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  1. alphaMask from bitmapData

    Finally solved it, I don't know what alphaMask uses but I got my desired effects with // show when bottom and top overlap + transparency working (what i wanted alphaMask to do, scratchcard effect) this.mcBmd.draw(this.bottomBmd).blendDestinationIn(); this.mcBmd.draw(this.topBmd).blendReset(); // hide when bottom and top overlap + transparency working ( eraser effect) this.mcBmd.draw(this.bottomBmd).blendDestinationOut(); this.mcBmd.draw(this.topBmd).blendReset();
  2. alphaMask from bitmapData

    That's what I use, the problem is that my source bitmapdata has transparent pixels too, but they show as black In your example source has no transparent pixels, so no problem.
  3. alphaMask from bitmapData

    Hi guys, is this fixed? I'm having the same error where when "drawing" the destination transparent pixels are overriden
  4. Best Typescript/Phaser IDE?

    I'm a VIM fan too, but use the VSCode vim plugin.
  5. Best Typescript/Phaser IDE?

    I setup Visual Studio Code to have just 1 keypress from editing to testing game, so I do: F5 -> runs some of my batch files, runs typescript compiler, opens new chrome window with game. (You'd need some familiarity how Visual Studio code tasks work and have the chrome remote debugger plugin.) Ctrl+W (in Chrome) -> closes chrome and focus is back on visual studio code.
  6. $6/month total for all my games.
  7. Sound doesn't loop in Internet Explorer

    I spent a whole day wondering why my code doesn't work but this does. It turns out it wasn't my code, it was the mp3 - the 7 seconds mp3 in the sample works with my code too, but a 1 minute music mp3 doesn't I tried .ogg too without success. Anyone else experience this?
  8. Phaser Scaling Question

    EDIT: Solved it, thanks again! this.game.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.USER_SCALE; this.game.scale.setResizeCallback(this.onSizeChange, this); onSizeChange():void { var ratio = Math.min(window.innerWidth/Game.WIDTH,window.innerHeight/Game.HEIGHT); this.game.scale.setGameSize(window.innerWidth/ratio,Game.HEIGHT); this.game.scale.setUserScale(ratio,ratio,0,0); this.camera.bounds.x = -Infinity; this.camera.bounds.width = Infinity; this.camera.x = -(window.innerWidth/ratio-Game.WIDTH)/2; } Original Post: Thank you @samme, this is almost what I'm looking for. How can I add stretching, like having the game scale so that ratio of game is math.min(screen_height/logical_game_height,screen_width/logical_game_width) ? I tried setting the code below, but the game flickers this.game.world.scale.x = this.game.world.scale.y = Math.min(this.game.width/Game.WIDTH,this.game.height/Game.HEIGHT);
  9. Phaser Scaling Question

    Hi, @samme, thank you for your answers, but it doesn't exactly do what I'd like. When I stretch the view, the left and right paddings are on top of the world sprite, but I'd like them not to be - I'd want the visible world to start at x=0 after the left padding sprite and end at x=1920 before the right padding sprite no matter how much I stretch it.
  10. Phaser Scaling Question

    I don't think I explained my question too well, I've updated the picture in my original post.
  11. Phaser Scaling Question

    Yes, the padded sprites still are part of game canvas.
  12. Phaser Scaling Question

    Hello guys, currently I'm trying to resize my game to the whole window, while centering a fixed aspect ratio game window in the center, and having padding sprites at the side, but without success. Can you tell me what I should do? Cheers
  13. Sound doesn't loop in Internet Explorer

    Happens to me too.
  14. Thank you for your work, I won't be able to test in a couple of days but will let you know!
  15. @cmann I don't get the error with nape.min.js, only with nape.max.js, but it's hard to debug with that Funny, even Visual Studio code gives me warnings on nape.max.js, like unreachable lines (238 and 251); (breaks after if/else with returns).