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  1. Thanks for all your valuable feedback! We updated the game and made it available at Have fun testing the new version :-) ...and happy easter ;-)
  2. Hi all, NeoBird already produced some HTML-5 games exclusively for a major publisher. We also have a more complex HTML-5 game in the works (signed by a another publisher as well). With Monster Smack we are aiming to sell/license this one on our own. Here is the tagline: "With cool grafics, one-tap Arcade-style gameplay and lot´s of „Meow“, Monster Smack is going to keep your audience engaged and your ads deliverd." I will spare you the rest of the marketing-ballyhoo, the game itself is fairly self-explanatory Please play Monster Smack and throw in your feedback! As you all know: Encouraging the dev team is priceless. The game rests on our dev-server: State of completion is 80% with iOS and PC already in good shape (please play those), Android is still in the works. In case you are looking for addtional game-information please go to: If you would like to know who those NeoBirds are please go here: And finally: Those interested in licensing Monster Smack please turn to me directly. Even though it carries "Monster" in it´s title the pricing is fairly reasonable ;-) Best regards from Nuremberg / Germany Florian Skype: florian.brich
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    Hi Raiper34, thanks for this helpful lead. *thumbsup* Best regards Florian
  4. Hi Chris, You mentioned a buyer that is especially keen on games developed with HaXe - As this is exactly what we do could you either connect me with him or give me some advice how to make him aware of our company. As a backgrounder: Until the end of last year the members of our studio - - have been part of a company that was a wholly owned subsidiary of a major game publisher/portal owner from the Netherlands. By that time our focus was on realtime multiplayer flashgame development. We have moved on to mobile / cross-platform games from there under our new NeoBird wings. Best regards Florian