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  1. Deltakosh

    FBX Mixamo model export through Blender

    Hello I replied in another topic but technically you should have the .babylon file side by side with your log unless the log content states differently So what is the log content?
  2. Deltakosh

    MRT not supported on IOS?

    Yep this is in opengl. Unfortunately they did not push the support on Webgl
  3. Deltakosh

    Save a scene

    @Mekaboo are you using our great Blender exporter? Doc: /
  4. Deltakosh

    MRT not supported on IOS?

    Well I confirm that multi render target are not supported on iOS (I've just checked a few minutes ago to make sure iOS 11 did not change anything)
  5. @zzzen: You just need to set this: wireframeMesh.material.zOffset = 1. This will avoid the depth fight
  6. Deltakosh

    New GUI control: The Grid

    Haha love the idea of using the grid to teach matrices!
  7. Deltakosh

    Save a scene

  8. Deltakosh

    Save a scene

    Hello and welcome! you can use SceneSerializer:
  9. Deltakosh

    Contributing to documentation 101

    Yep it clearly depends on the scene. Larger scenes would probably work better
  10. Deltakosh

    Contributing to documentation 101

    The append is also doing it. The system just waits for the objects in the field of view to load before displaying the first render. But then if you move you will see object and textures popping (Check your f12 network profiler)
  11. Deltakosh

    Contributing to documentation 101

    This is so weird..It works here We have some reliability issues with Netlify on long names so try to reload the page perhaps?
  12. Deltakosh

    3ds Max bones export

    Thank you for getting back to us!! and welcome by the way (I'm also french by the way :D)
  13. Deltakosh

    UVs from 3d max

    It is the desired behavior. You need to turn wrapping on in the texture (wrapU and wrapV) to deal with these sets of UVs In your case just use a modulo to get the value between 0 and 1
  14. Or you can clone the mesh and render one in wireframe on top of the solid one