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  1. Ping me on twitter with the bug if you feel it is slow to fix, we will circle back some FF developers
  2. Hello all, next version will certainly be 2.6 but it could also be 3.0 depending on my progress regarding WebGL2.0 support I'll use this thread to track progress. Done so far: WebGL 2.0 context initialization Shaders migration Texture LOD: used by PBR shader Depth Frag: Used by logarithmic depth buffer Vertex Array objects: Used to speed up vertex buffer submission Standard derivatives: Used by bump
  3. I see no problem (but perhaps I'm not looking a the right place): (I removed the env map for better understanding of the normals)
  4. This code is great to make the mesh updatable but not related to the serialization.
  5. because we don't know what users provide for this function. It could be completely unrelated. So if you want to dispose a scene which is used by your renderloop, you have to change or stop the renderloop first
  6. Firefox developers are really fast to fix and comment on bugs. I did it recently for a shader bug and they had it fixed in a couple of days
  7. But if it is only on Chrome, can we think it is a Chrome bug? If it works on Edge and Firefox?
  8. Just clear your cache
  9. nope they cannot but perhaps you can try using Highlights then?
  10. ok it was a bug.. now you can go through all textures and flag then as unfiltered with this little function: (don't forget to wait for texture to be loaded before changing the sampling mode)
  11. Ok let me check what is going wrong...
  12. What about using scene.onBeforeCameraRenderObservable ? scene.onBeforeCameraRenderObservable.add(function(){ ... });
  13. Ok I did not read the thread but it seems that the "bug" is fixed?
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but you can also delete the current object and recreate it with more subdivisions right? Like playing with the tesselation parameters of Sphere or Disc? (
  15. Tadam! Check line 94: I added two new parameters: uvOffset and uvScale(
  16. I see no problem about redundant PG, they are part of the PG history (and the DB is really small yet). What I would love would be a cleaner way of searching through it (With a preview of the text and just the first and last ID)..Ping @Temechon for thoughts
  17. Yep this is possible. Just set your spriteManager.renderingGroupId = 1 (or greater) More about renderingGroupID:
  18. You can also use the version builder to build a bundled version:
  19. @zhutq this is perfectly correct. Do you want to do a PR?
  20. I see no reason why we could not change it. Fancy doing it?
  21. Does it work with regular StdMaterial? Ping @Sebavan
  22. I agree this could be smarter. Fancy doing a PR?