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  1. @dbawel You can also add onselectstart : <body onselectstart="return false" oncontextmenu="return false"> The semicolons after false is not useful. It can also be done with javascript in addition. document.oncontextmenu = function() { return false };
  2. I sent you a PM. I do not know if you saw it ?
  3. Ok, I'm starting to understand better now. Thank you.
  4. What is Hiro? what is the difference between arkit and arwebkit? what should be configured in arkit? Sorry for questions, I really like this technology, but I start completely with AR. I look forward to finding a tutorial detailing with a documentation to use this. PS: My phone and my tablet are on android, is this compatible Thanks again aFaclon for your time.
  5. I think that's what I'm interested in. exemple :
  6. Thank you for all the information. I will try to experiment soon. I'll wait for a tutorial on how to proceed. I'm not sure to understand arwebkit? What is it used for? is this an additional bookstore. Babylon.js and AR.js are not enough? I did not understand the marker to print, is that necessary. I have seen videos where there is no use of marker print. I think these are questions that many can ask. Thanks aFalcon
  7. Is there a tutorial and documentation to use AR? How does it work in practice? Do you need a tablet, a Iphone, PC ? how to view the results? I have a project using this technology, but I do not understand how does it work. Thank you
  8. [Solved] GUI error

    Could you make a PG to see this error ?
  9. WebGL water

    Sorry, I do not know Mythros
  10. Try this : // Get the canvas element from our HTML below var canvas = document.getElementById("renderCanvas"); // Load the BABYLON 3D engine var engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true); // ------------------------------------------------------------- engine.enableOfflineSupport = false; var scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine); BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append("js/", "babilon_blender.babylon", scene, function(newScene){ scene = newScene; scene.executeWhenReady(function(){ scene.activeCamera.attachControl(canvas); engine.runRenderLoop(function(){ scene.render(); }); }); });
  11. Solid Particle system questions

    Okay, I'll try this. Thank you Jerome.
  12. Solid Particle system questions

    I'm not sure how to add custom properties. Do you have an example with particle.direction1 and particle.direction2? It's just to understand how it works. Thank you
  13. Hello, I have several questions about SPS @jerome. I would like to build a solid particle editor. Perhaps I am wrong, but I feel that there are some possibilities missing. - The particle.direction2 and particle.direction2 of the particles. (is it particle.velocity ???) - their lifespan (particle.minLifeTime, particle.maxLifeTime) - something like particle.manualEmitCount - their colors just before it dies particle.colorDead - minEmitPower and minEmitPower - SPS.Stop() or SPS.Pause() and SPS.Play() I would like to be able to redo as for the 2d particle but using Solid Particle (SPS) Thank you for your help.
  14. interface html

    To interact with the scene you must use Javascript. The html is not dynamic, it just allows to draw form or web interface. Perhaps CastorGUI might interest you: