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  1. I recently introduced worloads to thw build process to help:
  2. Hello deviceOrientationCamera uses quaternions: You can get euler angles from quaternion with this:
  3. Hey did you try this:
  4. ok I understand the issue: OBJ file are based on a couple of extension: obj for the meshes and mtl for the materials In this case the obj is loaded first and the callback is called as expected. Then the mtl is loaded and affected to the mesh. To be sure to get the mesh with material you will have to do what you do in the PG or to register for scene.registerBeforeRender
  5. Yes I meant with sprite3d. I want to understand the core issue and as sprite3d uses another approach this could be a good test
  6. This could be a really good candidate for a doc
  7. You're not I read all your posts. I only reply when I can bring something constructive to the discussion
  8. Hey good luck! so no problem to render only to your renderTarget. Just call renderTarget.render() and do not call scene.render(): Example here:
  9. I changed the material in 3.0 and you can already test it if you pick the latest bits 200 materials duplicated: this is a HUGE idea to merge them into one If they all are the same, then only create one material and affect it to all meshes Regarding options like no emissive or whatever, this is automatic: the shader will always have the right content for you (we strip out everything which is not required)
  10. ok pinging the EXPERT: @RaananW
  11. Hey, What do you mean by "lock joint"?
  12. Do you want to contribute it back to the repo? Like here:
  13. Mobile space remains mostly uncharted
  14. And fixed This is due to my new build system: It is still work in progress but will allow people concerned by bjs size to strip out what they don't want
  15. Hello, you can use animation blending for that:
  16. Can you try without this: BABYLON.SceneOptimizer.OptimizeAsync(scene, BABYLON.SceneOptimizerOptions.HighDegradationAllowed());
  17. FollowCamera has his own serializer:
  18. All functions starting with underscore are consider private so you can change it like you want If a shader fails on user machine they will love to have this info
  19. dat.GUI is not developed by us but I'm pretty sure it won't work on VR mode as it uses DOM element. I second Wingnut suggestion here: Canvas2D seems the best option for you
  20. Thanks a lot! I fixed it You are a great bug finder!
  21. Can you reproduce it in the playground?