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  1. I agree. They could at least enforce the verification only after the individual verification get working, or better, only a month after individual verification release to give a time for devs.
  2. Reborned

    Can't add payment info to my Instant Game

    Had this problem here too. It looks like they have a black-list of regions. Try registering a new payment account using another country.
  3. Reborned

    HTML5 Game Portals

    Very useful article, thanks! I will try those portals when I get my own HTML5 games portal working.
  4. Reborned

    2D artist for hire (10usd/h)

    Great work. Do you have more animation samples to show? How many hours do you spend to make a running character animation with about 10 frames?
  5. Reborned

    Current state of HTML5 game development in 2016

    Aside from IAP that Apple Pay and Google Pay could bring. The thing that I most miss in HTML5 is rewarded video ads. This would have very very potential.
  6. Reborned

    Let's Make HTML5 Games Great Again!

    I think HTML5 gaming is just borning yet. Since Flash will finnaly die soon, I think the correct phrase would be 'Let's Make Web Games Great Again! (with HTML5)'
  7. Reborned

    Artist Portfolio Discussion

    Very interesting idea! Also a mockup would showcase almost all game graphics (characters, backgrounds, UI, etc) in one shoot.
  8. Reborned

    Can I still get payed if my business isn't registered

    The only time that I wasn't able to deal with a client for not having a registered business, is one with a client from the same country as me (Brazil). Never had problems with foreign clients.
  9. Reborned

    HTML5 Income Report - December 2016 ($5,165 profit)

    Your income reports are aways a motivation. Thanks. Btw I would not consider your 30k funding as a income. Your recent focus on multiplayer games is a self-publishing project or there is a new demand for HTML5 multiplayer games from your clients?
  10. Tried with chrome, firefox and IE. Also cleaned the cache. Same problem in all browsers. I'm really afraid to make the game and does not get the features working until the deadline.
  11. Same thing here. I need support for issues with the C2 plugin, but i can't login.
  12. Reborned

    GM Studio and the Holaverse SDK

    Taking advantage from the topic. I would like to know, anyone managed to integrate Holaverse SDK in Construct 2?
  13. Reborned

    Little Big Runners

    This is my entry for the IGMC 2015. I sent this game a month ago at the end of the deadline. The theme for the contest is GROWTH. You can see that i used the theme as a central mechanic in this game. Contest entry: After that i made some polishing (but the version on the contest page was not updated because its against their rules) You can play the most recent version here: Little Big Runners is a endless runner arcade game with a twist. You are in the monster land and are being chased by a big monster. As if it was not enough, you will have several obstacles on your way, like little monsters, boxes and spikes. Run for your life! The game central mechanic is the ability to grow and shrink. So you have to toggle between the little and big form to pass through the obstacles. HOW TO PLAY: Desktop: SPACE -> JUMP SPACE when the character is on the air and on the little shape -> DOUBLE JUMP CTRL -> TOGGLE SIZE Mobile: Touch left side of screen -> JUMP Touch right side of screen when the character is on the air and on the little shape -> DOUBLE JUMP Touch right side of screen -> TOGGLE SIZE When you are in the little shape, you run faster, jump higher and can perform double jumps. If you collide with a monster, you will die. When you are in the big shape, you run slower, jump lower, and can't perform double jumps. On this shape, you can kill the little monsters colliding with them. Also you can break the boxes. Be careful to not let the Big Monster reach to you!
  14. Reborned

    [Phaser][WIP]Frauki's Adventure!

    Loved the gameplay! Hope you find a good pixel artist to finish this game