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    OkijinGames Visual Fx

    Hi Guys, Recently I found two games from Okijin Games with a nice vfx. Take a look: When two pieces connects, the texture become one with a cool animated inner-glow. In this game, the same effect but with a different approach. When you "cut" a piece, the game creates two pieces with the same cool animated inner-glow and different background in each piece. My doubt is... 1 - How to do this cool animated inner-glow in vanilla javascript? 2 - How to cut and join objects in a game? The links for the videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VatEV_WeRvk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogNEI-iViLM Thanks for all and I'm sorry for my bad english! :-) Until more, Cheers!
  2. hilty

    OkijinGames Visual Fx

    Thanks @Antriel ! :-) I saw the link that you do not understand very well. Waiting for help from them!
  3. I'm building a web app that allows the user to build a mobile app from their creations. I'm looking for a cloud service that allows me to send a zip file (or something like that), build the app and return a ID to me. With this ID I could access some app properties and download the generated file, like AWS S3 API does. I search in google and don't find nothing like that. Please could someone help me with that? Detail 1: This don't need to use cordova. I just put it in the title because I don't know how to call this thing that I'm looking for. Detail 2: I found the Phonegap build API, but phonegap only allows 25 private apps in the paid plan. Thanks for all, Cheers
  4. hilty

    Hoowu HTML5 Game Contest Results

    Received. :-)
  5. hilty

    Hoowu HTML5 Game Contest Results

    Anybody here have already received the payment?
  6. hilty

    Where do you guys get FX sounds?

    Please could you post the link to this reddit topic?
  7. I think that the "plan B" of the flash developers was HTML5. So what is the plan B of the HTML5?
  8. hilty

    Pimi Jumpers

    Hi guys, How are you? Have a lot of time since my last game. :-) So, today I have a new game to show you. Pimi Jumpers is a platform game with beautiful graphics and a lot of jumps. :-) Features: - Fullscreen mode - iOS icon / Web App Capable - 4 game level styles (normal, spines, water and lava) - 8 characters (some with unique abilities) - 15 different enemies - 30 levels - 60 missions - Shop - Power Ups - Optimised for mobile devices, the download is less than 1.3mb* - Localization support** - Game download is more faster after the first gameplay * Without sounds ** Languages available: Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and English (default). More can be added Some screenshots: This is the link to the game: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/120016577/_games/showcase/pimi/index.html Pimi Jumpers is available for exclusive and non exclusive licensing. Send me a pm if you are interested. =) Until more, Cheers,
  9. hilty

    The Phaser Sandbox is open

    Box2d is so bad yet?
  10. hilty

    Html5 Game Development Contest in China

    Thanks for your reply, One more question: The payment will be made using paypal or something? Thanks for all,Cheers,
  11. hilty

    Html5 Game Development Contest in China

    Please could you translate the rules and conditions?
  12. hilty

    Cellow game

    Hi guys, This is my first game in HTML5. Cellow is a arena shooter with a crazy story, achievements, shop and a mustache. World of Cellow was invaded by the Happies and you need to help he. Cellow counts with 33 achievements and 17 purchasable items. Right now I'm looking for sponsors (non success yet), so, any feedback is appreciated. I tried to contact boostermedia but I don't had any response yet. I'm in contact with Softgames now (They're evaluating my game). In the link below you can see the game (mobile web browser version): http://linhasincertas.com/files/cellow-game/mobile/ In the link below you can see the extended version (with sounds, musics and cutscenes): http://linhasincertas.com/files/cellow-game/ Some screenshots: Below you can see the Cellow trailer: Thanks guys and until more, Cheers.
  13. http://www.lynda.com/Phaser-tutorials/HTML5-Game-Development-Phaser/163641-2.html What you think?Any feedback?
  14. Hi Christina, How are you? I sent to you a message about 10 days ago,do you had time to read? I will eagerly await your reply!Have a nice day.Cheers,
  15. Hi guys, Do not know if you know, but last month began IGMC (Indie Game Maker Contest), a contest in which you have a month to develop a complete game and with the gameplay revolving around 1 hour. This is my submission: RunJoeRun! RunJoeRun! It is a platform runner style game. It was developed in HTML5/JS using my own engine called Uai.js. I use Node-webkit to generate the .exe too. Trailer: Screenshots: Game's page on the event: http://contest.rpgmakerweb.com/game/view/id/211 Direct link to the game: http://bit.ly/IGMCRunJoeRun Play it online: http://bit.ly/IGMCRunJoeRunOnline If you like the game, please consider to vote in RunJoeRun! in IGMC. You only need to register on the site (just e-mail, username and password) and click in the "Vote +1" button (Ends on July 7). Please, if you can, share in your social networks . Thanks for all, Cheers,
  16. hilty

    How many times has my game been played?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to implement Flurry in my games but it not seem to be working.Please could you help me? I create the application in Flurry and get the API KEY.After I put this two lines of code in the head section of my game index.html: <script src="https://cdn.flurry.com/js/flurry.js"></script><script>FlurryAgent.startSession("MY_API_KEY_HERE");</script>I'm doing it right? I put it in the wrong place? I need to do anything else? Thanks for all, Cheers
  17. hilty

    Mobile Market PRC

    I'm sorry but I don't understand it very well. You works with licensing, rev.share and/or distribution?
  18. Hi guys, I'm trying to find a good ad network for Firefox OS. The networks I tested are: 1. Leadbolt 2. Inneractive 3. Google Adsense But... 1. Leadbolt: In my tests the ads are not shown (Firefox OS 1.2 emulator / LG Fireweb with Firefox OS 1.1). 2. Inneractive: It takes a long time to approve your account. 3. Google Adsense: They block you if they find out. Do you have any suggestions/experiencies with ad network for Firefox OS to share? Thanks for the help, Cheers,
  19. hilty

    Monetizing desktop browser games

    Indeed. Until now Lolly Balls only have 35k views in clay.io. :-( How did you get an invitation? Gameadvert works for mobile (like leadbolt) too or only desktop?
  20. hilty

    Should i start with HTML5 or Unity

    Hi Guys, One question about Unity: Unity is a good tool for a "one man dev team"? I see Unity like a good choice for a game made in 6/12 months, but and for casual ("fast money") games (like some flash/html5 games)? The license value for Unity games is good enough? How much? (Oh... I recommend HTML5. :-D) Thanks for all, Cheers
  21. hilty

    Monetizing desktop browser games

    Personally I don't had a good experience with iAP (Clay.io) + HTML5 mobile browser games.
  22. hilty

    Spil games reshaping strategy

    I'm sorry but I don't understand it very well. How it impacts in HTML5 sponsorships?
  23. hilty

    Surge in HTML5 interest on FGL

    Hi Guys, Anyone used the FGL ads? How was the ads revenue ? Thanks for all, Cheers,
  24. This widget insert my game in Humble Bundle Store too?