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  1. JP91

    Phaser Audio Problem with Phonegap!

    maybe this will help.
  2. JP91

    how to Drag event on P2 physics ?

    Hi look at this. Here
  3. JP91

    this.createWorld(); inside a state is undefined.

    Is "undefined" because this function is being called but not found. Check the code should appear there.
  4. JP91

    collide tileSprite and group

    This type of collision works well.
  5. JP91

    I need help with my game score. :)

    No tienes un codigo que mostrar seria mas facil ayudarte.
  6. JP91

    The Phaser 3 Wishlist Thread :)

    To Phaser3 greater integration of physical systems.
  7. JP91

    Phaser 2.0.6 - Jornhill - Released

    Phaser has no limit. The Defiant Few very cool that game . All you've got to Phaser is amazing and what you get. Waiting for Phaser 2.1
  8. JP91

    What do you need?

    I would also pay for a mobile testing service , I find most useful.
  9. JP91

    p2 draggability / mouse joints

    you can use can use revolute constraints
  10. JP91

    [Phaser] Archaic Roll

    @morpbz thanks for the advice but I already had done but not included in the final version.
  11. JP91

    [Phaser] Archaic Roll

    This a clone of a game called Rapid Roll,I did it with the first versions of Phaser but I already had a little forgotten,so improve a bit the graphics and here it is. Archaic roll To play just use the left and right arrow keys to move the wheel and try to dodge the rocks with lava. In Smartphones touches the side you want to move the wheel. if you're interested in the code or something please let me know, enjoy.
  12. JP91

    Water, liquid, fluids

    I'm trying to simulate a little water movement.
  13. JP91

    CollideWorldBounds make the sprite don`t move

    mmm, if you remove collideWorldBounds if jump? pd: por los comentarios me imagino que hablas espaƱol , es raro no se si tenga que ver con esa comprobacion tu problema.
  14. JP91

    [WIP][Phaser]My first game

    a bit difficult, perhaps an indicator of strength or path, the idea has potential.
  15. jejejej a little disconcerting at first, you maybe a loading bar, it would be very cool with a horizontal scroll and they were appearing.
  16. JP91

    [Phaser] Archaic Roll

    someone who has tried it on ipad?
  17. JP91

    [Complete] [Phaser] Cirta Games

    I like the music.
  18. I get to work with layers gives you more flexibility, but I think seven layers are many.although not done any testing.
  19. JP91

    #LOWREZJAM - Offical Thread

    hey looks a little fuzzy. good game.
  20. JP91

    #LOWREZJAM - Offical Thread

    This is my entry Ninja Training. It's simple, you're a ninja who must dodge all, it supports three waves and be a real ninja. ninja moves from left to right. arrow right/left
  21. JP91

    Setting Up Phaser Environment

    I use notepad++ and wamp is all I need.
  22. jejeje, already strange to me that you could not do .
  23. Map size: w/h:16 Tile size: 32x32, the blue gem:46x36, when the polyline is drawn, you can create them the size you want.
  24. JP91

    [P2] StartSystem : issue when initialised in another state

    I do so, this is my main state. var Play = function (){};Play.prototype = {preload:function(){},create:function(){game.physics.startSystem(Phaser.Physics.P2JS);enemigo.create();jugador.create();},update:function(){enemigo.update();jugador.update();};},};