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  1. As an HTML5 dev, I've got 99 problems, but pronouncing "interstitial" ain't one
  2. Biggest demons are doing everything right as a non-paying user - frequent logins, grinding, doing smart strategies - and thinking you actually have a chance against paying users until you realize you've been dancing on the developers palms all the time and you can't compete with them
  3. When the market gets tougher to break even, the morality of it lowers What is addictive for some might not be addictive for others. I was immediately overwhelmed by LoL, Dota, etc. I see these games as a mix of: Having to learn 200+ items, 200+ spells, gazillion builds in order to be competitive Even if good, you still depend on 4 other players. Contanstly needing to watch the minimap and be able to click often and accurately. As a game developer, I try to figure out what's the formula of being good at a particular multiplayer game, and if it's something boring/time consuming/luck based/stressful, I'm turned off.
  4. @True Valhalla you might want to stop with the abusive behavior alredy, it might hurt your reputation just as much as saying the HTML5 market is in a bad place.
  5. In my experience, both @True Valhalla and @b10b are right. There are many sponsors that aren't closing down and you can approach. Very few of them would be interested in a non-exclusive license, though. And many developers can do well, if they work hard and smart and a couple of hundred dollars a month is all they want
  6. I use Haxe + OpenFL (bitfive for html5 target). I've coded a lot of logic on my own though, like bitmap font rendering and display object logic. In addition I use soundJS for sound. If I wasn't having some hopes for my games performing on mobile stores (which is diminishing) and target only HTML5, I'd also suggest and would probably go with externs for Phaser.
  7. Deadmau5 and retro game soundtracks for me.
  8. I thought Itch was only for downloadable games, is it worth uploading a browser game you'd normally upload to NewGrounds and Kongregate?
  9. Never dealt with them but I know also other companies with several Google Play accounts, one with more high quality games and the other with lower quality and fewer downloads. What is interesting is that it was a gmail account that sent you the mail, when I know during FGL times that FOG had a guy named Neil with a fog.com e-mail that did the licensing.
  10. Really like the Arctic Arcade intro and presentation in general.
  11. MarketJS seems to only sell their games and to whom - I have no idea, I really can't find their games on popular online sponsor portals, but I'm pretty sure they make good money, as they keep releasing high quality HTML5 games. Probably they have offline clients and also do reskin/contract work. Let me also use this post to clarify one thing - I have never accused @True Valhalla of lying about his income, I have only desired more info. I'm sure he makes good income from such deals too, and have only tried to request more information. I'm sorry that he took my questions as an accusation, and I hope this clears his doubts that I have anything personal against him.
  12. If the game is good enough, sure. ArmorGames might sponsor it for example, but the $/hour ratio will probably not be worth it. What's the engine, btw?
  13. Where are the lie accusations? EDIT: Personal attacks, especially if groundless, will not be tolerated in this forum. All TV was asked by me and Silen is how he manages to make this income in more detail and why he thinks other developers with high quality games earn much less than him.
  14. There was nothing offensive in @Silen question and he asked something many of us are wondering too. Don't forget many users here are experienced HTML5 developers and have a good feel about the market. @Silenis definitely not a worse developer than you ( http://www.silengames.com/html5 ), do you claim he lacks the marketing/business skills to earn as much as you? Or that you sell many licenses to offline platforms? 1.) "Each month I publish a fully transparent income report." 2.) "I have absolutely zero interest in proving myself to you or anyone." ^ Pick one.
  15. My plans are to continue making small HTML5 games for licensing, aiming at releasing around 10 this year. However, I hope to release a bigger game on Mobile and Steam. I am still a skeptic about playing a big game in your mobile browser rather than using a dedicated app that will perform faster, won't have to be downloaded every time, and would be much harder to hack.