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  1. error on 'new BABYLON.AnimationGroup()'

    3.2 is due by early May. But stable versions should be there around March Regarding AnimationGroup, they offer an OnAnimationEnd observable that will do the trick for you
  2. Empty screenshot @Temechon
  3. 1. Could be fixed easily but exposing a property where we can define the formats 2. This one is tougher but perhaps we could think of an API entry point as well I love people with free time and I'm jealous now!
  4. CustomMaterial and edit textureDynamique

    @NasimiAsl How would you want to change the stdMaterial to improve it? I can add more observables if you want for instance?
  5. Hello you would like to add a linkOffset but in world unit? In this case why not adding a hidden child to your mesh and offset it using the vector3 you want and then attach your GUI label to this dummy object?
  6. Empty screenshot

    The documentation is not updated live I will update it by end of week
  7. error on 'new BABYLON.AnimationGroup()'

    We are in early alpha stage for 3.2 so you can use it but you may expect some changes along the road
  8. About acceleration structures

    Hello! 1. We use octree for mesh selection only if user enable it as the cost of maintaining the octree could be bigger than just going through a list of meshes. When you have a lot of static meshes then the octree is a good idea. BVH or Octree is a good question and there is no good response It clearly depends on your scene topology and this is why you have the opportunity to provide your own mesh selection algorithm. By default, the scene will go through all enabled and visible meshes and will do frustum clipping based on current camera view. This will generate the list of active meshes used for rendering. 2. By default only transparent meshes are ordered back to front. But you can decide to also order opaque and alpha test meshes with this API:
  9. This is still possible. Nothing prevents it The WebVR camera IS a free camera. You should be able to move it with a gamepad for instance if you call camera.inputs.addGamepad()
  10. VideoTexture, 1 frame per render loop

    The autoLaunch property can be exposed easily if this is a missing feature you need And for sure, I'm always interested to discuss improvements
  11. Hello it is hidden and not accessible because the engine is doing a LOT of caching and optimizations in the background So I deeply encourage you to go through engine APIs instead of reaching the gl context directly
  12. With the headless version you can: - Run tests (units or validation) - Execute server side simulation (for multiplayer games for instance)
  13. CustomMaterial and edit textureDynamique

    Hello, I'm willing to help but I cannot maintain external dependencies unfortunately. If you need me to update things on the core engine to support CustomMaterial I will gladly do it
  14. babylon.max.js inside release bundle

    Hello we ship both so people can use the max.js to debug and bundle only the minified version for release You should not bundle both actually Pinging @RaananW