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  1. Всем привет! Ищем PlayCanvas разработчика для работы над проектом: мини-игры в одном приложении на тему зимних видов спорта. Проект уже запущен, требуется лишь добавление контента в виде мини-игр, в рамках уже существующего фреймворка. От разработчика будет требоваться программирование игровой логики и участие в процессе создания игровых механик. Работа в паре с основным разработчиком, взаимодействие с художниками. Все покажем и расскажем! Работа удаленная, оплата почасовая. Сдача проекта - конец января. Ждем ссылок на ваши проекты с рассказом о себе на (telegram: @tv8eye)
  2. js13kGames 2017

    Awesome theme, couldn't be better!
  3. Instant Games are on Facebook Messenger

    Not excited that much. Everyone will rush to embed their entire back catalog there, and in a couple months the thing will be hugely oversaturated. New games will be lost in a pile of already existing ones, as usual.
  4. Let's Make HTML5 Games Great Again!

    Challenge accepted!
  5. In 2015 html5 tech was already sophisticated enough to make advenced 2d games a reality, but still there are no signs of them! I strongly believe the issue lies in the business model. It still can be fixed, but we need app store business models to crash first. So, let's wait till 2018 - 2020 and see
  6. I've never seen such a game on any html5 portal so I'm assuming they're not interested. Html5 is primarily a mobile target anyways, since html5 games usually serve as traffic pumps to native mobile games. It's where money are currently in.
  7. Current state of HTML5 game development in 2016

    Unfortunately it's not prerequisite for success anymore
  8. Current state of HTML5 game development in 2016

    Well, Kingdom Rush is kinda outlier there, since it succeeded in the app store. I believe the team's primary target at that time still was $30k licensing deal, and then they saw an opportunity for expanding to mobile platforms and got lucky with it. Regarding 6 months project - I wasn't talking about repeating KR in particular, just my own personal concepts I'd like to develop into complex story-driven html5 games.
  9. Current state of HTML5 game development in 2016

    I would gladly make one in ~6 months... I just have big doubts I will find an html5 sponsor ready to shall out $20k-30k for such a game. And there aren't enough active sponsors to cover that cost by multiple non-exlusive deals. May be with the advent of IAPs to mobile browsers there will be a demand for such games, who knows.
  10. Current state of HTML5 game development in 2016

    Also, to add to the sentiment... I wish there was a sponsorship market for advanced html5 games, with compelling story and strong visuals - something like Zombotron, Union City: The Last Stand 3, Outpost: Haven, Kingdom Rush, etc.
  11. Current state of HTML5 game development in 2016

    So what about monetization? Old business models don't work reliably anymore, and new ones still are in their infancy.
  12. Good Ways to Fight Distractions?

  13. Making money with HTML5 in 2016

    Simple web games are relatively easy to make, and very hard to monetize in any way, other that just driving insane amounts of traffic through them and displaying ads. And that space seems to be oversaturated already (collapsed in 2014-2015). More complex web games require a certain amount of expertise, the market is not saturated with them, so in theory they could become a good source of income for seasoned devs, just like it was in the golden era of Flash (2006 - 2010). But it's 2016 today, and yet nobody knows how to build a business around them and how to monetize them properly! IAPs on the web is a dead horse. Current bets are on rewarded videos, which bring in ~$10 in cpm - but they work ok only in certain genres, which rely on endogeneous value, stats grinding, etc. Supporting complex projects via donations and crowdfunding - can't say anything positive, seems to work well only for a few exceptions, largely adult games. I wish Amazon Underground became a success as a platform, which would encourage others to take this risk and invest money in competing platforms. Having your income tied to amount of time which the player spent in your game is an awesome proposition, and would encourage good game design and replayability. The downside is that this space would become oversaturated pretty fast too, so only good AI-driven recommendation engine would save it. In the long run $3k / mo is a pretty decent income for a professional indie gamedev, $5k / mo is rather outstanding already. So if you want to continue this career path brace yourself to migrate economically, somewhere in Thailand or Goa. It's not a good career choice for the 1st world country, but you can still pursue it and be happy if you move accordingly.