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  1. playh5

    [Phaser] Crossword Scape

    Thanks @Kaffesumpen me either I don't read descriptions. Will do an onscreen instruction on the next update
  2. playh5

    [Phaser] Crossword Scape

    Thank you @toraleca
  3. playh5

    [Phaser] Crossword Scape

    Hi guys! Thanks for the reviews. It should be fixed now. Error is caused by obfuscation method. @onlycape It should be fixed now. Thank you.
  4. playh5

    [Phaser] Crossword Scape

    After more than six months of developing after my regular day job, I am releasing my html5 game that is like wordscapes. Originally my inspiration is Word Cookies and then while my game is in dev't I noticed that Wordscapes is getting popular. Oh wow! I was late. Anyway below is the link and descriptions. Game link Android Think, search drag and connect all the letters to form a word. A collection of thousands of words developed into hundreds even a thousand puzzles, you will never leave the game. Crossword connect has selected thousands of words and handpicked to make it more challenging. The words are not picked by an AI to make every puzzle word easy but challenging to play. Play this classic word connect crossword game to exercise your brain and improve your spelling. Just connect each letters to form a word. If a word is on the list of anagram and is a puzzle, the word will be revealed. Use hint button on the right side if you got stuck and will cost you a coin. You will get coins when you finish each level. The features of the game are: * Daily bonus - The player will always have bonus coins once everyday so they can always use the reveal a letter help button * Extra words - An extra word is equivalent to one star. The player will have an extra coin if they get 40 coins * Shuffle Hint Letters * Reveal a letter - The player can reveal a letter in exchange of coins * 700 + levels - Excellent for player retention * Handpicked words - not generated by AI * Full screen on different screen resolution * Sound effects and Music mute button * Relaxing non-destructive music
  5. playh5

    Find h5 game developer job

    I just heart layair and fairyGUI today. Awesome tools. Does these two tools supports ad networks? How about inapp purchases?
  6. playh5


    Nicely done. Will download the android game. What compiler did you use to package it to apk?
  7. Thanks to both of you. Used the Winrar program. I found some errors when I used the dev app.
  8. Hi I have a zip file that I tested on cocoon dev launcher and is working fine but not after compiling on the cloud. Any ideas thanks
  9. Works great. Thanks @samid737. Also I have found a solution that when the mouse pointer hits the map, will remove the mouse constraint.
  10. Hi, I need help to resolve the overlapping of 2 physics object. So I have this ant that I want to drag then it must not overlap with the map(maze) here's the example:!/#%2F Edit* as you can see the ant can overlap with the map. Try to use keyboard arrows and it will not. Only when the ant is dragged. 'use strict'; Game.GameArea = { player: null, maps: null, mouseBody:null, mouseConstraint: null, create: function () {; var level1 = [ ['layer6', 0, 0, 0], ['layer7', 393, 0, 0], ['layer8', 361, 239, 0], ['layer4', 0, 296, 0], ['layer3', 134, 242, 0], ['layer2', 296, 110, 0], ]; var antCollisionGroup =; var mapCollisionGroup =;; this.maps = []; for (var i = level1.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) { var xpos = level1[i][1]; var ypos = level1[i][2] var map =, ypos, level1[i][0]);; map.body.x += map.width / 2; map.body.y += map.height / 2; map.body.kinematic = true; //map is static map.body.clearShapes(); //Remove standard Bounding Box map.body.loadPolygon('collisions', level1[i][0]); this.maps.push(map); } //, , /*Adding ant*/ var antInfo = { xPos: 117, yPos: 163, rotation: 119.9998779296875 } this.player = new ant(, antInfo.xPos, antInfo.yPos, antInfo.rotation); for(var m = 0; m < this.maps.length; m++){ var map = this.maps[m]; //set collision group map.body.setCollisionGroup(mapCollisionGroup); //set collision map.body.collides([mapCollisionGroup, antCollisionGroup]); } this.player.ant.body.setCollisionGroup(antCollisionGroup); this.player.ant.body.collides([antCollisionGroup, mapCollisionGroup]); //ENABLE DRAG this.mouseBody = new p2.Body();;, this);, this);, this); }, update: function () { this.player.update(); }, click: function (pointer) { var bodies =, [this.player.ant.body]); // p2 uses different coordinate system, so convert the pointer position to p2's coordinate system var physicsPos = [,]; if (bodies.length) { var clickedBody = bodies[0]; var localPointInBody = [0, 0]; // this function takes physicsPos and coverts it to the body's local coordinate system clickedBody.toLocalFrame(localPointInBody, physicsPos); // use a revoluteContraint to attach mouseBody to the clicked body this.mouseConstraint =, [0, 0], clickedBody, [[0]),[1])]); } }, release: function () {; }, move: function (pointer) { // p2 uses different coordinate system, so convert the pointer position to p2's coordinate system this.mouseBody.position[0] =; this.mouseBody.position[1] =; } // };
  11. Hi this is my demo for bitmap drawing. But my problem is it is pixelated. Please help me to get it smooth. Sample image below. thanks in advance.