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  1. C# port of Phaser for desktop games

    @PsichiX, you know of Phaser games running on consoles?
  2. [Phaser] Lost in Jungle

    is the starting position always winnable or is it pure random?
  3. small games

    quite challenging games!
  4. Planet Of Kaz

    maybe you should add arrow keys control then, from the tutorial the way to control the little guy with keys is not obvious on desktop since it displays only the mobile control (the icons to click). The loading time is a bit long too, 40 Mb is a bit much i"d say.
  5. Planet Of Kaz

    is the game playable on desktop, it seems the little guy does not move when using arrow keys?
  6. 500 HTML5 games in 4 years.

    wow! How do you keep track of all the games? I mean did it happened that you made a game then realized that you had made it already?
  7. Loading times feedback

    on my chrome/windows 10 the page stalls at loading, the console outputs the error : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'cookie_warning' of undefined at DDxDYei1LMMMLngFgoEGf7pSmkgWjs (d.js:14) it"s because it"s a "more secure" version of chrome where cookies and such are blocked, maybe your friend has the same settings or a privacy plugin, tell him to F12 and tell what the console outputs or what the network tab tells.
  8. Phaser 3 Beta 4 Released

    the problem remains the same, i'm not sure it"s worth worrying though, that phone is old and phaserCE works ok with it.
  9. Phaser 3 Beta 4 Released

    yeah, twas faster to add .min to the filename, lazy me so further i traced upto the loading process of the images wich return CONST.FILE_ERRORED in the logs (i uncommented the logs in phaser.js and added a few) all is good until we reach : var ImageFile = new Class({ Extends: File, initialize: function ImageFile (key, url, path, xhrSettings, config) { //// cut for clarity }, onProcess: function (callback) { this.state = CONST.FILE_PROCESSING; console.log('CONST.FILE_PROCESSING'); ////////////////////// ok it logs = new Image(); = this.crossOrigin; var _this = this; = function () /////////////////////// we never go in { console.log('data onload begin'); /////////////////////// we never go here URL.revokeObjectURL(; _this.onComplete(); callback(_this); }; = function (){ //// cut for clarity //////////////////// logs ok }; console.log('endof CONST.FILE_PROCESSING'); //////////////////// logs ok = URL.createObjectURL(this.xhrLoader.response); } });
  10. Phaser 3 Beta 4 Released

    better but another (similar) problem with the set function maybe : the baseloader exits at : processLoadQueue: function () { console.log('======== BaseLoader processLoadQueue'); console.log('List size', this.list.size); console.log(this.inflight.size, 'items still in flight. Can load another', (this.maxParallelDownloads - this.inflight.size)); var _this = this; //////////////////// up to here it"s ok this.list.each(function (file) ///////////////////// This part is not evaluated { //cut for clarity }); the function exits and the console outputs : PlayGame - BaseLoader start. Files to load: 2 phaser.min.js:41986 ======== BaseLoader updateProgress phaser.min.js:41991 ======== BaseLoader processLoadQueue phaser.min.js:41992 List size 2 phaser.min.js:41993 0 "items still in flight. Can load another" 4 phaser.min.js:42135 PlayGame - Loader Complete. Loaded: 0 Failed: 2 so the app works but does not display the bitmaps
  11. Phaser 3 Beta 4 Released

    if you have a unminified build, i prefer since i have not the phaser dev installed.
  12. Phaser 3 Beta 4 Released

    ok, after further investigation the problem is in : phaser.js var Game = new Class({ initialize: function Game (config) { this.config = new Config(config); this.renderer = null; this.canvas = null; this.context = null; this.isBooted = false; this.isRunning = false; = new EventDispatcher(); this.anims = new AnimationManager(this); this.textures = new TextureManager(this); //this.cache = new GlobalCache(this); if you remove this line, it (almost) works. the init completes, you have the console.log that prints the good version of phaser (3.0.0 - canvas) and it runs but in the console you now have default - BaseLoader start. Files to load: 1 project.bundle.js:29649 Fallback TODO project.bundle.js:40729 default - Loader Complete. Loaded: 0 Failed: 1 and the bouncing logo bounces but displays a green transparent square made of two triangles, clearly the bitmap has not been loaded! ;)
  13. Phaser 3 Beta 4 Released

    of course, it is set to CANVAS, it just don't go to the init phase at all : var config = { type: Phaser.CANVAS, width: 320, height: 480 }; window.onload = function(){ console.log("onload"); game = new Phaser.Game(config); console.log("created"); } normal console ouput : onload phaser version x.y.z type ; canvas or webgl with fancy colors created my output : onload when i trace it steps in up to Phaser.Cache.BaseCache then pops out
  14. Greeble, a #js13k entry

    @Rybar, congrats for js13k2017!!!! i rechecked your game yesterday after the publishing of the results and found that this time it worked and i found the problem (on my computer at least) : at the beginning sometimes you get stuck in the pile of debris and you can't move right to roll to the next screen and find fuel hence game over. I eventually jumped out the garbage and reach the same fate as @Nagval333 plus i can almost endlessly fall through dozens of empty screens.