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  1. Hi. I love the new Asset Loader and want to add my own loading routines away from the self written code into it. Everything was fine. Used the .after() method from the loader, and had a look at spritesheets sources. But somehow I cant get access to an "Resource.LOAD_TYPE" object. Sure, I coult simply fill the ints in but thats quackelbabbel. My Question: Where to access it in the Pixi namespace?
  2. tharo

    Tiled Objects

    Hi, im sorry if this issue had been solved somewhere else I want to use complex objects made out of tiles in Phaser. Like, Trees, Buildings and so on. But finding a way how to locate an TileLayer or even an entire TiledMap inside of another was somehow not easy. Is there a way - And if, can someone just type me a 5 liner of the right code sequence? What Iam looking for is something like "i have a tilemap with an house. I want to place it at x,y inside of my existing map"
  3. Hmm. I wanted to use this method any time I need to change the draw-order (y coordinate check). But infortunatly the code freeze up the whole browser. No error Messages. Nothing. Some debugging brang up an inv loop. Simply passed the pixi stage object and the two sprites that need to flip. Just a naiv thought but, would it be possible to use the z-axis to set this kind of order?
  4. Good point. But since the main goal was to reduce javascript object and DOM complexity im not quite sure about it. Another Option could be to use a pixel shader, instead of the on board "tiled" flag, and pass a rect of the source to it.
  5. Yeah sure .. but somehow I rlly doupt this would be an efficient solution used in hight numbers. Then I would reather load multiple files from the beginning :/
  6. Hmm. What if I would like to split up the binary texture into multiple textures in order to use it together with the TilingSprite feature? Atm you still use one binary copy of the data with different texture containers pointing to theyr parts. But in fact I would like rlly split it up into different textures. Otherwise TilingSprite wont work in its current state. Any sugestions?
  7. I will release a smal super mario alike demo-screen, soon.
  8. tharo

    Parallax scrolling

    Well, since Pixi.JS handles scrolling of groups recusive I was thinking how to implement parallax scrolling. But wait. Maybe someone else did already. Or its allready included in pixi and I just had not noticed. So: Is it? Some suggestions?
  9. Yes I know. But using it would only be half as fun, no? After reading more and more of the source im sure its based on the YUI Builder.
  10. Hello. First of all: Thanks for doing pixi.js. I love it ^^ Keep on inovating. Right now im about to port the flixel (flash game framework) way of doing a state based engine to javascript and decidet to break with old traditions - like merging logic, graphic and colligion objects together - and use pixi for an much more advanced gfx output. Bout my question. I had not rlly understood how you 'build' pixi from its source files. Im sure you might told somewhere how you do it or what kind of tools you are using but. Yeah. Here I'am: I had not found it. Might someone please link me some infos about the coding style and toolchain that got used to create pixi? In the end I would hate to mix up two different oop libs together. But since im using this jquery-inerhit its more or less exactly what i'am doing right now. Thanks!