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  1. love the visuals, will play it this WE.
  2. Congrats and best wishes for your game. The WADE engine seems very nice too, it can export to android and ios?
  3. So they paid a limited time exclusive to get the game first and they got it and the contract is clear that the license is non exclusive so you have no problem. I'd do what b10b advises, a bit of polish and go!
  4. The real question is more like what was the kind of license you sold your game to the client?
  5. the problem is more of what kind of computer hardware do you target because results will be very different if your test machine is the average laptop with a crappy proc or a higher end dev machine.
  6. what kind of games make 4k gross per dev per month - ie 12K gross revenue per month assuming the announced share?
  7. You mean you only have one person in charge for this at ... facebook???? just curious.
  8. latest firefox and chrome, 32 bits windows 10, 2Go laptop that game runs fine :
  9. blob: Uncaught RangeError: Array buffer allocation failed at new ArrayBuffer () at Object.2f2618e222b4e4ad2e181fef7ec676af (blob: at UnityLoader.loadCode.Module (UnityLoader.js:4) at HTMLScriptElement.o.onload (UnityLoader.js:4) usually the webgl unity player works fine on my computer.
  10. If i may suggest a few other things : - add the option to set the volume for the Music and another option to set the volume for the Sounds - add the option to reconfigure Keys, because arrows+xc+return+esc is not easy when you have small hands -make it clear at the beginning that you can access the inventory with esc key, for example when you grab the first item
  11. i went to robocity then i was lost, i had no clue to where to go to find the key, where to find the laser and my space drill was no use against robots then i thought that i could jump on a moving platform but i fell through, by luck (or years of experience playing video games) i activated something by pushing enter when i was near something that looked like a console and i could go on but then i died because when you are on a ladder it's very difficult to jump from it to somewhere without falling first, falling to the ground i mean so you have to redo it all over again. The game seems nice though but it lacks visual cue with objects of interest that don't stand out from the background, some robots seems harmless since you can go through them others are hurting but again no cues, the real problem is with the controls that are unforgiving and that is not fun in 2018. One game can be hard and unforgiving but not the controls unless the controls are part of the game like in qwop or getting over it. The point with the controls is the more important, by chance i just went out from a conf today where the author of dead cells was making a part of his talk precisely on this and the idea is that the dev silently cheat the game to help the player with the controls giving some advices : when the player jump from a cliff don't let him fall because he was a pixel late, when he arrives on a cliff don't let him fall because he was a pixel short, an enemy comes from the back and the player fires the laser in the wrong direction : makes him auto turn before, the player does not have to be blocked because there is a block on the ground a few pixel higher, boost the jump if he wall jumped a bit to short to go up the wall, etc Anyway, i"ll try again later, i won't let that little red guy lost on mars. good rover too ;)
  12. love the graphics style! i have a problem though, the archer locks in some sort of autofire and keep sending arrows in the void, then enemies come from behind and stab him to death.
  13. nice and simple. I"d thought more of a visual story graph editor, things can get very messy when you have big stories with multiple narrative branches like in adventure gamebook as The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.