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    What's next?

    Hello dear community, we are about to ship 3.1 (early december). I'm really proud of what we did so far but I want more for 3.2 SO I'm wondering what could be useful for you regarding ease of access and simplicity. Please use this thread to give me any idea / feedback. I cannot guarantee that everything will be developed but I can promise that everything will be considered seriously
  2. Deltakosh

    3ds Max bones export

    Hey guys, we just committed a new version of 3dsmax exporter with (we hope) full support for bones and biped. If you guys can test it, it would be great:)
  3. Deltakosh

    Contributing to documentation 101

    Hey all, this topic is to help you contribute to the documentation. This is where all newcomers will go and it has to be great (as far as possible ) Contributing - The easy way To update an existing page, just head to This folder is the root of all static content used by the site itself. Then pick a page you want to update and select the edit button: You can then use the great in-browser editor to do your update. When done, just select "Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request" and hit Propose file change. This will alert the admins who will be able to review or comment your changes Going further You can also go further by cloning the repo in order to work on your own copy before sending all changes that you did to the main repo. To do so, you first have to fork it: You will then see a new repo (a fork) on your own space. Please note the clone url just there: Then you have to clone the fork on your disk. I'm using the great TortoiseGit to work with Git but you can use any compatible tool obviously: - Install GIT: - Install TortoiseGIT: - Install Node.js (the documentation site runs on node.js): Once everything installed, pick an empty folder, right-click on it and select "Git clone": Use the saved clone url you just grabbed before and hit OK: Your setup is now done. Congratulations Please now open a Node.js command prompt: You will have there exactly the same folder structure as the original repository. To get all the tools used by the site, just execute the following command line: "npm install" (just do it once) You can then start the server with "grunt serve". This will launch a local server and a bunch of tools that will "compile" the changes you'll do. To change any file just head to /content and make your changes on .md files (I'm using Visual Studio Code which is a great editor that works on Mac/Unix and Windows). You changes will be automatically done and visible on http://localhost:3000 Adding new content Now that everything is working well, you may want to add new content. To do so, please open /data/statics.json: This file is a catalog where you can reference new files added to the repo. Sending pull request Once you're done and ready to send a pull request, just right-click again in your "documentation" folder and do the following: - Git Commit->master: - TortoiseGit/Push (still on the right-click menu): - Create a pull request: Now you did your job It is then up to me (or any admins) to validate it If you have any issue, please use this topic to ask your questions.
  4. Hey all, it is not ideal but I would like that answered topics would be flagged as solved using tags (like this topic). To add a tag, you have to edit the first post you made to start a topic. Thanks a lot
  5. I always struggle to understand which eye this song is referring to
  6. Deltakosh

    Female Character

    you can export from Blender, 3dsmax, maya or unity with our exporters:
  7. Deltakosh

    Can imported meshes cast shadows?

    Just for the sake of it, it is also now possible to call: shadowGenerator.addShadowCaster(mesh); Because, well, less code is better
  8. Deltakosh

    Female Character

    Unfortunately I have no idea regarding clothes mesh
  9. Deltakosh

    IntersectMesh Trouble

    Can you repro in the playground? Will be easier to help catch the culprit
  10. It is not a regression per se but I clearly get your point We are fixing the way random works in the GPU but this requires a bit more memory than before
  11. So is it CustomShader related or BJS related?
  12. Deltakosh

    GUI - Spritesheet animations

    Well actually image only buttons are clearly just an image with a button around. So I see no reason why you should not be able to do it Please feel free to build a playground repro if this does not work like you want
  13. Deltakosh

    Using Arrays With ShaderMaterial

    We should definitely add it do you want to tackle it?
  14. This is so cool! You should add a link to your project here:
  15. Really cool! You should edit this file: to add a reference to your page on the demo lists
  16. Deltakosh

    Contributing to documentation 101

    yes I had to change it recently due to some hosting issues I 'll fix both
  17. ok ..good news...I had a should now be back to normal :D.. this should work now: Thanks again for your help (again ;))!
  18. For me it works on 3.3 as well: Does this one crash for you?
  19. Deltakosh

    Animation Masking + Parallel Animations

    We have animation blending for sure: But we cannot apply masks for animation, you will have to create two independent animation sets
  20. Deltakosh

    Missing Grid in Babylon GUI

    It is already here as alpha:
  21. Deltakosh

    BJS Bloat and the Multi-Test JS line

    JS is the limit we can't go deeper
  22. Deltakosh

    BJS Bloat and the Multi-Test JS line

    "if(hasSubstance(rigParent.customRenderTargets)) {" => this cannot test for rigParent and will crash if rigParent is undefined or null I'm wondering if calling a function will slow things down compare to inline tests. (Well it will slow down but how much?)
  23. Deltakosh

    Slavs - slavian rpg game

    man! can't wait to test! I will be on the alpha test for sure!