortunately I wills till have to rely on onCollide internally. This is the same issue: being noticed that a collision happened and then find between whom
  12. What is the best way to handle movement of a mesh?

    Hello, you should look how we handle keys on FreeCamera for instance: Basically: - every time a key is pressed the associated boolean is turned to true - on every frame, we check the list of booleans and apply the associated transform:
  13. Supporting Shift key for virtual keyboard

    Pinging @adam who may want to look at it
  14. Supporting Shift key for virtual keyboard

    Good job..This could be a cool option to the virtualKeyboard
  15. CreateFullScreen is not meant to be used in VR mode as there is no 3d applied (as it is a pure 2d :)) Only Texture mode makes sense in webvr mode as it will be integrated in the webVR rendering process