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  1. b10b

    What editors do you use? (/recommend)

    I take two bottles into the shower ... VSCode for Typescript and HaxeDevelop for Haxe. IMO both are equally competent for vanilla JS, HTML, CSS. Please remember to support whichever free IDE you adopt
  2. Hey, what's the problem exactly? 'Game Board.js' manages to pick up the reference to 'canvas' ok (using 'window' as the common container). Not saying that's a good idea, but it works as far as I can see? There are lots of alternative approaches for working with multiple js files (or using them as modules), so some background reading or exploration might be valuable? "js build tools", "js transpiler" are good starting search keywords.
  3. b10b

    Footballers image

    An old-school approach was to keep the (generic) game data in a plain format so that Players could mod their copy of the game with fan-created content packs.
  4. Nice, makes total sense to have a sub-forum for this and attract questions and answers in one spot. The Facebook group is quite active but sometimes doesn't lend itself as well to examples or code snippets imo.
  5. Imo ... Yes, it is "possible" and many awesome gamedevs manage it. But the question might be better posed as "is it probable"? And the answer to that depends on the plan, the ability to execute it, and a pinch of good fortune. Being solo may involve more entrepreneurship and salesmanship than game development - does that appeal? Plus: the game market is over supplied, most games are offered for free, why does the world care about another game? Harsh even in a team, brutal as a solo. Still interested? If making-a-living-from-gamedev is the primary goal it may be worth putting own-projects on hold, and securing gainful employment in the gamedev industry (or supporting digital creative services) as a first step. Doing that will often require exemplary talent, and demonstrable portfolio ... and there's few better ways to gain both than to build solo projects. Contradiction!?! Not if those projects are solely for skill development - think learning, not income - then enhance that foundation on someone else's payroll until its time to fly. To recap: either take a massive chance and risk lonely economic failure, or gain value incrementally while doing supporting things for income. Whichever route is chosen, all efforts must assist the end goal.
  6. b10b

    Stock Car Hero

    Thanks for checking back and validating for me!
  7. b10b

    CreateJS Noob - Problem with my Sprite class

    @ItsYaBoiWesley you're welcome. I don't get that error, but I'm also not using your mouse.png or background.png (or the normalize.css) - so perhaps the issue is related to them or the Spritesheet's relationship to them? You may also want to use a more recent version of CreateJS - e.g. https://code.createjs.com/createjs-2015.11.26.min.js
  8. b10b

    CreateJS Noob - Problem with my Sprite class

    @ItsYaBoiWesley so close. Welcome to async. Your code after queue.load() is executing immediately, it's not waiting for the queue to complete loading. Instead it should be called in (or by) the queueLoaded function (which is called when load is completed). Moving it there, (and fixing the name of 'x','y' params) shows a spritesheet animating on keypress.
  9. b10b

    CreateJS Noob - Problem with my Sprite class

    Add the parenthesis on the end of the init function declaration. Or have another script tag that calls the init function. Or use body.onload to call init. I'd go with the first option.
  10. b10b

    CreateJS Noob - Problem with my Sprite class

    @ItsYaBoiWesley I think you're almost there - and that code (with the exception of the missing globals (WIDTH, HEIGHT, queueLoaded) and the extraneous ');' at the end of the file - runs ok for me. To answer your question of There are various ways, each with pros and cons. window.onload (or the equivalent body.onload) can vary from browser to browser, some waiting for all assets to load, some not. I would suggest neither are what you want longer-term. Best to launch your game when you need, and separate concerns from the DOM. So the game should be a function in itself (like the init() method of the createjs example). You can, optionally, call it directly and immediately on first load by adding the parenthesis on the end: game = function() { ... }(); Loading the js directly in the body (after any body dependencies have been established) is an easy way to manage load order: <body> <canvas id="gameCanvas"></canvas> <script src="http://code.createjs.com/createjs-2013.12.12.min.js"/> <script src="game.js"/> </body> I often do things this way - obvious, simple and effective. Only if I need conditional loads will I do anything more complex.
  11. b10b

    CreateJS Noob - Problem with my Sprite class

    @ItsYaBoiWesley hey, I suspect the issue is because your init.js is being run as soon as it loads (which is slightly ahead of body instantiating the canvas element, hence no getContext). Given that you are calling 'init()' in the body.onLoad I suspect you intended to have all of init.js wrapped in a function? So add: function init() { ... existing init.js code here } Then you'll encounter the issue 'queueLoaded is not defined' ... so add a function in for that and continue ... Don't give up, getting any new project bootstrapped for that first build is always a challenge - often looking back later to see it was obvious
  12. b10b

    CreateJS Noob - Problem with my Sprite class

    @ItsYaBoiWesley I am unsure if you've done this, but CreateJS needs to 'know' about your canvas ('demoCanvas'). So typically a 'new createjs.Stage()' is created, with the root canvas injected into the constructor. Then additional displayObjects are attached to that Stage (as you're doing with your line 'stage.addChildAt(animation,1);'). Without this step Stage is not bound to a canvas, and so cannot 'getContext' - a term relating to the interface methods that sit atop a canvas that allow us to draw and transform (CreateJS uses this alot). The getting started example shows this step: https://createjs.com/getting-started
  13. b10b

    CreateJS Noob - Problem with my Sprite class

    Sorry I wasn't clear, the dev-console is in the browser (e.g. Chrome). IDE's like Atom aren't able to help too much with debugging for vanilla JS. With your experience you may prefer to adopt Haxe or Typescript (to transpile your JS from a typed language) and gain a few more compile-time and IDE benefits
  14. b10b

    Stock Car Hero

    @totor thanks so much for the feedback and performance issue. The biggest difference (over GRAND PRIX HERO) is the horizon tilting (rotation) and double buffering needed to keep the horizon stable. I noticed yesterday that a few mobile devices were getting bogged down with this rotation when 'context2d.imageSmoothingEnabled' was enabled. I disabled imageSmoothing across all "mobile", and based on your feedback also put in additional performance checks to disable effects for lower-end "desktops" too. On my benchmarks today I'm getting ~tolerable FPS on my (old) S3 across GRAND PRIX HERO and STOCK CAR HERO (with the latter featuring more scenery and more effects). On all modern devices I'm getting clean 30FPS. Please can you try again and report back? There's a debug message displayed bottom left when the game is paused. Latest version is >= 1.0.60 (a hard refresh may be needed) and the last two numbers (e.g. "80 | 1200") tell me about the device's graphical performance. Please could you share your (old) laptop's numbers? Thanks
  15. b10b

    CreateJS Noob - Problem with my Sprite class

    What does your dev-console tell you (F12)? There are elements outside of the code shared that may be causing ''new createjs.SpriteSheet' to not return (e.g. queue), or perhaps the createjs functions may not be loaded etc. @ItsYaBoiWesley feel free to share more (e.g. link to online demo).