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  1. To make dense grass like on your image, can be use fureMaterial and add a grass texture. You can also use sprites to create taller grass variants. For flowers, you can do it with low poly 3d models or sprites. For the reflection, you have lens-flare. Fog can be easily added with Babylon. Babylon can allow you to do this kind of scene with a little bit of optimization. But for the grass I recommend using FureMaterial which will give a realistic effect Do not need to merge objects that have the same materials to optimize. Using instances, clone can also help optimize your scene
  2. API Documentation

    I've been talking about this for a long time that the class documentation should have some small examples of using the functions and maybe some properties. One can like the docs of Unity (I also like the doc of PHP which is very community). I think if we had documentation like that, it would help a lot. Myself when I go in the doc I do not really know what I'm looking for sometimes and the functions that I see just tell me their signature, see a small description, but not in what case the used with concrete example or link to the playground for example. Maybe it would take a document that can be edited easily to add pieces of code to explain the functions as and when. It would also be useful to have links with 'See also' in functions when there is another function relevant to the one we are looking for. For example Vector3 => see also Vector2 ... It is a very big work to realize but will make the documentation more informative. Just ideas.
  3. Tables in the documentation

    I notice some little gap in the tables. For example in the class Scene: everything about Pick(), pickSprite(), pickWithRay(), multiPick(), multiPickWithRay(). The tables are badly shaped with offsets. they are not understandable. I do not look in all classes, but for the Scene class it seems to be right at these places.
  4. occlusionType not work in Firefox

    I confirm, it works now with version 59. So they have to correct. He could have told us that he took charge of the problem. The bug is still considered open and not confirm on bugzilla.
  5. SceneLoader.Load Filename

    You can use the metadata for this. scene.metadata = {fileName: '***'}; And get name : scene.metadata.fileName;
  6. occlusionType not work in Firefox

    It was you who made this bug here But he seems at a standstill. It is not confirm.
  7. Animation weights

    It looks cool, I'll test that soon. So we can made walk a character and play a second animation of shooting for example? Thank you Dk for that.
  8. occlusionType not work in Firefox

    This bug is still at the same point and still not confirm. I think he does not take it into account. Should disable occlusion for Firefox in my opinion because this bug will last very long I imagine
  9. I mean, I had it installed in my 3ds max. so we can delete it locally?
  10. Ok, so we can remove it right now to wait for the next one.
  11. [waterMaterial] Level water up or down

    I did the PR for this fix
  12. [waterMaterial] Level water up or down

    Yes, Are you going to make a PR for this correction?
  13. [waterMaterial] Level water up or down

    Your change in the shader here works for me. Can be your cache that makes you think it was not working. The water is at 0, 0, 0 and does not up and does not down.
  14. I noticed two bug with the waterMaterial. Place a field at 0, 0, 0 and an object above this field. Then add water some time later. You will see that the terrain is climbing 1.0 on the y axis. It is no longer 0, 0, 0 A second problem is that if you now observe the object, the water drops gently on this PG. On my project, it is the opposite the object is gradually found under water, so the ground goes up very very slowly. You have to wait a minute to fully see the problem. The water moves up or down and it's very subtle but after a while, a boat can be completely underwater or completely overhead.
  15. Hello, @Deltakosh I noticed that in the 3ds max export there was no more BabylonActionsBuilder. I wondered why? must we remove it? Thank you