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  1. @Rezoner bullseye, great stuff. I'm a real sucker for anything slice or voxel based. I've had a quick look and my immediate question is ... runtime players? Can your renderer be packaged and consumed in projects directly (and skip the export stage completely)? Would it be performant? Or how about renderer as-a-service for skinning?
  2. As an update for anyone else affected, it was confirmed that Endpoint created Leaderboards not showing on the App Dashboard is intentional (for now) and that the "invisible" Leaderboards can be trusted as reliable. Currently there are no plans for new Leaderboard endpoints so, as a patch, we're thinking of extending our admin functions to include a proxy list (for future visibility and pseudo-delete).
  3. These days I've come around to that point of view - zero upfront time investment from a player should be the default expectation for a mass market game ... ... because modern games should basically play themselves, and the player influences the game to make it play better. Ideally such influence should be highly intuitive and avoid any need for text or instructional ui. That said ... quality text still has utility as a secondary or completionist device. Explaining a game in 8 short bullet points or less is always possible, forces the creator to emphasise the essential core, provides SEO or submission content, and defines a framework for more detailed content to follow (e.g. introducing the game's nouns for future strategy guides or YT narration). Will everyone read it, absolutely not. Additionally text is pretty cool (and cheap) for providing background narrative, dialogue and exposition if the game style suits it (like those early 90s Nintendo manuals) - and I still believe players' time investment is a valuable precursor to playing more specialist titles.
  4. b10b

    Soccer Hero

    With the kick off today of the Women's 2019 World Cup in France I'm bumping this post for relevancy. The game features female players (as well as men) and 70 international teams including the competing nations. GOAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Play for free in your browser (no adverts): http://b10b.com/soccerhero SOCCER HERO is available to license (on a non-exclusive basis) from our website (or PM me): http://b10b.com
  5. @Noel thanks, the Facebook page you linked includes the reference to the "create" endpoint (just before "Step 2"): Our use case is we run weekly "seasonal" Leaderboards and found the "reset" endpoint (date based) to be unsuitable for our goals. In particular we want to archive results for historic seasons (not reset them), and we must correctly assign scores to their initiating season (rather than assign them to whichever season may be current at the time of their conclusion). Because the SDK doesn't offer grouping or filtering of meta we instead create a new Leaderboard each week postfixed by the season number, with the game sending the players' scores to the appropriate Leaderboard (based on date). These sequential Leaderboards can of course be created manually using the Dashboard tool, but the intention of using the endpoint is that we may, theoretically, automate this task and avoid potential for human error. All appears to work well, except for the reported issue ... the endpoint created Leaderboards don't show on the Dashboard, whereas manually created ones do. Might "list" or "delete" endpoints be in the works sometime soon?
  6. I remember going through the top hundred games on Facebook Instant Games platform a few years ago (to assess market share for a client). The results were more diverse than I anticipated, with many being proprietary engines. Our takeaway was it really doesn't matter what engine is selected so long as the choice delivers tangibles for the audience (e.g. in the case of HTML5 portals things like low upfront footprint, device compatibility, speed and ease of development / improvements). As for Steam, I would have a hunch the results are yet more diverse with the lion's share being Unity - however there may be no expedient (or free) way to quantify scientifically (does Steam even care)?
  7. If we create new Leaderboards manually using the Dashboard tool they show on the list of the App Dashboard. Whereas if we create new Leaderboards using the Create Endpoint API they do not show on the list of the App Dashboard. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/application/leaderboards_create/ The Leaderboards do appear to function as expected, with setScoreAsync and getLeaderboardAsync working as if the Leaderboard had been manually created. We've not exhaustively tested this ... @Noel does this smell fishy to you? Are we getting a false or unintended result? Or should we go ahead and trust those invisible-Endpoint-created-Leaderboards? Sadly there is no Endpoint to list them or delete them, but trying to create them again verifies their existence through Error 3408. Thanks.
  8. You will benefit from having a range of devices (but a diminishing return per device). A lot can be done virtually these days (especially for HTML5 which is increasingly consistent imo) but the "oddities" usually only show up on the physical device. Having the issue "in hand" can make finding the fix faster - and ultimately developer time should be worth more than the cost of a device. That equation comes down to a good business model, and sensible budgets ... Some tips to reduce costs: Encourage members of the team (or friends and family) to get different personal devices. Supplemental devices can be bought from reliable reconditioned suppliers (there are specialists on Ebay). Study the uptake of devices and spend your money on where the market share is or will be (not was) - which is mostly older devices. A high end latest device might seem essential, but resist the temptation - it'll have lower market share than the same flagship from 1 or 2 years ago (which are a LOT cheaper). Having a high-end and a low-end device for Android and iOS is probably a minimum (but one can be a tablet and one a phone). Remember things move forwards, review your collection annually (which means spending an annual budget), and be prepared to cull older devices rather than support them indefinitely. Recycle appropriately. Make LOTS more money from selling your games than you spend on devices! And consider outsourcing all the testing and QA when you achieve a major hit
  9. @trial asked me on PM how we manage to solve this issue on our games. I've replied here so anyone else experiencing the same issue may benefit. Simple answer is to run the resizeCanvas check almost continuously (on update / RAF tick). Compare a concatenation of window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight to the previous state, if it's the same ignore, if it's different then recompute the resize / css scaling and offsets. We make no use of any Events for this, which may seem less than efficient but we found Events to be inconsistent (and the overhead of continuous comparison to be minimal). This analysis was originally done ~2012 so things may have improved since (and other things may have worsened) - but the code from our framework written mostly at that time can be seen here: https://github.com/hypersurge/awe6/blob/master/lib/awe6/core/drivers/createjs/Kernel.hx#L133
  10. Please can you explain more? Some suggestions might come in from this forum if we know more? If too late for this game, it maybe useful for the next game.
  11. I laughed - the parody is well written with convincing voice acting. BUT ... hooooge shame about the sign-in requirement / wall so early!? Is this a self-referential parody about walls Sign-in isn't suited to hyper-casual (because an unplayed game isn't worth surrendering privacy / anonymity and will more likely create abandoned sessions or fake email data). So save that for people who have played some levels and want to prove a point to their friends / or unlock some powerups.
  12. We have this soccer / football game (featuring dozens of international teams) available for license: http://b10b.com/soccerhero/
  13. Anchor and Pivot are your friends. If you don't wish to use them because you want to maintain left alignment then consider using a child Sprite, or other arrangement of Containers. Then you can freely adjust the anchor (or pivot) of any child, do the transformation as would be intuitive and the parent will be unaffected. There is minimal overhead in using children and they can improve code readability and maintenance. The alternative (using a single Sprite) involves translating (x=-width) before the flip (scale.x*=-1) or rotation, then translate back again when done. It's unlikely to feel as intuitive - and is likely more prone to mistakes or confusion later?
  14. b10b

    Game worlds creation

    @Reyel1980 "Lords of the Realm III" by Impressions Games.
  15. Semi-related question .... do you know of a way to "dump" a file loader (a loader with a list of files) back to a pure-code loader like @Giedrius example (a loader with a list of data uris)? Almost like a post-project packaging tool to facilitate bundling an entire game to a single file. I realise this a crime against caching, but single-file is a requirement of some rich media standards.