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  1. This is cool! woud love to see a PR in the serializers folder
  2. I would like a PR if you don't mind
  3. You will soon be able to try it it is not PURELY cpu because it still uses the dynamicTexture and all html canvas acceleration It supports buttons, hover, click, disable and images for buttons
  4. I tried too but he may be on vacations
  5. Alors sur mon ordi aucune difference entre 8 et 9..c'est normal? car je croyais que 9 devrait corriger le soucis non?
  6. Really great !
  7. Let's try some stuff before closing it here are some ideas to try: - increment camera.minZ (This helps a lot with precision) - reduce camera.maxZ (This helps with precision) - disable stencil buffer on the canvas - disable antialiasing on the canvas
  8. Hey as the vr camera has two children, it is better to link your mesh to one of them:
  9. Like this:
  10. solved

    YOu can still control the DPI you want..If 1.0 is too pixelated just call engine.setHardwareScalingLevel(0.5) to get 200% scaling
  11. Ok I know why this is because the loading of .obj is done in 2 steps: first the obj is loaded and the callback is called Then the mtl is loaded and material is applied. If you are only interested by geometry I suggest removing the reference to the .mtl file in the .obj file
  12. I will love to get your feedback
  13. par contre je dois etre con mais je dois vori quoi quand ca marche? pour moi le rendu semble identique
  14. Hey! we fixed it few days ago..Did you get the latest version on the repo?
  15. Yep I saw that. We need to rebuild them using the new server. Do you mind using this thread to list them? I'll fix it when we find more
  16. You are live..Let me know if it is ok for you:)
  17. Ping @Luaacro
  18. Not really hidden
  19. Do you have the issue outside of the PG?
  20. can you save your .obj somewhere so you can reference it in the PG? It's gonna be easier to help if we can see the bug
  21. hehe:) good catch ! This is my new project. The plan is to provide an alternative to Canvas2D. The main difference is that Canvas2D is full GPU oriented (text constructrion, animations, etc..) while Babylon.GUI is CPU based (it is an extension of the DynamicTexture) While it could be seen as a less performant aproach, it is also more flexible. It support alignment, margin, events. Controls are: Textblock, Button, Image, Container It is still under heavy working. Documentation will be soon available with samples.
  22. Hello the map is refreshed but the direction remains unchanged. The light position is influenced by the parent but not the direction
  23. Hey team! I'll be on holidays until early June so please excuse me if I'm on replying to questions as often as I should:)
  24. Ben le code en question est presque le meme:
  25. Il faut aussi marquer les normales en updatables non?? la tu ne marques que les positions