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  1. No, I did not. Because, sponsors are looking HTML5 games for mobile, my game is for desktop. And another reason is HTML5 not so powerful as Fash, so there will be many lags in HTML5 version.
  2. Control is not comfortable and camera a little laggy. I made something like this in 2012 on Flash. http://armorgames.com/play/14219/invisible-rgb
  3. qzix13


    Thanks. Yeah, I was thinking about level selection page, but I thought this is not necessary. Now I think opposite. About score sharing. Is there service for html5 games for this? Like mochi for flash.
  4. qzix13


    Hi there, It's my first html5 game. Early I released flash version of this game. I use Phaser as game engine. Play Blowball Use chain reaction to burst all bubbles.
  5. qzix13

    Loading HD graphics on Hi-res devices

    As I know and understand retina its just apple's marketing word which means high pixel density. There no magic. For displaying 'retina' graphics you need big sizes images. It's all! All depends on device's facilities. If it can render big sizes images, so use 'retina' graphics. In my opinion no needs in 'retina' graphics on html5. html5 !== native.
  6. qzix13

    Audio overhaul for Phaser 1.0

    rich, can you write step by step instruction how to load and play sounds on iOS? because I try to run sounds on iOS and it doesnt work. (I use Phaser).
  7. qzix13

    Which JS/HTML editor you use

  8. qzix13

    Death Color (made in Construct 2)

    Oh, I see. So maybe better point it in some way. For example: "A" (xbox controller).
  9. qzix13

    Santa's Present Flutter (Phaser)

    Some graphics very blurry. Need 'Main menu' button on play screen or 'Pause' button.
  10. qzix13

    Farter Christmas

    Nice work! But "How to Play" screen are not best idea. Better would be if you make small tutorial at the beginning.
  11. qzix13

    Death Color (made in Construct 2)

    Pretty hard. "A" for restart doesn't work for me.
  12. qzix13

    Apple Quest

    Nice graphics. But very noise jump sound. I think would be great if you make arrow up key as jump too.
  13. qzix13

    Treasure Arena - Online Battle-Arena

    Wow. Great. Graphics very cool. Very polished game. Like it .