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  1. Deltakosh

    Color Pallettes

    So which one did you end up using? The color correction post process?
  2. 1. Both functions should work. But you are right importMesh is better in your case because you get the list of meshes. With Append, you can also uses scene.meshes 2. YOu can create a dummy TransformNode and make all your meshes child of this node Also, I recommend using the playground for easier experiments (and it is easier for us to help). babylon or gltf: Both are fine. glTF is not proprietary but has less features
  3. Deltakosh

    Fog Density

    You cannot have your file in a separate folder unfortunately. But you can trick it to make it work: Just add some code that will first do an xhr to read all your files and store the results in the Effect store.
  4. This is how you could do it: (there is a CORS issue but the load is how it should be)
  5. Deltakosh

    Possible Playground FragID issue

    Yep I saw that...Working on it
  6. Deltakosh

    Dynamic Terrain

  7. Deltakosh

    Quick poll

    Hey team!! can you help by answering this: Thanks a lot!
  8. Deltakosh

    About updatePoseMatrix ()

    arg... so you may need to write your own equal function which will go through all the 16 cells
  9. Deltakosh

    Shadow degrade after box moving

    cascading shadow maps are done for this use case: a large scene with different shadows
  10. Hello! you should look into our examples: The animation blending demo should be the right one (it is loading a .babylon but code is the same for any file format):
  11. Hello, pinging @kcoleyfor more info. Lights are not yet exported to the gltf file (but this is on the work:
  12. Deltakosh

    How to scale the project into multiple fies?

    This is really old but here is a tiny example with my good old Worldmonger:
  13. Deltakosh

    About updatePoseMatrix ()

    if(!mesh.getPoseMatrix().isEquals(mesh.computeWorldMatrix())) { mesh.updatePoseMatrix(BABYLON.Matrix.Identity()); } This should work
  14. We are not like all popular frameworks We keep the forum only because then you only have one place to search (and to maintain). So as @droggam mentioned, you can mark all meshes as pickable (and while doing that, you can use the mesh.tag to store some info for you that you could then use to determine that the picked mesh was actually part of a big group) Other option: on picking, you can use pickedMesh.isDescendantOf(yourRootMesh)
  15. The playground uses the very latest version (so 4.0-alpha now). We won't be able to fix it if you cannot help us repro. Can you use with another .obj?
  16. Hello, you must have the textures side by side with your gltf or you can also use GLB so everything will be included Pinging @kcoley to fix the doc
  17. Well we have a set of tools to help in this situation: Technically, you can separate the leaves and make them transparent with a predepth pass. This way you could get both: correct z-sorting (prepass) + good AA
  18. Deltakosh

    Shadow degrade after box moving

    This is because the shadow map needs to resize to be big enough to see both objects. So precision is getting worse. You can force the shadow to not auto extends (
  19. Deltakosh

    Quick poll

    The problem is still the same: how to reach out to people to let them know about the newsletter
  20. Deltakosh

    Pointerup observable bug ?

    Ok will be fixed by next commit!
  21. Deltakosh

    Pointerup observable bug ?

    Weird! I'm checking right now
  22. Deltakosh

    Dynamic Terrain

    YOu rock!
  23. Deltakosh

    Quick poll

    I try to understand what is useful, how many people use the engine...V!nc3r is right, I want stats
  24. Deltakosh

    Illuminated City

    Still wonderful