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  1. Thanks @farhan Actually we're getting the issue on iOS11 and 12. We're not testing on older versions. I'm not worried about the video itself not respecting the ringer switch as that's expected behaviour. The problem is that even after the video has finished playing, all other sounds that we play disrespect the ringer switch. It's like playing a video breaks something that doesn't get reset until you quit and relaunch the app. You say that iOS11 works great... but it's not working at all for us when a video plays. Is there anything special you're doing to get it to work?
  2. @farhan Did you find any solution for this? We're having the same issue where the mute switch stops being respected as soon as we play a video.
  3. antifuzz

    Phaser developer for Aardman job

    Sorry, we need someone who can work with us in Bristol. Remote would be okay for some of the time, but not all.
  4. Hi all. Us lot at Aardman Animations in Bristol are looking for a Phaser developer with availability throughout July and August for a really fun little project. Must be able to work in our Bristol office for at least some of the time, and preferably will have some Typescript experience. Please contact hannah.jones at if interested. Thanks!