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  1. Issue with animating visibility on mesh.

    We reworked and improve transparency lately so this is a good news
  2. But do you repro using the PG that you linked?
  3. the 3js sample also has it: But is less visible because of where the probe is positioned.
  4. This can help:
  5. The effect you are seeing is mostly due to how reflection is done So here is a slight update which use fxaa (line #12) and mipmaps for the probe (line @27 at the end):
  6. Animation not playing

    Hahaha. I'm proud then
  7. Demo sourecode

    You should ask his author: @Dad72
  8. Playground Error

    it was an issue on our hoster backend (
  9. LOW LYING FOG's texture is not loaded

    What I like in this demo is that as Wingnut said: it is easy to use and understand
  10. Issue with animating visibility on mesh.

    Yep, this is because alpha turn off depth writing but you can see in the link shared by Adam that we have multiple options to help here like depth prepass or separateCullingPass
  11. What's next?

    @SpaceToast: I really like the LOD blending and Load and dispose at LOD ideas. Fancy creating issues for them?
  12. What's next?

    Node based material editor: Node based logic editor:
  13. Do you mind creating an issue here: