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  1. Some outstanding graphics you have there mate. Keep up the good work Appreciated How much do you take for game similar to minclip clicker game ?
  2. Hi! I have just finished uploading my game on server feel free to tell how do you feel about it . It has hand made 30 levels and I bet you guys cant pass through after 20. Feel free to tell how you feel about it .?
  3. develoer@tiltfactor ? this is not vaild email.I m afraid.
  4. inyourpc

    Eminence: Xander's Tales TCG

    Hi, Subsribed .We have already met some where David
  5. What's on my mind :P

  6. inyourpc


    Nice game. As a hack.keep clicking and watch the score increasing .
  7. inyourpc

    [Phaser] Swamp's Adventures

    Nice game. Water does look very unreal .Maybe add some baking effect ,or sand before directly showing water(that blue rectangle ). ? You should also add an option for moving in one complete line .rather then swiping again and again.
  8. inyourpc

    Free HTML5 Mobile Games!

    I think this user is trying to make html5 gaming portal for mobile devices.but his games are still in development. Check this game real high quality one. Check his game.
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    Wow.Interesting game.Really love that spark effect.Can you tell how you made that .
  10. inyourpc

    My New Game "Twisty Turtle" Feedback welcome

    Nice game.Little help section with little info of game elements would be good to. What phones have you checked the game ?
  11. Nice blog.I m thinking about creating my own blog as well btw !
  12. inyourpc

    Scrolling Screen to the Left?

    Npilia what game are you making ...In which you have to drop speakers ...?
  13. More the self control ,more the humbleness.

  14. inyourpc

    Car Jump: the game you were waiting for

    768,thats' what i got.
  15. Is this job oppurtunity still on ? Or the thread should be closed ?
  16. Wow.Not only graphics but also the concept's phenomenal .Btw how many licensees you have sold so far./
  17. inyourpc

    iOS7 is going to break your games

    I think apple did it for purpose...They don't want competition of any sort what so ever.
  18. Damn,i don't have paypal too.But i think you can use payoneer card.Attach your card with your paypal account .And that's it .You can also checkout 2co too..Looks promising ...
  19. inyourpc

    HTML5 Game Publisher - Online Catalog

    Ah, Thanks a bunch brother.No doubt that's a valueable peice of information....
  20. Log ki kehndi dal ni galdi ...

  21. hmm the project looks promising .Is this search for programmer's still on ? Check your pmb for further details.
  22. inyourpc

    HTML5 Game Publisher - Online Catalog

    I hope someday i will get my hands to that sponsor list there.