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  1. Thank you Pryme. Do not hesitate to contribute, the terrain editor is open source. The goal of my terrain editor is to be able to create a terrain entirely manually from scratch. The random terrain, are too random to allow for spaces to create villages. I do not know DasNoise.
  2. I think of a mistake of this difference. May be. vertex uniform mat4 worldView,worldViewProjection; fragment uniform mat4 world;
  3. I'm not good at all with the shaders. But with time, I would eventually understand them.
  4. I guess it's out of date. The architectures of the shaders is different in Babylon since webGl 2 it seems to me. But I may be mistaken.
  5. I have not merged it yet. It is NasimiAsl who is in the process of adding it to SaderBuilder, which will allow me to add this to the terrain editor to support the shadows, fog and lights.
  6. Woaw, pretty
  7. I have added to the editor the save of painted textures used and the scale changes of each textures. When you reload the terrain, it recreates the terrain using this configuration file. I have also add an html file in the zip export with all the textures used (splatmap and painted textures) and the config file in ways to be able to reload the terrain after export. I also fix some small bugs. I will soon also add the ability to import textures to the library to paint with custom textures. The demo has also been updated.
  8. Nice tutorial on raycasts. it is complete. Thanks
  9. Ok, that's the way I thought, but I imagined there might be another way to redefine only the path of the textures. So I will do that. Thanks Nasimi for your help with ShaderBuilder.
  10. @Pryme8, I use ShaderBuilder from @Nasi and will soon incorporate the merge of StandardMateriel to take care of shadows, fog and light and others. TerrainEditor can therefore have its options there soon.
  11. @NasimiAsl, I have one last problem that I do not get. When I load the terrain with the ShaderBuilder material and its 8 defined textures. I can not change textures for one of the 8 textures. I try to make dispose() on the material, assign another textures and then reload the shaderBuilder, but it does not work. I would like to be able to redefine a textures after loading, how to do it? Or how to redefine the path of an image in a SetUniform('pathvar', ???) . sampler2D is for new BABYLON.Texture. But for the "Path", I do not know. Thanks
  12. Ok, this perfect : For edges how to remove to create a fade?
  13. Your pink color is in fact 'fuchsia' And your green color is actually 'lime'
  14. pink = #FF00FF (= fuchsia) => #ffc0cb = pink cyan = #00FFFF => #00ffff Yellow = #FFFF00 => #ffff00 red = #FF0000 => #ff0000 blue = #0000FF => #0000ff green = #00FF00 (= lime) => #008000 = green white = #FFFFFF => #FFFFFF black = #000000 => #000000 I have a different color for pink and green. But when I create colors by name, it gives me this result for pink and green.