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  1. Looking for ways to improve

    Thanks for the suggestions! I realize my tutorials have always been rather wordy and it is definitely something that I will improve in future games. As for graphics there really isn't too much I can do about that. I don't create my own graphics and don't have much of a budget to hire someone. As for your final suggestion "make the games easier to play on desktop browsers," I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this. What game did you have difficulty playing? Another thing I've considered is just putting my games out there even if licenses aren't that much. I'm not a full time game developer and I'm wondering if I'll make more money selling many low-cost licenses over just a couple high-cost ones. This would apply mostly to my older games that the big publishers are not interested in. I'm not planning on my games becoming my full time job as I'm still in college and don't have a ton of free time to work on this. I honestly just have a lot of fun making games and making money from them is just a bonus.
  2. Looking for ways to improve

    Hey guys, I don't post here all that much but I've been making HTML5 games on and off for around the last 3 years. In that time, I've produced 5 games that I feel are fairly high quality. I'm looking for suggestions on how to improve my games and monetize them best. I've done the usual steps, emailed publishers looking for non-exclusive licenses and have sold a couple. Right now I feel like I'm sort of in a rut where I've contacted everyone on my mailing list and don't know what to do from there. I've gotten many offers for revenue shares but have turned all of them down as I've never found them to work in the past. I've considered listing my games on websites like MarketJS, FGL, and possibly the Evato Market, do these websites work well? Anyways, here is the webpage with all of my games: Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. So I noticed that since updating to iOS 10 Beta 2 my HTML5 games get this strange graphical bug that weirds out the colors wherever transparent/partially transparent pixels would be. Anyone have an idea of what would be causing this or do you think it's just a bug in iOS that will (hopefully) be fixed? I make all of my games in GameMaker Studio.
  4. Description: DRAW!! is an western themed card game where you are tasked with building different decks to defeat the many different outlaws! Each enemy has unique decks and mechanics so you must construct your deck to capitalize on their weaknesses. Features: 10 different Outlaws to battle. 16 unique cards to collect. Thousands of deck combinations! What still needs to be done: The game is completely finished other than that it needs music and sound effects. Since those are not vital to the gameplay I thought that it was a good time to post about it and get some feedback. Play in your browser: Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Looking to licence HTML5 Games!

    Yes, I did.
  6. Mysterious things that cause games to not work

    I found the problem. Like Antriel suggested, I asked for a URL, immediately opened the console and found a few 404 errors.
  7. Mysterious things that cause games to not work

    I did, they said there wasn't which is very strange. That's the whole reason I made this topic.
  8. Mysterious things that cause games to not work

    What do you mean localization stuff because that potentially could be a problem. Could you go into a bit more detail about that?
  9. Hey guys, So I'm in the process of selling one of my games; I got everything working in Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE, Edge, Firefox, Android Browser, Safari on iOS, and the company's own game runner. Sounds like everything is good right? I even set my Android VM to the lowest possible specs when trying their game runner. My game still ran fine. Well I send my game to the company and they say that the game never starts with screenshots of a blank screen. I ask them if they get any error messages in the console and they say they got none. So do you guys have any idea of what mysterious things could cause a game to work fine for me but not for them? Any help is really appreciated.
  10. Wonders in Math Land - memory game

    The voice naration is amazing. 10/10, it's a masterpiece I completed the whole game.
  11. Cube Fall

    Cube Fall is now available on Newgrounds and Kongregate! Newgrounds: Kongregate:
  12. Cube Fall

    Cube Fall A remastered version of Cube Fall with new gameplay mechanics, updated graphics, new features, and smoother gameplay. Tap and drag cubes into rows to increase your multiplier, start a combo, and score tons of points! Clear the board and place cubes in power bars to score massive points! For the best experience play Cube Fall on your mobile device! Play Cube Fall Please post any feedback bellow! It's highly appreciated.
  13. Developing on a tablet

    Don't forget Windows tablets will support pretty much any USB keyboard/mouse so if you wanted to use an actual keyboard/mouse you could.
  14. Developing on a tablet

    I'd suggest a Windows 8 tablet simply because it would be running full windows.
  15. Poll - how old are html5 devs