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  1. Find h5 game developer job

    I just heart layair and fairyGUI today. Awesome tools. Does these two tools supports ad networks? How about inapp purchases?
  2. WildCowboy

    Nicely done. Will download the android game. What compiler did you use to package it to apk?
  3. Thanks to both of you. Used the Winrar program. I found some errors when I used the dev app.
  4. Hi I have a zip file that I tested on cocoon dev launcher and is working fine but not after compiling on the cloud. Any ideas thanks
  5. Works great. Thanks @samid737. Also I have found a solution that when the mouse pointer hits the map, will remove the mouse constraint.
  6. Hi, I need help to resolve the overlapping of 2 physics object. So I have this ant that I want to drag then it must not overlap with the map(maze) here's the example:!/#%2F Edit* as you can see the ant can overlap with the map. Try to use keyboard arrows and it will not. Only when the ant is dragged. 'use strict'; Game.GameArea = { player: null, maps: null, mouseBody:null, mouseConstraint: null, create: function () {; var level1 = [ ['layer6', 0, 0, 0], ['layer7', 393, 0, 0], ['layer8', 361, 239, 0], ['layer4', 0, 296, 0], ['layer3', 134, 242, 0], ['layer2', 296, 110, 0], ]; var antCollisionGroup =; var mapCollisionGroup =;; this.maps = []; for (var i = level1.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) { var xpos = level1[i][1]; var ypos = level1[i][2] var map =, ypos, level1[i][0]);; map.body.x += map.width / 2; map.body.y += map.height / 2; map.body.kinematic = true; //map is static map.body.clearShapes(); //Remove standard Bounding Box map.body.loadPolygon('collisions', level1[i][0]); this.maps.push(map); } //, , /*Adding ant*/ var antInfo = { xPos: 117, yPos: 163, rotation: 119.9998779296875 } this.player = new ant(, antInfo.xPos, antInfo.yPos, antInfo.rotation); for(var m = 0; m < this.maps.length; m++){ var map = this.maps[m]; //set collision group map.body.setCollisionGroup(mapCollisionGroup); //set collision map.body.collides([mapCollisionGroup, antCollisionGroup]); } this.player.ant.body.setCollisionGroup(antCollisionGroup); this.player.ant.body.collides([antCollisionGroup, mapCollisionGroup]); //ENABLE DRAG this.mouseBody = new p2.Body();;, this);, this);, this); }, update: function () { this.player.update(); }, click: function (pointer) { var bodies =, [this.player.ant.body]); // p2 uses different coordinate system, so convert the pointer position to p2's coordinate system var physicsPos = [,]; if (bodies.length) { var clickedBody = bodies[0]; var localPointInBody = [0, 0]; // this function takes physicsPos and coverts it to the body's local coordinate system clickedBody.toLocalFrame(localPointInBody, physicsPos); // use a revoluteContraint to attach mouseBody to the clicked body this.mouseConstraint =, [0, 0], clickedBody, [[0]),[1])]); } }, release: function () {; }, move: function (pointer) { // p2 uses different coordinate system, so convert the pointer position to p2's coordinate system this.mouseBody.position[0] =; this.mouseBody.position[1] =; } // };
  7. Hi this is my demo for bitmap drawing. But my problem is it is pixelated. Please help me to get it smooth. Sample image below. thanks in advance.
  8. Sorry needs up up for client. Thanks! I just back with Phaser 2 years ago
  9. I don't understand why I get this error TypeError: Failed to execute 'drawImage' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D I attached the json file of my map. Below is my script map ='map'); layer = map.createLayer('Maze Pattern'); //Background Maze map.createLayer('background'); map.addTilesetImage('background', 'background'); //sign map.createFromObjects('Object Layer 1', 488, 'sydney', 0, true, false); map.createFromObjects('Object Layer 1', 487, 'orange', 0, true, false); //visible map for pattern only map1 ='map'); map1.addTilesetImage('roadFinal', 'roadFinal', 32, 32); layer1 = map1.createLayer('Maze Level 1'); And below is my preload'map', ASSETS_IMAGE_URL+'maze/level1.json', null, Phaser.Tilemap.TILED_JSON); Thanks in advance. I don't have an error in Phaser 2.0 level1.json
  10. Hi Rich,


    I'd like to ask for your help with finding a sponsor for the game linked below. I believe you have so many clients like bbc, so maybe you could help me with this game. This game was made 2 years ago.




  11. I want to set the bounding box of text. Thanks!