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  1. Empty screenshot

    It's fixed... The documentation class parser is really outdated and should be updated. It's currently deploying, give it few minutes and it will be ok. Thank you !
  2. Clamp Player movement

    It's hard to understant your code without any live example, but I'll take a shot Can you try something like this ? if (player.moveRight && player.position.x <= 42) { player.position.x += 1; } if (player.moveLeft && player.position.x >= -42) { player.position.x -= 1; } if (player.position.x >= 42) { player.position.x = 42; } if (player.position.x <= -42) { player.position.x = -42; }
  3. Playground editor cursor mis-aligned in Chrome

    Hi @gzlock, this PR adds a toggle to display/hide the minimap : https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/pull/3185
  4. I don't think keyframes easing are supported in the current version of exporter :/
  5. Babylon exporter for Maya ?

    It will have PBR material support. And gltf format
  6. DebugLayer warnings freeze the scene

    Thank you ! It's fixed here: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/pull/3185
  7. Scaling Uploaded OBJ mesh

    Raanan is always the fastest, from myexperience at least
  8. Three.js or Babylon.js for room design

    @max123 Hey thank you for your feedback Max, it's always appreciated to have constructive comments. About the inspector, maybe I can help ? Indeed, the inspector is HTML/CSS based and I have to say it's a real pain in the ass to create a side panel But you can create a div and ask the inspector to be created in this specific div (described here: http://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/debug_layer) Let me know if you need anything, even new features
  9. Hi @mr_pinc, can you send us (me or noalak) your 3DSMax file and your textures please ? Thanks !
  10. Three.js or Babylon.js for room design

    Babylon.js too, everything you need is already there (drag and drop, file import...). I'm also clearly biased
  11. Rim Effect

    I have this force field custom shader in my favorite, I worked on it long time ago: http://cyos.babylonjs.com/#15MS95 Hope it can help!
  12. New Structure to Documentation

    @Arte it's totally related, the 'tutorial' subcategory has been reworked into 'How To'
  13. Reset Ball after Falling Down

    The attribute is not read-only, but if you set it it will be used INSTEAD OF the 'rotation' attribute to compute the mesh rotation. Wingnut is right, you don't reset the rotation of your physical body when resetting the player. In OIMO, there is a method called 'resetRotation'. Could you try this : this.body.resetRotation(0,0,0);
  14. debugLayer - Uncaught TypeError

    Hi @ceedee, What browser are you using ?
  15. why does face flip occur?

    Hello @lingkernyurk., It seems your OBJ file don't have the correct normals for the door. I downloaded your OBJ and opened it with 3DSMax, here is what I can see : See the dark red color ? It indicates the normals are flipped. It's the same for the other part of the door (you can compare with the lighter red on the house) : For me it doesn't look as a bug. One way to disable it Babylon side would be to set the corresponding material like this: scene.getMaterialByName('JoinedMaterial__3').backFaceCulling = false;