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  1. ok makes sense! so do you want to submit a PR to update the setEffect(null) to affect defines to null if _materialEffect is null?
  2. Not a bug:) you forgot to reattach the camera;
  3. No need to apology at all. It was a pretty fair question
  4. It should be better:) but without seeing the scene it is tough to help can you share your demo somewhere with a reference to babylon.max.js (to help with debugging)
  5. Hey! we do not support loading lights but if you already have lights in your scene then it should work can you ensure that there are normals for your object in your .obj file? if not you can ask babylon to create them for you: mesh.createNormals()
  6. Hey you should configure your tsc to not generate modules
  7. Correct..and demo fixed:) thanks!
  8. I'm sorry. I didn't want to be mean or something But I'm not convinced at all we need it for now as you seem to be the only to require it
  9. Regarding the double Tree.tga this is actually normal because the texture is used in diffuse and opacity channels so 2 occurrences.
  10. Still working on figuring out what we can do:
  11. This is what this does: When you call submesh.setEffect(null)
  12. If you are using the ShaderMaterial you only need to declare a normal attribute (vec3) and a view uniform (Matrix). The ShaderMaterial will then provide required data for you Do you have a Playground of your current shader?
  13. Hello, how do you want to navigate forward? I mean what would be the mouse movement associated with forward? Anyway, you should read this:
  14. That's what I'm doing here: But not that obvious as you need to also recompute normals accordingly
  15. Ping @Temechon
  16. Hey Ian, why are you so nervous? This is an oss project, you cannot force people to work and align with your schedule. If you decide to use ToB, you cannot force JC to offer a free 24/7 support for it.
  17. setting bias (positive or negative) is fairly normal I'm just a bit concerned by why your skeleton needs this. I don't know regarding Blender. Perhaps @gryff can help providing guidance on this topic
  18. I did a pretty bad job with this demo as it is not really clear to understand. Let me fix that The trees are all rendered using 1 single draw call. All the time. So you may ask...what the heck are the other draw calls? They are for the ground In order to optimize collisions, the ground is subdivided into multiple submeshes (something around 256 if I remember correctly). To see it, just use the inspector and disable the ground mesh (actually there is a crash in the inspector if I do it :), let me ping @Temechon for that ) For the textures this is likely a bug in the inspector. Our inspector lord will check it soon
  19. You are right this rich (who said complex? :D) mechanism is here to optimize code but could be tough to follow The defines stored on every submesh are actually wiped out when you change the material:
  20. That's the power of TRUE cross platform
  21. Unfortunately they are not saved. You may need to manually save it with cone1.options = ...
  22. It was a tough one actually Should be good now
  23. No worry, your concern is real But to be fair, if you call scene.render only once you don't even need to provide a screenshot. The scene.render() will run just once
  24. It was a bug on my side thanks for having found it