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  1. @Nodragem you're welcome. If you don't yet know who you're going to sell to then there's little external risk, so not much need for professional liability insurance?! I suggest only getting insurance when your customer base insists or warrants the cost - first try pushing back with alternatives (like bugfixes, refunds, etc).
  2. need remote developers offshore

    Costs are a function of inconvenience and risk - so pick your own tolerance level. Near-shore can be a good bet because cultural-fit is a solid, yet overlooked, benefit (allowing importers to leverage a larger "localized" work force without significant downside). Good luck.
  3. Organising Code

    @Zyie if you want to create a family of similar PIXI.Text then you could create a new class of your own and have it compose and retain an instance of PIXI.Text within it (e.g. with common attributes, perhaps passed through from constructor parameters). Or create a factory method that churns out a configured PIXI.Text. Probably worth spending some time learning various "creational" and "structural" design patterns as well as a foundation of Typescript. But anything written to answer such questions will likely make it sound harder than it is ... just study the PIXI examples, then write code, refactor, repeat!
  4. Alternative HTML5 Platform to Adobe Air?

    Yes, imo things are positive in 2018 for mobile-friendly-web-games (in respect to "technology lifecycle") - today we see increasing adoption and several unique use cases. I think it's reasonable to say there is an order of magnitude less risk in its adoption today vs 8 years ago - so mainstream vendor support has become decent. In respect to Adobe we should be mindful they are a publicly traded stock - therefore general perception can influence published roadmaps (perhaps more than what's really happening internally?). Adobe Creative Cloud would be incomplete without a visual creative development environment - rebadging Flash and transitioning from web player to app packager to HTML5 tool shows a consistent support to platform uptrend. But such course corrections can invalidate a developer's high level skillset - so they will lose some of us along the way.
  5. Alternative HTML5 Platform to Adobe Air?

    @ncm123 given your answers, and the state of web platforms in 2018, my advice would be for you to focus on tooling, rather than tech. Let the tool vendor worry about the tech, you focus on the creative content and your business model. Consider sticking with majority products like Animate, Unity, Construct, GameMaker etc . Otherwise, at this stage of the technology lifecycle, starting afresh with an early-adopter framework may have diminishing comparative advantage.
  6. Alternative HTML5 Platform to Adobe Air?

    @ncm123 some questions back-at-you to help narrow down the advice ... Do you currently develop with a visual tool (e.g. Flash CC / Animate CC)? What's new that suggests Adobe AIR's future might be "circumspect"? Are you intending to switch to web / mobile-browsers or will you continue with native / app-stores? If looking to pivot away from the "Flash" stack, why not move far-far-away (rather than to a nearest-neighbour)? Are runtime-2D-vectors really needed? Or would multiple-rasterized-asset-sets or GPU shader/geometry approaches work better for modern mobile devices? How quickly do you wish to port your existing catalog to the new platform?
  7. @Nodragem I'm going to drop you a PM with a link to who we use (a UK-based underwriter). More generally, Professional Liability, E&O, Cyber, Privacy & Media cover is considerably easier to acquire today than it was 5-10 years ago - and much cheaper. I am unsure why this is, perhaps due to the increase in smaller firms around the tech space, or perhaps due to fewer claims or payouts occurring? We should remember that the level of cover needed (if needed at all) is only what the job we're trying to protect (or win) is worth. Be mindful that premiums shoot up when involved in money-gaming / gambling or working with third party's IP. Always question the need for such insurance, and suggest more pragmatic protection to your customers' risks and concerns (e.g. acceptance testing, error reporting, fixes & updates).
  8. Unity talk - ECS for small things

    Called it - "Unity Tiny" using a lightweight Entity Component System - cool! 38 mins of either zero-bs or total-bs depending upon your opinion of the merits vs hype of ECS. For anyone already familiar with ECS skip to 28mins to see roadmap and deployment. Still in closed tests, so probably not wise to start changing roadmaps just yet? Until then cool story - and fuels uptrend of messenger-games / playable-ads / HTML5.
  9. Boomerang Chang, now in HTML5

    Great game, really enjoyed playing it and returned a few days in a row - I will get the app. Some feedback: 1) Wasn't obvious I could fire more than 1 boomerang (don't recall this in the tutorial?) - when I "discovered" this the game took on a new dimension! 2) Great simple leaderboard mechanism, created incentive for replay and get the #1 spot for today 3) Music gets a bit repetitive in the early stages, any chance of shuffling it up a bit? 4) No apparent difficulty ramp - seems almost easier at 50+ than in the 10+ zone? 5) Progression - simple is prefect initially, but what now - I want to earn something and spend it on a shield, a sidekick, a megarang 6) Informative blog post!
  10. Caution with EU funding, Patreon etc - back to @Gio 's point - if we spend our time looking for money that's time spent not making money. @mazoku can you combine your gamedev passions and personal matter (privacy respected) to make something unique, compelling and of high social value? I doubt many other gamedevs will have been exposed to such insights (so the supply will be lower) while perhaps there may be good demand for the result? If a Business Plan is about solving a pain in a unique way you may have an advantage in that area?
  11. HTML5 export of Unity flappy bird is 714KB?

    I'm not sure if their playable-ad car demo was wasm oriented - hence the comments about canvas, broad support and cold starts (all valid). If they have now bundled a "lite 2d" subset that zips down to 72KB and includes data-driven behaviors and basic scene graph then that's new and interesting - but 714KB is actually quite bloated for what was shown, and we didn't see a file size for the second puzzler demo that included animations and audio. Keynote claims aside I expect Unity will be a valid mobile browser game dev option soon enough, and given its other benefits that likely warrants further investigation ...
  12. HTML5 export of Unity flappy bird is 714KB?

    Did I blink and miss the detail where they explained how the 2.6MB game got shrunk to 714KB? (~1h39m)? 72KB of core engine is certainly possible if the scene graph and interaction listeners are sufficiently basic and ommit WebGL, Audio, non-used helpers etc. But the same would be true of a Non-Unity approach so this isn't an apples to apples comparison. The potential of tooling that can make smart build decisions and provide a wonderful IDE is great news for lite gaming, but Unity please show some detail rather than misleading stats.
  13. What's your ideal scenario? Try writing a "Business Model Canvas". Think vision, purpose, partnerships, leverage and value, rather than money. Transition the day job into the dream job.
  14. Hostile Shapes - Classic Arcade

    I really enjoyed the style and ease of play. Well worth polishing through the issues identified as this is a keeper for a quick time filler on the phone! Any tips on Cordova-ising your Pixi app, or which plugins you used?
  15. If there's no reply within a week, probably move on? I agree with @toraleca - better to be discoverable and let anyone interested find us. So every backlink, every share, and every quality game out there helps build traction ... beyond just Sponsors / Portals.