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  1. Hi... two examples: a web page with slider and tween efects: http://test-verdeoriginal.appspot.com/ a mini game demo (keys: left or A, right or D to walk, and Shift to Run): http://test-verdeoriginal.appspot.com/game/index.html Greetings and thanks for the framework
  2. Thanks rolnaaba, we want to develop a soccer game for the 2014 World Cup, will notify the advances in the forum ... Greetings and thanks for the framework
  3. Hi, i used pixi js & buzz js to create a viewer for javaCup... this is an example. The tournament 2012: http://javacup.javahispano.org/torneo.jsp?torneo=2012 The tournament 2013: http://javacup.javahispano.org/torneo.jsp?torneo=2013 Greetings
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    Set FPS

    Thanks rolnaaba. I try setTimeOut
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    Set FPS

    Hi, first thank for this excellent framework, I used it to implement a zoom in http://deco-artesanos.appspot.com/piedra.html. Now I want to use it to develop a match viewer for http://javacup.javahispano.org. My query is: can i set fps to a constant value such as 30 fps? Greetings and sorry by my english (i use google translate)