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  1. Kolba

    Ninja Star

    Thanks guys
  2. Kolba

    Ninja Star

    Hiya, Feedback is sought! I finished my first html5 game aimed at touch devices specifically, Ninja Star. Whilst it does work on desktops too, it is simply more fun to launch deadly ninja stars with a quick tap or swipe of the finger! Ninja Star aimes for a retro arcade-action experience. The player (ninja) must protect three villages from incresingly dangerous waves of marauders. The marauders behave differently depending on their colour, some posing more of a threat than others, and some even fighting back! Ninja Star features bonus stages, score multipliers for killing multiple enemies at once, and special super weapons for the screen-clearing mass destruction of evil bandits. Play it here: http://www.skylinesublime.com/games/ninja
  3. It's unfortunate that the FiMaRu battle seems to have been discontinued, so a contest here would be brill, prizes or no.
  4. In that case, does anyone make anything from ads, and what portals are they using to generate their traffic? This is not so much directed at you Rich but any dev using ads (I know True Valhalla is one - I've heard him mention Leadbolt).
  5. Why's that Rich? I released my desktop HTML5 game to Kongregate, GameJolt and Newgrounds, and whereas the amount of views for the former two are in the hundreds, at Newgrounds it received close to 70,000 plays and 30 pages of feedback. I don't monetize my games now, I'm happy enough just having them played by as many people as possible, and Newgrounds is the runaway winner here. For those who do monetize, 70,000 views suggests some earning potential from ads,
  6. I like the humour of the game, I laughed during the intro and game over screens. The framerate is pretty low on my desktop running Chrome, and the gameplay suffers as a result. What FPS did you get during testing?
  7. Another recommendation for Newgrounds here. I published the same game to Kongregate and Newgrounds about a month ago. On Kongregate it's received 500 plays, on Newgrounds: 68,000.
  8. Don't worry I only posted that yesterday. I'll try to clear my weekend so I can take part in this. Thanks.
  9. I'd be interested in taking part in the next weekend's jam. What times does the battle begin and end?
  10. What can Flash do that HTML5 can't?
  11. With LD´s high participation one of two things could happen. 1) Your entry isn´t special enough to stand out, and vanishes into the ether without so much as a comment. Or 2) the theme sparks a moment of inspired genius and your entry comes to be considered amongst the best. LD is a big event, so lots of big sites publish rundowns of their favourite submissions; If your game is amongst the chosen that could amount to a lot of attention and a lot of feedback. There's nothing wrong with being ambitious as hell, nothing at all.
  12. I use Grafx2 for pixelart, since it's based on the Amiga paint programs Deluxe Paint and Brilliance, and basically I'm an Amiga fanboy.
  13. I only got into game dev as a whole 2 years ago. Around that time I was researching potential engines and came across Construct 2. I didn't really know about HTML5 at that time, but reading the whole C2 forum sold me on HTML5's potential. At this time Scirra were offering an early adopter discount for $19, and I thought for that low price it was worth investing. Soon after I made my first game in Game Maker, then decided to port it to C2 just to learn how that program worked. I found it faster and easier than GM, so I chose it for my second and latest game. So far I've only been interested in making desktop browser games, because mobile or touch based games don't offer the control and immersion of a desktop PC game. But I have to think practically as well: I understand creating games aimed at the mobile browser could be more lucrative, so I might explore that avenue with future games.
  14. One way to mix up the themes a little could be to throw in a few abstract nouns amongst the concrete ones: love, knowledge, misery, truth, justice, freedom, hope etc. It could get people thinking more about story lines, narrative and adding an emotional aspect to their games, rather than rely on gameplay mechanics alone. Cool contest. I hope to join in in 3 weeks when I should have a free weekend.