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  1. I am a user of 3ds Max, I do not know how you can do it with blender or Python. But I'm sure some users blender can help you more. To my knowledge, to merge the images, you must use Unwrap UVW to the picture applies to your mesh correctly.
  2. It seems that you attained the maximum of textures on a mesh which is 18 max. You must try to use fewer textures by using the UVW Unwrap
  3. In effect, it makes things great with ShaderBuilder and CustomMaterial.
  4. In fact I think Nasimi is addressed has GameStudio for the response request. This is what is so confusing for you MackeyK24. You have done nothing wrong. In reading the post, Nasimi offered his help GameStudio and had no answer. Then ping you MackeyK24 requesting a response, but I think he must make a mistake.
  5. Or BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append()
  6. You must use createAnimationRange and copyAnimationRange BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "", "walk.babylon", scene, function (newMeshesFactice, particleSystems, skeletonsWalk) { var meshFactice = newMeshesFactice[0]; // Character lowpoly factice avec anim walk BipWalk = skeletonsWalk[0];// skeleton for anim walk BipWalk.createAnimationRange("walk", 0, 40); if (BipWalk) { meshFactice.position.x = 100; meshFactice.dispose();// delete mesh lowpoly factice // Import character hightpoly BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "", "man.babylon", scene, function (newMeshesPerso, particleSystems, skeletonsPerso) { skeletonsPerso[0].copyAnimationRange(BipWalk, "walk", true); skeletonsPerso[0].beginAnimation("walk", true, 1.0); }); } }); I did this a while ago. The first importMesh, load the mesh with the animation and I put the movie in createanimationRange Then the second importMesh, load mesh with Skeleton without animation and I'll get the animation with copyAnimationRange This loads the animation on the fly PG exemple: Post here :
  7. Ok, I understand, do as this: terrain.material.getEffect().setTexture('texture1', new BABYLON.Texture(data.textures, scene)); terrain.material.getEffect().setVector2('scaleTxt1', {x: 10.0, y: 10.0)});
  8. So AddUniform update the old values ? For example for my editor field, I would like updated value if it changes. Thanks Nasimi
  9. Or use VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera (this work here) This is for select the camera: let vrCameraMetrics = BABYLON.VRCameraMetrics.GetDefault(); vrCameraMetrics.vScreenSize *= 0.25; if(navigator.getVRDisplays) { camera = new BABYLON.WebVRFreeCamera("WebVRFreeCamera", BABYLON.Vector3.Zero(), scene, vrCameraMetrics); } else { camera = new BABYLON.VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera("VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera", new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 1.5, 0), scene, false, vrCameraMetrics); }
  10. Hi, @NasimiAsl I no longer able to use SetTexture() and setVector2(). Is there a replacement function or is this a bug?
  11. I receive: Line 14:13 - BABYLON.CellMaterial is not a constructor It may not be available in the Playground
  12. Yes, that would be cool this possibility
  13. Is that what you think it is possible to make all the scene (everything including the 3d objects) with Cell Shading Nasimi?
  14. New update of the terrain editor (Version 1.4.0) that supports now in addition to the 8 diffuse textures to paint, shadows, fog and lights and others. (Shadows, fog and lights when you export the field with an example. You can reuse the export terrain in your own projects.) I also corrected a big bug in the export terrain. Thank you in @NasimiAsl for this new Custom material.