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  1. Hello Cynthia, Where can someone apply to your job offer ? I suppose here http://www.stolo.com, your email seems to be at the bottom of the page.
  2. Hello, what editor has good autocomplete for Phaser ? I've tried Sublime Text 3 with CodeIntel but it didn't worked so well. With Brackets same story (it has code completion for general JS, but not for Phaser). Thanks
  3. You mean it should be possible to use WebGL with say PhoneGap/Cordova in the future ? If I understood correctly WebGL is available in WKWebView on iOS and OS X. It will be great to be able to package a Phaser game as native app and have the speed of WebGL on iOS.
  4. Hello, it is currently possible to use Cordova with Crosswalk as backend. Basically, you will keep using the Cordova syntax except that the WebView in which your app will run will be based on Crosswalk instead of the default Android one. Using the default Android 4.4 WebView for e.g. I was only able to get 4-8 fps while with the Cordova + Crosswalk backend I get 40-60 fps.
  5. I think you are doing a mistake if you mix setTimeout with requestAnimationFrame, what I suggested was to effectively calculate the fps and do the game logic update at a fixed fps. setTimeout and setInterval are not meant to be used for a draw cycle. Anyway if you are satisfied with how it works now ...
  6. You could simply calculate the fps and update your game at a fix rate. Are you using requestAnimationFrame in Chrome, Opera and Firefox ? What is your Android version ?
  7. Yes, see my previous answer. Doesn't fit my workflow well.
  8. If your game uses Canvas only operations than CocoonJS will work just fine for you, if you mix DOM manipulation and Canvas ... well, you'll see. I wouldn't blame PhoneGap, after all PhoneGap uses what Android offers as the default WebView class. PhoneGaps doesn't implement their own version of Canvas like CocoonJS.
  9. With Crosswalk for arm: =================== I have about 60 fps on Android 4.3 ... which is perfect. However, on Android 4.4 KitKat I get about 30 fps
  10. First impression is really good. A bit hackish to find the documentation for the command line options . Fortunately the configuration file is in Pyhton, you can always read the source. I will need to do more tests, I'm really curious how many fps I can get on Android 4.4. Because of the new Chromium WebView, PhoneGap is really crippled on KitKat.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I've already tried CocoonJS. I don't particularly enjoy the workflow, also I hate the idea that I have to be careful what part of the HTML5 is available when I run my app as a WebView or as a Canvas app ...
  12. Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try later today.
  13. Hello, I was wondering if you guys have some experience with using PhoneGap/Cordova to package your game as an Android app. I've recently tested both Cordova and PhoneGap for a simple sprite draw on canvas on Android 4.4 and the it seems terribly slow compared with the same code in the Android Chrome browser. Also, it seems that both Cordova and PhoneGap don't respect much the config.xml file settings. I've tried to force the game to run only in landscape and while there is this option in the config.xml it is not actually used by the CLI build tool. I've had to manually modify the AndroidManifest.xml in order to achive the desired result. Obviously, Corodova and PhoneGap still need a lot of polishing. Ion
  14. True, but you still need an Apple Developer license.