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  1. Dad72

    Serialize mesh with actions

    In fact I do not need to serialize the actions. I use them just to have a hover point on the meshes. So, perfect if the crash is fixed. Thank you Sebavan
  2. Dad72

    Serialize mesh with actions

    Lorsque je sérialise un objet qui a des actions, j'ai une erreur avec le maillage :
  3. I think my scene has increased between 3.2 and 3.3 which makes me think that. and I did not use labels yet Ok, but the fall of FPS is pretty huge I think, no ? What is the way to optimize this? Arf, that's not the subject of the post, I thought it was bind, but no.
  4. In fact, I think it's because of the GUI label that I create when there are some numbers. When we have some objects, as well as GUI tags, this is where it starts to degrade many FPSs. Try to move the camera, zoom in and out. If you stop the camera, it goes back to 60 FPS
  5. @Deltakosh, I noticed since the version 3.3, when one moves the camera (free or rotate ...) the FTP moves enormously between 50 and 60 FPS. It is enough that I move a small millimeter so that the FPS goes from 60 to 51, 52 FPS. IF I do not move the camera, I stay at 60 FPS. When I move the camera for a long time, the FPS can put down <= 40 (-20 FPS just by moving the camera) I think there must be some worries somewhere. Before 3.3 did not change anything to the FPS when moving the camera.
  6. Dad72

    Bug on Safari 12 BJS 3.2

    I suppose. All the browsers, do not have WebGL 2 yet to support I believe.
  7. Dad72

    Bug on Safari 12 BJS 3.2

    Yes, Chrome uses WebGL2
  8. Sorry, it was for GroundMesh and not Mesh. But you create ground with GroundMesh logically with Heightmap.
  9. Octree can help with the collisions in the field. and mesh.optimise () can be found in the API. When I create large terrain with collision, I use Octree + optimize () and it always makes me return one of the PFS to 60.
  10. I think that Babylon has in the latest version some small performance problem due to small bug in the latest version of Chrome (if you use Chrome). I made a field editor that runs at 60 FPS: Try to see what this gives. You can also use an octree in the terrain, but currently Octree is lowering the performance because of the Bug in Chrome. which I hope will soon be fixed. There is also terrain.optimize (64); who can help. You can also reproduce your way of doing it in the Playground.
  11. Dad72

    How to create a splashScreen

    Yes, I had not paid attention to that (clearInterval). Thanks for reminding me.
  12. Dad72

    How to create a splashScreen

    Thank you Gijs. it seems simpler than I imagined and works pretty well. I imagined a post-process or something like that. Thank you very much.
  13. Hello, Does anyone have an idea of how to create a splashScreen on the user's screen. A kind of foreground image that lasts only a few seconds with a flicker. Thanks
  14. Dad72

    Volumetric fog and GPU Particles

    Yes it is perfect. It 's me that thank you for everything you do.
  15. On this official demo when I activate Use GPU Particles, it produces a strange thing. (How to say: She runs away, running. and enters the fourth dimension 🤣)