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  1. Hi, I am here to show my project I am ready to discuss the type of license (Exclusive, Primary, None-Exclusive) Rapid Basket Rabbit Platformer with instant moving. The idea of a platformer is simple. The player can not move independently, but with the help of teleportation. Hero throws an egg, then instantly moved to a place where it is located. Goal is to pass the level from the beginning to the end, collecting bonuses in the form of carrots Play online demo
  2. Zaksoid

    Woodcutter Chuck

    Woodcutter Chuck Arcade, Timberman clone (parody) Construct 2 + CocoonJS Fill yourself as a cool timberman! Let fill yourself as a Chuck. Show us what can you do. Or you haven’t got an ax. Use your hands and legs! Chop the wood as quick as possible! Store up the biggest stack don’t let to enemy branches to flag the spirits! Google play