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  1. Received. :-)
  2. Anybody here have already received the payment?
  3. Please could you post the link to this reddit topic?
  4. I think that the "plan B" of the flash developers was HTML5. So what is the plan B of the HTML5?
  5. Box2d is so bad yet?
  6. Hi guys, How are you? Have a lot of time since my last game. :-) So, today I have a new game to show you. Pimi Jumpers is a platform game with beautiful graphics and a lot of jumps. :-) Features: - Fullscreen mode - iOS icon / Web App Capable - 4 game level styles (normal, spines, water and lava) - 8 characters (some with unique abilities) - 15 different enemies - 30 levels - 60 missions - Shop - Power Ups - Optimised for mobile devices, the download is less than 1.3mb* - Localization support** - Game download is more faster after the first gameplay * Without sounds ** Languages available: Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and English (default). More can be added Some screenshots: This is the link to the game: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/120016577/_games/showcase/pimi/index.html Pimi Jumpers is available for exclusive and non exclusive licensing. Send me a pm if you are interested. =) Until more, Cheers,
  7. Thanks for your reply, One more question: The payment will be made using paypal or something? Thanks for all,Cheers,
  8. Please could you translate the rules and conditions?
  9. http://www.lynda.com/Phaser-tutorials/HTML5-Game-Development-Phaser/163641-2.html What you think?Any feedback?
  10. Hi Christina, How are you? I sent to you a message about 10 days ago,do you had time to read? I will eagerly await your reply!Have a nice day.Cheers,
  11. Hi guys, Do not know if you know, but last month began IGMC (Indie Game Maker Contest), a contest in which you have a month to develop a complete game and with the gameplay revolving around 1 hour. This is my submission: RunJoeRun! RunJoeRun! It is a platform runner style game. It was developed in HTML5/JS using my own engine called Uai.js. I use Node-webkit to generate the .exe too. Trailer: Screenshots: Game's page on the event: http://contest.rpgmakerweb.com/game/view/id/211 Direct link to the game: http://bit.ly/IGMCRunJoeRun Play it online: http://bit.ly/IGMCRunJoeRunOnline If you like the game, please consider to vote in RunJoeRun! in IGMC. You only need to register on the site (just e-mail, username and password) and click in the "Vote +1" button (Ends on July 7). Please, if you can, share in your social networks . Thanks for all, Cheers,
  12. Hi guys, I'm trying to implement Flurry in my games but it not seem to be working.Please could you help me? I create the application in Flurry and get the API KEY.After I put this two lines of code in the head section of my game index.html: <script src="https://cdn.flurry.com/js/flurry.js"></script><script>FlurryAgent.startSession("MY_API_KEY_HERE")Íž</script>I'm doing it right? I put it in the wrong place? I need to do anything else? Thanks for all, Cheers
  13. I'm sorry but I don't understand it very well. You works with licensing, rev.share and/or distribution?
  14. Indeed. Until now Lolly Balls only have 35k views in clay.io. :-( How did you get an invitation? Gameadvert works for mobile (like leadbolt) too or only desktop?