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  1. Morphing with armature animation

    Also another test: can you try with all morph targets identical to the source?
  2. Occlusion Queries does not appear right

    Works now
  3. Morphing with armature animation

    It should work in a whole body approach: Can you make sure that the morph targets are all the same but the head? Bones work at matrix level where morph targets work at geometry so they SHOULD be compatible
  4. Occlusion Queries does not appear right

    I did not merge to preview branch yet should be good in a couple of hours
  5. CustomMaterial and edit textureDynamique

    where do you want to add these anchors? (I mean inside the main shader)
  6. GUI TextBlock Lines

    It will be in next commit
  7. my pleasure! Please feel free to propose a PR where we can discuss how to implement these options for you
  8. Lighting for dummies

    Please share your work with us when you can
  9. GUI TextBlock Lines

    We could imagine adding an observable that could be raised when the lines array is built?
  10. Animations in GUI

    Regarding new controls: please create issues on the repo to track them
  11. Text on a box with GUI

    Looks like you have depth fighting issues. Do you have multiple objects at the same place?
  12. mesh simplified and cloned

    The simplification process generates LOD for the current mesh, so the mesh data is saved and unchanged. The simplification generates a new mesh So cloning the mesh will clone the original data
  13. CustomMaterial and edit textureDynamique

    I'm interested by solution 2 but I do not want to introduce big changes on a material which is used everywhere ;D Perhaps we could add anchor points in the shader code? something like /* end of diffuse */ that we can then replace at custom material level? jsut playing a search/replace game?
  14. babylon.max.js inside release bundle

    pinging @RaananW for more info
  15. Occlusion Queries does not appear right

    We have to keep the shadows because you can see the shadows of an object that you not see (even in the real world :)) By the way the reported bug is now fixed!
  16. Exporter 3ds-GLTF error

    Pinging @noalak
  17. The new Babylon Viewer

    Pinging @RaananW
  18. MoviRender - under construction

  19. error on 'new BABYLON.AnimationGroup()'

    3.2 is due by early May. But stable versions should be there around March Regarding AnimationGroup, they offer an OnAnimationEnd observable that will do the trick for you
  20. Empty screenshot @Temechon
  21. 1. Could be fixed easily but exposing a property where we can define the formats 2. This one is tougher but perhaps we could think of an API entry point as well I love people with free time and I'm jealous now!
  22. CustomMaterial and edit textureDynamique

    @NasimiAsl How would you want to change the stdMaterial to improve it? I can add more observables if you want for instance?
  23. Hello you would like to add a linkOffset but in world unit? In this case why not adding a hidden child to your mesh and offset it using the vector3 you want and then attach your GUI label to this dummy object?
  24. Empty screenshot

    The documentation is not updated live I will update it by end of week