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  1. Hey team! I will be of the grid from 8/9/2018 to 8/20/2018. In the meantime, @Sebavan will monitor the forum. So please be kind with him See you my friends!
  2. Deltakosh

    Blend shapes

    Hello! So no problem to export your mesh with skeleton as a separated file. For blend shapes I'm not an expert of Maya but you should be able to have multiple targets per mesh. Not sure about how to export it though (pinging @noalak for more info)
  3. Deltakosh

    3ds max pbr configuration

    Really cool!
  4. Deltakosh

    Mitigating IE 11 Memory Leak

    Well what a mess! Sorry about all your burden
  5. Deltakosh

    path3d.update not updating with "otherVector"

    Pinging @jerome Can you share a demo in the playground?
  6. Deltakosh

    Sprite Sheets that are not Uniform

    You can also directly define manager.cellWidth and manager.cellHeight
  7. Deltakosh

    Sprite Sheets that are not Uniform

    Quote from the doc:
  8. Deltakosh

    Stages of Atherosclerosis (Learning Project)

    This is REALLY good!
  9. Deltakosh

    Improving API Browsing

    I did it I'm the one who setup the TypeDoc
  10. Deltakosh

    3ds max pbr configuration

    You will probably need to convert some but: - Diffuse => albedo - Displace must be converter to normal map and then => bump - refGloss => 1-roughness
  11. reusable is mostly for postprocesses that are inside a pipeline and that needs to be reuse at different stage of that pipeline
  12. Hello! I think there is a misunderstanding here: object.translate does not use physics simulation. It only changes the position property of your mesh: Can you provide a repro of what you get in the playground? So we can better understand how to help
  13. Deltakosh

    Best way to do chain simulation

    Not that bad !!
  14. Deltakosh


    perfect! you'll be live in a few minutes
  15. Deltakosh

    Best way to do chain simulation

    Well I would say that chain can be simulated with joints: But perhaps I misunderstood the question?
  16. Deltakosh

    Detect Panning and Zomming

    Hello! I think the best option would be to call something like scene.registerBeforeRender(function() { // Check camera.inertialPanningX and camera.inertialPanningY })
  17. Deltakosh

    Mitigating IE 11 Memory Leak

    Interesting question. I did not work on that but would like to see if others can help here One thing you should try would be to also dispose the engine itself
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  19. Deltakosh

    Scrolling text

    So you have font size info in the textblock object. It is inside control.fontOffset.height This is the height for one line. Then after rendering, you can get the number of lines with control.lines
  20. Deltakosh

    One PBR shader with mixed textures by UV

    Flagging the topic as solved
  21. Deltakosh

    Texture hasAlpha performance issue

    I want to make sure that our community has all the required tools
  22. Deltakosh

    Loading bones asynchronously

    Hello There is no function to just bones. You can store bones with a dummy mesh and then load that mesh (Which in turn will load the bones)
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    You should add a link from our homepage