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  1. Antriel

    Tilemap Displays Grid Lines (Render Artifacts)

    This issue will appear always with whatever tiling you use if you render it on the GPU and scale things around. It's just how GPUs work. To fix it, you need to extrude your tiles in the texture atlas. That is, repeat the border pixels of every tile. Texture Packer can do that, or do it yourself in your assets pipeline. It's called pixel bleeding and what happens is that due to how GPUs work, pixels beyond the tile are sampled from the texture atlas, resulting in artefacts like this.
  2. Antriel


    It's a snippet from my Haxe code. It's basically a static function I call right after I create a game instance, so you could just copy what's inside. Also `js.Browser.window` is just Haxe's way to get to the global window property, in js you can just access `window` directly I think. Otherwise it should work as is.
  3. Antriel

    Tap Tap Plane

    Thanks Nope, started as Phaser 3 game since the beginning sometimes in summer 2017. The GFX are CC0 though, so it's possible you saw some other version. I thought about it, but didn't want to distract the player more. It could work though.
  4. Antriel

    Tap Tap Plane

    Interesting. I do that already. It's designed for landscape mode, so in portrait the ground gets too big, but it's perfectly playable. I guess safari has some issues with scaling, will have to check that out when I get some time. Thanks for the report. EDIT: Thinking about it, it's probably due to my website iframe code not being responsive at all, the game itself would work fine. See here: I will have to update the website code to be more responsive eventually. Yes, like the hundreds of others
  5. Antriel

    Angular position on a rectangle\geom\rectangle\get points.js\geom\rectangle\marching ants.js might help? you can look at the phaser's source to see how it's implemented
  6. Antriel

    Pseudo 3d racing?

    Well, you can have pixelart in 3d games, that's not an issue. It's more about that old-school feel which would be difficult to simulate in 3d environment. That youtube video you shared doesn't look like pseudo 3d, more like actual 3d with 2d cars/items. At least judging by the intro before race start. I never did pseudo 3d, but from what I googled it doesn't seem too difficult. That said, if 50k is "magnitudes" and not just one order of magnitude away, I fear it is indeed too little. Especially with any kind of usable multiplayer. Two orders of magnitude away would barely get you basic pseudo 3d driving without texturing and with one simple road.
  7. Antriel

    Pseudo 3d racing?

    Why the fake 3d instead of normal 3d? Just the rendering itself isn't very difficult. Physics a bit more work depending on realism required. Multiplayer a lot more work depending on other factors like the physics. I can see doing it for much less than 50k, depending on the scope.
  8. Antriel

    Tap Tap Plane

    Test your tapping and timing skills in this fun game. Traditional flappy gameplay, tap to stay afloat! Avoid obstacles and get as far as you can. Unlock five different secrets, each funnier than the previous one. Can you unlock them all? Play the game here: Developed in Haxe, using phaser v3 You can put the game on your portal using this url. The game is also available for licensing.
  9. Antriel

    Upload game

    Are you using 3.7.1 which is listening on the click event to activate sound? Previous versions only listened to touch events.
  10. Well there is perspective camera in phaser 3, but I'm not sure how usable it is for now. For a simple card flip I would look into using a quad anyway, it should be just a bit of matrix math.
  11. You could use Quads, but keep in mind it's WebGL only.
  12. Antriel

    [Release] Monster Truck Madness

    Can't get over the first hill If I had to guess, you're not using fixed timestep for physics and it breaks with low dt.
  13. Antriel


    Just a browser window with the game in it. The game will always stretch to fill the whole area it has available as portals iframe it with whatever dimensions they want anyway.
  14. Antriel


    I'm using code from that example (game and cameras resize) + some basic css. It could be part of Phaser, but honestly that's all I will ever need. If you want proper responsive game, you have to implement it yourself anyway. This is my custom ScaleManager's initialize method that I call after I create the Game instance (Haxe code). public static function initialize(game:Dynamic):Void { function resize() { var w = js.Browser.window.innerWidth; var h = js.Browser.window.innerHeight; var scale = Math.min(w / Config.DEFAULT_WIDTH, h / Config.DEFAULT_HEIGHT); game.canvas.setAttribute('style', ' -ms-transform: scale(' + scale + '); -webkit-transform: scale3d(' + scale + ', 1);' + ' -moz-transform: scale(' + scale + '); -o-transform: scale(' + scale + '); transform: scale(' + scale + ');' + ' transform-origin: top left;' ); width = w / scale; height = h / scale; game.resize(width, height); game.scene.scenes.forEach(function (scene) { scene.cameras.main.setViewport(0, 0, width, height); }); } js.Browser.window.addEventListener('resize', resize); if(game.isBooted) resize(); else'boot', resize); }
  15. Antriel

    mmorpg advice?

    Right, yes, thanks for correcting me. I mainly meant event-driven/non-blocking as opposed to multi-threaded. I agree with the rest, I only pointed JIT out because saying JS is interpreted and slow seemed like too big an oversimplification. I have no late experience with PHP, but I doubt that. Compared to JS it has much less support which will mirror itself in available libraries and community help. That said, it doesn't much matter what you start with. It's quite possible you will need to change your environment a few times as you requirements and design changes. Starting with the basic requirement: a WebSocket server, you might find out the ones for PHP aren't as fast as you need and might need to find something better. But that doesn't mean you can't start with what you know now.