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  1. How to implement clipping planes as with Three.js?

    Not sure to understand the issue
  2. you can still keep track of old one and dispose them
  3. Reusing LensRenderingPipeline

    This should be fixable do you mind creating a repro in the PG?
  4. Tilemap Parallax System

    This is pretty good!! congrats
  5. Broken Lines

    Seems better with fxaa: But as @Pryme8 mentioned you should increase the thickness
  6. VR gear?

    Do you think you could add support for it? I have no device to test
  7. BJS Editor embedded textures

    This is cool
  8. Motion Blur available on Particles?

    I plan to add support for trails for particles soon
  9. It looks like the iPad is doing dithering you can try something like engine.setDitheringState(false) ?
  10. Efficient Culling of a Mesh Hierarchy?

    This is not possible but it could be cool to add something like mesh.cullHierarchy = true and in this case if the mesh is culled then all children are ignored
  11. why does face flip occur?

    Can you share your obj?
  12. update buffer data and change data length

    (btw I don't see that as a bug)
  13. update buffer data and change data length

    Sure please submit a PR, I''l review it
  14. No colors and light in editor

    Ping @Luaacro who is the mastermind behind the editor
  15. Ok found the reason The locallyTranslate function force a flush of the cache because it needs the update world matrix. Then the cache thinks that everything is up to date But no worry, here is the fix: Just need to flag the mesh as dirty again