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  1. It can be useful to debug though, as you can see mesh names in the debugger. Great weekend to you too buddy
  2. Hello Pierre, There is no usage internally but scene.getMeshByName (same for getXXXByName).
  3. Eh, my mistake here Sorry dude, I'll post a new screenshot in few minutes Here we are :
  4. New feature (PR waiting for approval) : Console tab ! With this new tab, you can have access to console output and Babylon logs (used with BABYLON.Tools.Log).
  5. You can add the image in the repo, no problem. Just place it in https://github.com/BabylonJS/Documentation/tree/master/public/img and reference it like this : src="img/..."
  6. You cannot, as described here: http://doc.babylonjs.com/exporters/3DSMax
  7. Hello, Keep in mind webgl has a limited context and memory... I'm not sure you can load a model of 500Mb all at once without doing any optimization.
  8. OpenCV sure is scary!
  9. Try updating line 22 (parameters x/y) : http://babylonjs-playground.com/#1N9RJY#78
  10. I just read about it yesterday, and I think there is something to do with Babylonjs.
  11. Because in Babylon, you have one vertice for each normal, so you'll have 3 vertices by 3D point in bjs, and only 1 vertice by 3D point in 3DSMax. For a cube, it's 24 vertices in bjs (8 * 3) and 8 in max (8 * 1)
  12. To complete DK answer : scene.dispose(); engine.dispose();
  13. bGUI is not supported anymore, as it was a side project. You'll have to use the MUCH better canvas2D that is now integrated into the main repository. Sorry for the convenience...
  14. lol