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  1. Blender sandbox

    Do you mind sharing the .babylon file? Is there any warnings emitted by the Blender exporter?
  2. Pointer intersects bounding box

    Hey, you can just use the onPointerDown: scene.onPointerDown = (e, pickResult) => { if (pickResult.hit) { // Check pickResult.mesh === myMesh } } For your second question: I'm using local world because if you want to get the picked point you won't need to transform ALL vertices to world space. It is faster to move the ray to local space instead of moving all vertices to world
  3. Child meshes don't work with physics?

    Nope in physics world you need to use joints
  4. DXT KTX WebGL Skybox Issues

    so if you go to http://localhost:8888/-dxt.ktx there is an actual file ?
  5. Mesh used in several scenes

    Hello Pichou! you can serialize your mesh and reimport it. Something like that: var serializedMesh = { }; mesh.serialize(serializedMesh); var newMesh = BABYLON.Mesh.Parse(serializedMesh, newScene);
  6. Recalculate mesh shading

    When you scale a mesh with a non uniform scale (meaning not on all axis at the same time), you change the topology of the mesh. So you NEED to rebuild the normals. The current way to do it is to bake the transform and recalculate the normals. We also need to rebuild the bounding box (with the update function)). Your idea is not a bad idea at all as it only update the normals. I'm just wondering if it is general enough to be included in the framework
  7. Child meshes don't work with physics?

    Ping @RaananW to see if he can help you But in the meantime, what are you trying to do with parented meshes? Do you want to build joints? (They are supported) or do you want to create a compound object? (Also supported)
  8. Did you try to remove backface culling with mesh.material.backFaceCulling = false?
  9. How to properly dispose PolygonMeshBuilder

    You can still use the memory profiler of your browser But if you plan to often use the PolygonMeshBuilder, you may want to keep it alive and reuse it
  10. Transparency & alpha issues

    Hello in your case the only way out seems to be using premultiplied alpha mode something along these lines: Check line #19, 63, 64, 65
  11. DXT KTX WebGL Skybox Issues

    Did you make sure to enable .ktx mime type in your wbe server?
  12. Starfield demo broken

    It should be fixed in a couple of minutes thanks for reporting!
  13. Announcing Babylon.GUI

    Observables are the right way to do it:
  14. Announcing Babylon.GUI

    Hey all, I'm really pleased to announce the availability of Babylon.GUI. In a nutshell, Babylon.GUI is a GUI layer which can be used inside your scene. It is an alternative to DOM or Canvas2D. Please try it and give me any feedback
  15. I think it could work fancy doing a PR?
  16. Recalculate mesh shading

    Baking the transform is long but rebuilding the normals are also a quite expensive process
  17. Hello, I have no open bug regarding either GUI or debug layer. Can you provide repro of the problems in the PG?
  18. pbr occlusionTexture

    Hello, occlusion Textures are not exported yet but this is definitely something we can support Do you have a simple demo scene we can use to test it?
  19. Cutout shadows in custom shader

    Sorry for the late reply Here is the fix: Check lines #202, #209
  20. AssetManager & sceneOptimizer contribution

    Hey to call the extension in the playground you can rely on to get a link to it and use it directly
  21. Realtime rigging

    It is technically feasible by adding new vertex data to the tshirt model. You need to add matrix indices and matrix weights
  22. We could do that but this seems for a lot of situation as we will receive pointer up even when the pointer is NOT on the canvas. Like when you click in the code editor for instance in the PG
  23. shadow casted by mesh with skeleton not proper

    Correct. Do you want to try to update the function that cleans the matrices?