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  1. melaugui

    Grid of the sea level ?

    Agree, Temechon "CreateGround" solution should be better for GPU usage (no texture), but I'm not sure how to customize wireframe grid, if needed... And compararison should be interesting
  2. melaugui

    Grid of the sea level ?

    Hi, To complete this question, if you want to customize your grid, I have made something similar in another way for my game ( The mesh is only a big single plane (BABYLON.Mesh.CreatePlane), but with a square alpha material which is repeated with uScale/vScale properties, like this : (black could be transparent for your need) once repeated, you've got your grid
  3. melaugui

    move forward and rotation

    Yep, best solution here, because of cosinus/sinus, your tank is always moving at the same speed (when cos increases, sin decreases) Don't hesitate to see my exemple here :
  4. melaugui

    camera position ?

    Hi, Did you try "camera.position" ? It gives you a Vector3 position of the camera.
  5. melaugui

    Skybox - edge show

    tested on W8 > Chrome, FF, IE11 > nothing wrong...
  6. Hi, And pay attention if you want to move your mesh in the render loop, be sure to check if your "singe" is loaded by: if (scene.isReady()){ //move singe}or to check this mesh only : if (singe){ ..//move.. }