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  1. Ninjas: Assault

    My desires are very specific so my framework is not flexible, suitable only for few limited purposes. It's not worth to upload.
  2. Ninjas: Assault

    No, I use my own simple framework.
  3. Ninjas: Assault

    Thanks guys. Good to know it works on various of devices with no problem.
  4. HTML5 web IDEs

    Does anyone use Xcode for Javascript? I'm using it and happy with it. Native, fast and free.
  5. Ninjas: Assault

    Thanks. On iPhone I have a similar problem too and I'm too lazy to adjust it .
  6. Ninjas: Assault

    Hi guys, I would like share my game named Ninjas: Assault. It plays on mobile in portrait mode; however, it works on desktops too and you need to resize the browser window . www.dotgears.com/games/assault Nice day, Dong
  7. Welcome!

    Great site! However, game developers really need animated GIF support for avatars . Thank you!