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  1. @powerfear yes sure I know this. That's why I few times mentioned "run server in root directory of workshop"
  2. Are you sure that pathes are right? I mean Are you running your Apache in root dir? and #3 any errors in console? I really want you get it
  3. hey Son! can you please tell me what is the problem? I tested right now and everything works well: In console: git clone cd workshop python -m SimpleHTTPServer 3030 in browser: goto http://localhost:3030/, you'll see a page with menu links to every stage. Please give me know if that helps!
  4. Hi everyone, just wanna show you a small game example I made for my workshop in Lviv, Ukraine. This is a kind of platformer game which use Pixi.js for rendering, js port of Box2D for physic/collision detection, Howler.js for sounds, and Require.js for code structure Short description: hero can go through the world(to both left or right), jump and collect the flares. The code available on github: and consist of 10 stages, so a developer can start from scratch and go deeper and deeper.Maybe it will be useful for someone! Code is not ideal because I did not refactored it yet, but in future I want to improve this showcase and make a finished game example. P.S: to moderator: maybe it is not right place for my post? I can move it somewhere, if need