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  1. I was working in the same thing, putting nodejs for running the examples... I think that i'm just gonna use your fork
  2. ironicnet


    I ported the example but i had some problems when doing the "render" part because i don't know the methods to rotate, translate and those in phaser and i can't find any doc about it. But i will try to get it working =)
  3. ironicnet


    Hi guys, how are you doing? I'm new in phaser and in game development with JS. Anyone has implemented some kind of behaviors logic like flocking? I tried to "Port" this example in processing.js into phaser, but i didn't have any luck. Can someone show me some light and give some guidelines? Thanks!
  4. My bad, i didn't know that the TileMap had the map data property... This is the code... I don't know why but isn't working in plunkr: Thanks for the help! BTW, is there any documentation or anything? I'm using console.log and the sources to see the features.. (besides the example page)
  5. Hi guys! I'm testing phaser for a small game that i'm doing. I noticed that there is no pathfinding implemented in phaser. Which libraries are you using for this? I've used "Pathfinding.js" in the past, but it requires a matrix grid. The data property in the tilemaps of phaser are stored in a single array, instead of a matrix. So using this library requires me to keep replicating the changes in the tilemap data property into a matrix. How can achieve this more easily?