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  1. Award winning digital creative agency specializing in multi-platform branding solutions. A leader in creativity and technology, the 9 year old company has developed a roster of top clients, including Adobe, Electronic Arts, HP, Mattel, Marvel, Microsoft, Sony Pictures, Universal, Warner Bros. and more.We are currently seeking a game developer experienced with developing match three game logic using Javascript in HTML5 Canvas. - Must be LA-based on-site only; no recruiters or staffing agencies- Must have a passion for technology and development with a dedication and desire of perfection- Experience with software development life-cycle including design and implementation, unit testing, and production deployment- Must have strong verbal and written communication skills- Must be detail-oriented and self-motivated- Good communicator with willingness to ask questions and be part of a team Minimum Requirements:- Skilled in HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript- Knowledge of development for mobile devices and HTML5 compatible browsers- Must have deep experience creating games for HTML5 Canvas- Needs to be comfortable with creating game logic relevant to a "Match 3" game- Needs to be comfortable with basic MVC frameworks Responsibilities:- Will be building a game framework/level manager to hold all game worlds/levels (built as component that can be plugged into a larger site framework)- Will be building a scorekeeper, power-up management, etc- Will be responsible for game logic for each level (unique gameplay characteristics for each level, power-ups, etc)
  2. mkureth

    Shaders with THREE.JS - What's the best approach?

    This is really cool! I have been following three.js for some time now. Looking forward to seeing where it is headed.