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  1. totor

    Panda 2 Roadmap

    @enpu, not easily readable in a well lit office. black text on white background, readable orange or white text on black background, readable light blue or thin red text on black bagckround, not easily readable by daylight, maybe ok at night or in the dark though.
  2. totor

    Footballers image

    No you can't. without some sort of problems. you must ask permissions.
  3. totor

    Panda 2 Roadmap

    light blue text on dark background might not be the best choice for your features (otherwise excellent) page. ;)
  4. totor

    Stock Car Hero

    congrats, that fixed it! the report says v1.0.62 31fps 0.64-700 i got the nice sensation of speed, the visual effects of the boost is very effective and you get all the sensations and feelings of the arcade drive, nice job.
  5. totor

    Stock Car Hero

    unfortunately the game runs a 5 fps on my (old) laptop when grandPrixHero runs at 30 fps. What did you change in your engine?
  6. totor

    An interactive novel?

    if you search the forum, some have made a tool for visual novel based on phaser, maybe you can build from there.
  7. totor

    C# port of Phaser for desktop games

    @PsichiX, you know of Phaser games running on consoles?
  8. totor

    [Phaser] Lost in Jungle

    is the starting position always winnable or is it pure random?
  9. totor

    small games

    quite challenging games!
  10. totor

    Planet Of Kaz

    maybe you should add arrow keys control then, from the tutorial the way to control the little guy with keys is not obvious on desktop since it displays only the mobile control (the icons to click). The loading time is a bit long too, 40 Mb is a bit much i"d say.
  11. totor

    Planet Of Kaz

    is the game playable on desktop, it seems the little guy does not move when using arrow keys?
  12. totor

    500 HTML5 games in 4 years.

    wow! How do you keep track of all the games? I mean did it happened that you made a game then realized that you had made it already?
  13. totor

    Loading times feedback

    on my chrome/windows 10 the page stalls at loading, the console outputs the error : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'cookie_warning' of undefined at DDxDYei1LMMMLngFgoEGf7pSmkgWjs (d.js:14) it"s because it"s a "more secure" version of chrome where cookies and such are blocked, maybe your friend has the same settings or a privacy plugin, tell him to F12 and tell what the console outputs or what the network tab tells.
  14. totor

    Phaser 3 Beta 4 Released

    the problem remains the same, i'm not sure it"s worth worrying though, that phone is old and phaserCE works ok with it.