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  1. Hello, you can check engine.Version to get your version You can also think about using some code from camera.getFrontPosition:
  2. Hello you were pretty close Actually you need to use arrow functions: class MyMesh extends BABYLON.Mesh { private myMeshChild:BABYLON.Mesh; constructor() { // Create child mesh and add some animation etc. this.myMeshChild.onBeforeRenderObservable.add(() => { console.log(this.myMeshChild.rotation); }); } }
  3. Sure (I'm gonna add this PG to the doc itself as well)
  4. Nope it should be accurate (While I did not test :))
  5. Hello can you reproduce in the playground?
  6. Woot!! Seems so yummy!!!! thanks
  7. Instances are the right way to deal with independant meshes that can move or rotate. If you want the 3js equivalent you have to use SPS But providing a PG can help us capture what you want to do
  8. I laughed at the expression. I did not want to be mean at all. And thank you for the kind words, there are pretty rare this time
  9. stupid bug....It is fixed now (please clear your cache first)
  10. mesh selection include also the world matrix computation that you can turn off with mesh.freezeWorldMatrix() and material.freeze()
  11. Just here: It is using shader includes feature
  12. Hey, checking why it is not working as expected.
  13. For sure as long as it is performant
  14. The mouse control is expecting to work in a Y-up world unfortunately. ArcRotateCamera won't change its position or target because of the up vector. It still looks at a target from a specific point on a sphere
  15. Ping @Nockawa and @adam
  16. You want to disable culling? easy set mesh.alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh = true
  17. Ping @Nockawa
  18. Good news regarding performance try to use png instead of tif (they are smaller and thus faster to download)
  19. Hello using the ArcRotateCamera should work but as you already found out, the camera.alpha is an angular rotation (based on a radius). To help you , can you provide a PG with your initial setup? (With the arcrotatecamera and the mesh)