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  1. you should use scene.getAnimationRatio() * TheOffsetIWantToUse to get a value synchronized with timing
  2. How do you unregister an action ?

    just remove it from the actionManager.actions with : actionManager.actions.splice(index, 1)
  3. Blender Exporter doc needs feedback

  4. CustomMaterial and onBindObservable loop to infinity

    I'm so sorry guys but the CustomMaterial is not a project I'm supporting. I'm ok to help of course but I have already a lot to do with the framework itself Please ping @NasimiAslfor help The error I'm seeing are not linked to the onBindObservable
  5. Contributing to documentation 101

    Hey all, this topic is to help you contribute to the documentation. This is where all newcomers will go and it has to be great (as far as possible ) Contributing - The easy way To update an existing page, just head to This folder is the root of all static content used by the site itself. Then pick a page you want to update and select the edit button: You can then use the great in-browser editor to do your update. When done, just select "Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request" and hit Propose file change. This will alert the admins who will be able to review or comment your changes Going further You can also go further by cloning the repo in order to work on your own copy before sending all changes that you did to the main repo. To do so, you first have to fork it: You will then see a new repo (a fork) on your own space. Please note the clone url just there: Then you have to clone the fork on your disk. I'm using the great TortoiseGit to work with Git but you can use any compatible tool obviously: - Install GIT: - Install TortoiseGIT: - Install Node.js (the documentation site runs on node.js): Once everything installed, pick an empty folder, right-click on it and select "Git clone": Use the saved clone url you just grabbed before and hit OK: Your setup is now done. Congratulations Please now open a Node.js command prompt: You will have there exactly the same folder structure as the original repository. To get all the tools used by the site, just execute the following command line: "npm install" (just do it once) You can then start the server with "grunt serve". This will launch a local server and a bunch of tools that will "compile" the changes you'll do. To change any file just head to /content and make your changes on .md files (I'm using Visual Studio Code which is a great editor that works on Mac/Unix and Windows). You changes will be automatically done and visible on http://localhost:3000 Adding new content Now that everything is working well, you may want to add new content. To do so, please open /data/statics.json: This file is a catalog where you can reference new files added to the repo. Sending pull request Once you're done and ready to send a pull request, just right-click again in your "documentation" folder and do the following: - Git Commit->master: - TortoiseGit/Push (still on the right-click menu): - Create a pull request: Now you did your job It is then up to me (or any admins) to validate it If you have any issue, please use this topic to ask your questions.
  6. Building a RGB RawTexture

    Good catch! It was a bug..will be fixed in next nightly (in a few minutes)
  7. Reduce memory footprint of large number of assets

    What about having a file per furniture?
  8. CustomMaterial and onBindObservable loop to infinity

    You can keep it, just remove the instanciation: var texture = new BABYLON.Texture("texture.png", scene); terrainMaterial.onBindObservable.add(() => { terrainMaterial.getEffect().setTexture('texture', texture ); };
  9. I also encourage you to do the second Append in the success callback of the first one
  10. Babylon Headless on Server Side

    can you try to instantiate the engine with webgl2 support turned off see Engine option parameter (disableWebGL2Support) :
  11. CustomMaterial and onBindObservable loop to infinity

    Beware, onBindObservable is called on every frame so you are instantiating a new texture per frame. Not a good idea
  12. This function will freeze the list of active meshes (this is different from freezing mesh worldMatrix). So even if you add more meshes in the scene they will not be displayed To make sure you have the controllers in the list, just call the scene.freezeActiveMeshes in the onControllerMeshLoadedObservable observable
  13. Babylon Headless on Server Side

    Can you give us the entire error log?
  14. Animation currentFrame

    Here is a PG where animationEnd is call for a forward and backward animation:
  15. Animation currentFrame

    Hello not sure to understand the problem (too much code around :)) Can you just create a simple repro with only the problem?
  16. 3DsMax exporter wrong compression

    Hello this is part of our backlog: (And we are looking for help ;)) For you color map can you make sure that Alpha Source is set to none in 3dsmax?
  17. Parallax Occlusion has no effect

    Also I think it may be working but as there is no big difference in heights you may not be able to see it
  18. Parallax Occlusion has no effect

    Did you make sure to encode your texture correctly like here:
  19. Animation currentFrame

    Hello and welcome you can add a callback when animation ends:
  20. Bug ShadowGenerator.setDarkness with debugLayer enabled

    ok I prefer that Thanks a lot!
  21. Parent boundingbox depending on children?

    As always, my pleasure