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  1. Rewards ads for html5 games

    Admob is for mobile apps, not html5 games.
  2. State of WebGL

    Unfortunately I don't see much into it, but to me it seems more like chrome actually trying to handle HDR, but due to some issue its using wrong setting (e.g. telling the driver it supports 10b, but doesn't send it, or something). I really have no idea, but it's more likely a case of misconfiguration and will hopefully be resolved eventually.
  3. Rewards ads for html5 games

    I meant that not even google offers reward ads.
  4. Rewards ads for html5 games

    Google does offer reward ads for games? As far as I know they only have video and full-slot ads.
  5. State of WebGL

    Maybe this?

    Yeah I can imagine how that can be pretty annoying. Not sure about keyboard movement. Explaining and getting used to 6 buttons would be a bit difficult. Using 4 in zig-zag pattern might take away the "automatic subconscious" movement people are used to. But it's definitely something to think about and implement. Thanks
  7. How to make secured online scoreboard?

    Without authoritative server, you can only get so far. You need to hide the score value in memory and apply some sort of encryption when sending the values. That's all just obfuscation though and won't stop anyone (though it should make it difficult enough so it doesn't happen). Hiding the score value means something like scattering it over multiple places in various forms, to prevent it being easily changeable in CheatEngine (or any other memory hacks). Encrypting the sent data could be sending alongside the score also salted hash of it, where the salt calculated and never kept in the memory for long and its generation is heavily obfuscated. Even with all that, it's still quite simple to find where the score is applied to the salt and then sent, so with the right breakpoint in debugger, cheater could still change it relatively easily. Maybe some sort of clever math function so that the actual score value won't be ever used directly (rather calculated from different sources, where you can check if the resulting value is valid). But that still only makes it a bit harder, not impossible.

    Thank you guys Yes, the trick is simple. You can never actually touch enemy's tiles with yours. Once you own a tile, you can click on its neighbors, if those neighbors were owned by someone else, they lose the ownership (the tile stops being owned by anyone, but is accessible to both you and your enemy to click on). The mines are redistributed randomly based on how many mines there is and how many should be. This can cause to change numbers for the enemy, but that doesn't matter as any decision they might be in the process of making won't be affected.

    By the way, AWS Lightsail has similar pricing to Linode, just less RAM.
  10. Airmash - Multiplayer missile warfare [PIXI]

    Some additional resource regarding how to implement that:

    Multiplayer online hexagonal minesweeper. Fight against other players, claim your area and steal theirs in a massive world. Reach the top of the leaderboard by having big score. Claim as much of the world as you can for yourself in this puzzle iogame. Play the game here: Developed entirely in Haxe, using pixi.js for rendering, nodeJS with uws for server. Feel free to ask me anything
  12. Recommend me game design materials

    I can recommend The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses.
  13. atlas texture size vs dimensions

    The actual dimension matters. When the atlas is loaded it's decompressed from whatever format it is (png, jpeg) into pure bitmap (well, some gpus are able to use certain compressions natively, but let's not go there). That means your bitmap font will take exactly the same memory as any other atlas of the same dimensions. Afaik, the dimensions matter only for GPUs, i.e. webgl mode. They have a certain max size that they support, which makes sense if you think about how GPU works.
  14. Strategy MMO made with HTML5

    Just keep in mind that scaling by throwing better hardware at the problem isn't really scaling, and has its limits while being lot more costly than actual scaling (i.e. spreading the load on multiple boxes). Properly scaling multiplayer games is pretty big and complicated topic (and usually includes things like low latency fault tolerance and moving players between machines).
  15. Icesters Trouble

    We published this game over a year ago, but I entirely forgot about posting it here. It's a cute physics removal puzzler. Created using Flambe in Haxe with Nape physics. Art made using Flash. Save the Ice Cubes in this physics puzzler with unique twist. [puzzle, removal, physics]. Play Here Feel free to ask about anything about this game. The game is also available for non-exclusive licensing. Please contact me if you are interested.