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  1. Use 'html5gamedevscom' code on http://onGameStart.com and get 15% tickets discount for your favorite HTML5 Game Conference!

  2. Thanks blackmoon & end3r. If anyone is interested in discount tickets, you can use special code for this forum members - 'html5gamedevscom' and get 15% off the ticket price. See you in September!
  3. Are there any html5 card game engines? Or at least open source html5 card game?
  4. I hope I'll be able to launch the site today/tomorrow, with first speakers announced. I'm still talking to some special guests but so far I don't think we will have one this year :/.
  5. Yes, it was. Andreas Røsdal, the guy behind the project, was invited to onGameStart in 2011 to present it, but about a week or two before the event he wrote me that they need to close FreeCiv because of some legal issues.
  6. From Bushido Games: http://bushidoit.com/2013/03/what-type-of-mobile-html5-game-may-work-out-well-for-developer/
  7. "HTML5 is quickly gaining popularity on the web. Everyday we see more games developed using HTML5 and JavaScript and web users just love to play these. Even with simple but attractive game you can get thousands of hits. With all major tech giants out there declaring internet browser support for HTML5 we are giving you best 10 HTML5 game development tutorials we found on the web." Full article: http://www.enfew.com/top-10-must-read-html5-game-development-tutorials/
  8. My Mibbu frameworks is there, but pls don't even try to use it, it's not maintained for more than 2 years for now.
  9. We will start with the new onGameStart 2013 site in April, I can put the forum as one of the sponsors or press partners.
  10. Oh, I didn't realized that it's a repost. Two weeks of vacation and I don't know what's going on in the industry .
  11. From the last PlayCanvas bulletin:
  12. "Lugdunon is a 2d multiplayer RPG / sandbox game that is reminiscent of the 16 bit console era. Lugdunon runs within your web browser, so there is no need to download a client. Lugdunon can also be played 'on the go' on mobile devices such as iPads and Android tablets. Players can engage in combat with each other or with NPCs, craft and trade items, empower their character with the advancement system, place and decorate in-game signs using the full-featured sign editor, and more! However, what is really interesting about Lugdunon is the ability to take the game and truly make it your own. With powerful in-game editors available to players who have been designated 'Game Masters' and the ability to run your own server, the sky is the limit! Currently, from within the game itself, Game Masters can create new crafting recipes, add and edit NPCs, paint the landscape using up to 16 terrain layers, raise and lower elevation to create cliffs and chasms, place items, and edit NPC spawn points." http://lugdunon.net/
  13. "Playtin is a free web platform for everyone who loves to play microgames and who wishes to create their own. A lot of people like to play browser games, but if it comes to create your own one, coding skills are required. Playtin wants to support creative people to bring their game ideas to life and to their friends, with simplicity and without writing a single line of code. Playtin’s microgames are really simple and last between 5 and 30 seconds. You only need your mouse to play. The platform offers two tools: a paint tool, with which users can paint animated game objects and backgrounds; and an editor, which brings the graphics to life. With simple IF-THEN logic and a step-by-step guide, it becomes really easy to add behavior to your game. After a game has been published, users can play it, rate it, comment it and share it on social networks. For making the start as easy as possible, you can look at how other games are built and use graphics of other users. " http://www.playtin.com/
  14. Oh, my bad. I saw your tweet and thought that you've just posted it .