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  1. Getting controls in GUI

    The word "lamentably" Is too much. He has the essential (the tutorial). No need to write a book. A tutorial is made to be read. The longer it is, the less it is read.
  2. shadow casted by mesh with skeleton not proper

    Yes it works now. Thanks DK, I was afraid that my model would be compromised. For Google chrome, at home it does not force the https on the playground.
  3. shadow casted by mesh with skeleton not proper

    My PG example works with http. At home it works PG. You can use http.I have no virus on my link I do not understand well. My character is perfectly made, the mesh is 100% influenced by the bones (Model buy to a professional, realized with 3ds max). I use it for 5 years without ever any problem, even with Babylon. This always works well. And now not work. I suppose there is another problem. I use 3ds max, and satguru, blender. So anyone who uses 3ds max, will have their model animate like this? The previous version of Babylon works. Why more now? Try without https This always works for me and now that a problem is settled for satguru, this does not work for me anymore. It's my model that has a bug that has still worked well for years. version 3.0 on PG work (screen left) , but not version 3.1(screen right) :
  4. shadow casted by mesh with skeleton not proper

    Sorry Dk, but it's always the same. I tried the line you also : BABYLON.Geometry.prototype._CleanMatricesWeights = function () {} said and empty the cache. And use last version 3.1 : <script src="<?php echo time();?>"></script> I made a PG here :
  5. It's nice to see other CustomMaterial users. This will help to find a possible bug. And with a bit of luck, this will correct the reflection / refraction problem Have you planned a Nasimi documentation for CustomMaterial? I'm sure there would be more users.
  6. shadow casted by mesh with skeleton not proper

    I use : This is the last update 3.1 that I use. I also try to use the line of code you give. But I have the same mistake. I also try emptying the browser caches, but that does not change anything.
  7. shadow casted by mesh with skeleton not proper

    It's always the same for me, I also have holes in my mesh during the animation.
  8. HeroonEngine now has a web server (apache) integrated without installation for local use. You just need to run the "HeroonEngine.exe" file that starts the server and then clicking "Start apache" for run apache and launches your browser with the HeroonEngine application automatically. You no longer need EasyPHP or Wamp now.
  9. Question for NasimiAsl . Indeed CustomMateriel can do a lot of things. For the question 1, yes it is possible.
  10. shadow casted by mesh with skeleton not proper

    I just tested my character that worked very well. But this is not working properly. (whith 3.1) My character is completely distorted with the animations, which was not the case before.
  11. shadow casted by mesh with skeleton not proper

    Ah, ok, I did not check with version 3.1.
  12. shadow casted by mesh with skeleton not proper

    This kind of mesh deformation problem is often because all the mesh is not properly bind to the skeleton. If there is a point that is not taken into account, this create this problem that I regularly had and correct by adjusting this with 3ds max. I have a character model with 40 animations or all points are well link to the skeleton and no deformation to notice.
  13. Multi-camera and WaterMaterial

    I do not know what Nasimi thinks of that ?
  14. Multi-camera and WaterMaterial

    Ah yes the part in blue? This seems to be the angles that do not work well (the slopes of the terrain) Indeed. But it almost works, there must not be much.
  15. Multi-camera and WaterMaterial

    It's good for me @NasimiAsl (reflexion and refraction ok)