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  1. What you see with second image can be controlled with bias or really near to 0
  2. Hello you cannot use the skull for this PG as it has no UV channel So I guess the issue comes from your original mesh?
  3. hello! #1 Correct #2 Correct #3 Correct It is a perfect
  4. Hello this is not true. Babylon can load data from data string like here: (see line #83)
  5. Hey! You are right The scene oriented approach is here to help managing resources. 1. My recommendation would be to have a "holding" scene where your objects belong and when you want to use them in a specific scene you can then use addMesh/removeMesh to move your mesh (You will also have to do it for the materials) 1'. You can also think about a big scene where you have hidden objects that can be used only when needed 2.As you found out this is not supported by scene.dispose but I will fix it for next commit (Checking if scene is disposed in the importMesh callback)
  6. PG is using 3.0-alpha You should do the same. Don't be afraid by the version number. The release is already rock solid
  7. Did I mention that we desperately need a doc for that?
  8. ok I've tried and bias is not enough for BlurVSM. So I suggest that your object should not receive shadows and you can then turn off the light when light is under the ground?
  9. Nopte..the canvas file is loaded before babylonjs
  10. You are right! No worry for performance at all
  11. Yep it changed when I introduced the new shadows (I guess it was for 2.4) We also added support for float textures recently (2.5) which helps for precision
  12. A mesh can receive and cast shadows but you will have to play with shadowGenerator.bias to help with precision
  13. Hello and welcome This seems to be a PhoneGap related question, Or I'm wrong?
  14. I guess so..fancy doing the PR?
  15. 1. You are right, you cannot see the box because it is clipped by the near plane. The trick could be to just slide the initial vector a bit: 2. It works for me:
  16. Reallllly cool! Thank you so much @gryff
  17. Hello you are not using a reflection texture in this PG? I only see an emissive one. You have to use the material.reflectionTexture for that (See the PG I linked in my previous post)
  18. For more textures, you have to write an extension of the terrainMaterial: You need to replicate what was done for diffuseTexture1/2/3 and introduce the same code for diffuseTexture4 for instance
  19. Good catch and thank you for letting us know
  20. @adam found the issue It should be fixed now (clear your cache and run your PG again)
  21. It is possible. This is the goal of the layerMask: you can have objects visible only for one camera and some visible for both. For instance let's say that camera1.layerMask == 1 and camera2.LayerMask == 2 a mesh with a layerMask == 1 will only be on camera1 a mesh with a layerMask == 2 will only be on camera2 a mesh with a layerMask == 3 will be on both The layerMask is used to do a bitwise comparison