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  1. Debug Stats bug

    Hello please make sure to use the latest BJS version (3.2) when using the latest inspector
  2. Transform feedback buffer

    Thanks for Urzagatherer
  3. API Documentation

    I asked @RaananW to work on the API documentation generation tool and he kindly accepted We will soon have a better API documnetation If anyone wants to help, please just add typedoc comments to any uncommented function We are also enforcing any new PR to come with commented code
  4. Animation and Spatial Audio

    Pinging @davrous
  5. DirectX Raytracing in babylon

    Unfortunately we have no way to get access to that until browsers decide to expose it through a web standard
  6. As @Pryme8 mentioned, they are all connected through observables
  7. Question about soft shadow

    You may also want to consider blurred shadows:
  8. Hey and welcome! Do you want your heat map to be just a texture or do you want it to be in 3D? If you want it to be a texture, I recommend working with a DynamicTexture, draw on it and just use it on your mesh If you want it to be in 3D: 1. You can just get position buffer from the mesh and spawn some discs: 2. You will need to align them with the surface normal: Here you are
  9. What happened to SceneOptimizer.Stop()?

    It is a new feature of 3.2
  10. Debug Stats bug

    Not being able to reproduce it Can you repro on the PG?
  11. PBR on iOS

    This should work:) I will make it work else
  12. Transform feedback buffer

    Love the Game of Life! Can I tweet about it?
  13. Transform feedback buffer

    Just using the console But as I did not write the code I was checking every properties