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  1. Building a RGB RawTexture

    Good catch! It was a bug..will be fixed in next nightly (in a few minutes)
  2. Reduce memory footprint of large number of assets

    What about having a file per furniture?
  3. CustomMaterial and onBindObservable loop to infinity

    You can keep it, just remove the instanciation: var texture = new BABYLON.Texture("texture.png", scene); terrainMaterial.onBindObservable.add(() => { terrainMaterial.getEffect().setTexture('texture', texture ); };
  4. I also encourage you to do the second Append in the success callback of the first one
  5. Babylon Headless on Server Side

    can you try to instantiate the engine with webgl2 support turned off see Engine option parameter (disableWebGL2Support) :
  6. CustomMaterial and onBindObservable loop to infinity

    Beware, onBindObservable is called on every frame so you are instantiating a new texture per frame. Not a good idea
  7. This function will freeze the list of active meshes (this is different from freezing mesh worldMatrix). So even if you add more meshes in the scene they will not be displayed To make sure you have the controllers in the list, just call the scene.freezeActiveMeshes in the onControllerMeshLoadedObservable observable
  8. Babylon Headless on Server Side

    Can you give us the entire error log?
  9. Animation currentFrame

    Here is a PG where animationEnd is call for a forward and backward animation:
  10. Animation currentFrame

    Hello not sure to understand the problem (too much code around :)) Can you just create a simple repro with only the problem?
  11. 3DsMax exporter wrong compression

    Hello this is part of our backlog: (And we are looking for help ;)) For you color map can you make sure that Alpha Source is set to none in 3dsmax?
  12. Parallax Occlusion has no effect

    Also I think it may be working but as there is no big difference in heights you may not be able to see it