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  1. @enpu sorry for late reply, it all does look really good on our side! Thank you for extremely fast support on this.
  2. As far as I know (from @blackmoondev) it's this plugin , I hope this helps
  3. @enpu I've got image what results to expect when combining skins works as expected (it's from personal phaser project of @blackmoondev) Currently in Panda2 it displays just sword, gun and character body (without eyes, hat etc).
  4. @enpu took quick look and I'm not sure if I made mistake or if it doesn't work yet. I've attached modified example with "CombinedSkins" scene, and I've added art files as well plus json config. It displays naked body when first skin is "WhiteSkinTone" (and nothing else), however when I change first array element it display that element instead of body (so if I put "PirateCyberHat" it does display hat but it stops displaying body). Basically it disregards all other elements that are in array except first.
  5. Amazing, thank you for taking time Not sure when I will test (today/tommorow/this week) it's already pretty crazy monday
  6. Hello, as We've discussed on twitter I'm posting request on forum Phaser has a very neat utility method called "createCombinedSkin" which takes array of values where first value is string name that user can later call to display complex skin made of multiple skins and following values in array are names of skins themselves that will be used for that combined skin. That way you can easily create customizable character made from multiple elements like ie. ["body_male_1","eyes_small","nose_huge","chest_armor_gold","leg_armor_plate_3","shoes_silver_17"]
  7. You can't. Even when ios6 and android 2.x will be only 10% of market a lot of publishers will just refuse to buy your game. Im really glad and happy that Ashley did understood our case made on scirra forum, because it was severely needed by all members that use construct2 to actually make games that sell
  8. Please, everyone that uses construct2, lets try to change world a bit and make it better, go there and sign it if you agree that construct2 needs meaningfull fullscreen workarounds otherwise we will stop upgrading wchich is bad.
  9. PKrawczynski

    Android 4.4 (KitKat) includes Chromium-powered web view

    Thats great because with those hacks enabled games Ive made play with hidden as much as possible browser elements, and without (after construct2 update) my clients asked me to fix and hide browser elements. I know you cant FULLY hide everything with hacks on iOS but its OKAY. Its better than not hiding anything at all wchich c2 does now. Dont get me wrong but if I was a new user and didnt knew to stay with 146 it would render whole software useless to me.
  10. PKrawczynski

    Android 4.4 (KitKat) includes Chromium-powered web view

    Considering that you recently removed fullscreen hacks in favour of fullscreen api it does really sucks as construct2 will have no way to play games with hidden browser bar, even though those hacks worked reliable and stable on ios and android since no client of mine ever reported any problems with that. I pretty much dont update c2 since 146 release because of that. Could you maybe consider reimplementing that? I remember seeing message in update notes that you dropped those hacks because fullscreen api works on android and is far more reliable. Well as we see now even android doesnt really support fullscreen api I guess.
  11. PKrawczynski

    iOS7 is going to break your games

    I got fucked so hard by apple because of this, that maybe I should sue them for rape. It cuts of bottom of gameplay with construct2 no matter settings or if you rotate device twice. All work got undone by one single dickish move from apple. I quite started to respect them as a long time windows user but boy oh boy, it got on my nerves so hard if there was some iSpot near streets I would break some glasses. If it was any other company worldwide bitching could maybe do something for the matter and make them fix it, but since company catchphrase is "Think different" I think we are in deep shit as html5 devs.
  12. PKrawczynski

    Surge in HTML5 interest on FGL

    Im not convinced. Sorry but sponsors have terrible expectations with flash right now (1k $ for game that clearly had enough effort to fill 2 person team for a month) and you say its even worse for html5? I might add some html5 game later on fgl but there is nothing that makes me feel like I need to.
  13. PKrawczynski

    My Income Reports Blog - Updated for August

    Thanks for sharing! Could you maybe say on what portal you published your game to get that 10$ daily on leadbolt ?
  14. PKrawczynski

    whats a good tablet to buy for testing

    You can buy ipad1 for as cheap as 175$ if you search long enough If you are going for android try to find something with around 2x1ghz as this is pretty mediocre cpu used in wide range of devices and probably you can get it for 100$ as nexus7 can be bought on amazon for 200$ (and it does have quad cpu) Overall I would say "good" devices to testing are the bad ones. If your game can run at 30 fps stable on mediocre or worse tablet, it will run perfectly on better devices.
  15. PKrawczynski

    "drag and drop"

    I would highly recommend construct2, as its fairly easy to learn, doesnt need code at all, and all logic can be laid out visually in so called "Event sheets" by user plus it comes with great examples so im quite sure it would be of great help to understand all of this to you Its also entirely free for non commercial uses and can export to html5 - wchich can be viewed by users on tablets without any problem.