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  1. is 2 Reflection Textures possible

    Yes exactly
  2. AssetManager & sceneOptimizer contribution

    Oh nice for the updateSize (did not notice that :)) Thank you very much for your time and passion!
  3. Move camera using touch control

    Hello! You can use two fingers to pan
  4. Strange shadows

    Do you have the same issue with a model without bones? Also try top play with generator.depthScale If your scene is small I would also recommend using closeESM instead of ESM
  5. Picks not working, but working, but not?!

    Thanks! I'll make sure to find the cause then
  6. can you check which url is used by babylon.js to load your file? (using the network tab in f12 tools) This may come from the url not starting with a scheme
  7. noob question: .babylon -> .gltf tool

    Yes you can Thanks to our wonderful gltf serializer: You can load the scene in babylonjs and then call BABYLON.GLTF2Export.GLTF(scene)
  8. https preview babylonjs time out random

    We are hosted by netlify and thy faced some network outages recently. So this is probably the reason why
  9. Too many uniforms for simple mesh

    Can you dump here the entire error message? It will contain the defines that I can use to determine which uniforms are used
  10. Picks not working, but working, but not?!

    Also can you make sure scene.pointerX / Y is correct? (just in case)
  11. Picks not working, but working, but not?!

    Can you repro it in the PG? it is though to debug on your page directly
  12. Inspector Tab Not Clickable

    The stats div block inputs you should make it child of the root div
  13. By the way the mastermind behind the color picker is @adam
  14. Too many uniforms for simple mesh

    Not the uniform but the defines (they filter the uniforms. The list you get defines all the uniforms unfiltered) Morph target consumes a lot of uniforms with the "morphTargetInfluences"
  15. Shadows slightly too small

    This makes sense Do you want to edit it directly?