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  1. If somebody wants to steal your assets and code, they will. There is no platform out there that cannot be decompiled and robbed of the code and resources. If you are exposing it to the client machine, they can get to it. Come up with something great and it won't matter. People can clone it (and likely will if it's good) anyway, even without the code.
  2. For multi-player games, it's usual to make the game logic happen on the server, so that cheating is reduced. The client sends requests to act upon, which the server then evaluates the legitimacy of and either approves of it, or declines it. JavaScript and HTML5 are fine for most types of 2D games, and I don't think you have a case where it's not. Uglify your script to protect it a little bit, but other than that, focus on the server for the logic if you are really afraid of cheating. That all said, if you are a Java programmer, why not use LibGDX? It will target HTML5 as an output and you can use tools you are already familiar with. If you are using this as an impetus to learn JavaScript, then I say go for it. If you just want to produce your game, it's often wise to not try to learn too many things at once. In any case. Good luck. I look forward to seeing what you accomplish. More games is always better.