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  1. Cool, it's perfect. thank you Temechon
  2. Sounds me complicated. I thought a simpler ways by simply referencing the css file you create. then a link to this in the options would be much easier.
  3. Temechon thank you. Because I do not see how to create a different color theme.
  4. Put your houses with isBlocked = true property for the light does not come on the inside.
  5. For the lights under the ground, I put the intensity 0 for to whether the light is under the ground, you know that the + is above the ground and the in - is under the ground if light.position.y > 0 // day light.position < 0 // night
  6. @NasimiAsl I start a demo for CustomMaterial with ShaderBuilder. I have not managed yet to make it work, but if it can help. Here is a starting PG for testing.
  7. Cool, I did not know.
  8. @Deltakosh Ah, this changed ? because I remember that that was before, or one or the other. But long ago, it had to change.
  9. Of memory, an object can: receive the shadow or projected, but not both. But this may be changing. I know this was the case.
  10. Ok, sorry, I want to go too fast, I'm so glad this CustomMaterial
  11. Sounds cool. And with ShaderBuilder, we simply add the variable? how does it happen ?
  12. Hi Temechon, I noticed something in the file compile js here: release/inspector/babylon.inspector.js There are unnecessary extra semicolon. but the .ts file, it does not exist. I suppose there are added after compilation. I do not think this is normal? exemple in _build and dispose: (I notice that this happens with the empty function) var INSPECTOR; (function (INSPECTOR) { /** * Represents a html div element. * The div is built when an instance of BasicElement is created. */ var BasicElement = (function () { function BasicElement() { this._div = INSPECTOR.Helpers.CreateDiv(); } /** * Returns the div element */ BasicElement.prototype.toHtml = function () { return this._div; }; /** * Build the html element */ BasicElement.prototype._build = function () { }; ; /** Default dispose method if needed */ BasicElement.prototype.dispose = function () { }; ; return BasicElement; }()); INSPECTOR.BasicElement = BasicElement; })(INSPECTOR || (INSPECTOR = {})); and in passing I have a suggestion. would not it be nice to add the show Options () the opportunity to add the css file to create our own theme? I wish I could make a theme white rather than black. Or maybe have three options to change the backgroundColor and TextColor and elementBackground ways has to change colors quickly as desired. it would be really great.{ ... fileCSS: "http://www....", // Or backgroundColor: "white", TextColor: "black", ElementColor: "white" }); Thank you Temechon
  13. That's because you call attachToBone before the object Import HEAD and SKELETOR is loaded. try : scene.executeWhenReady(function () { HEAD.attachToBone(SKELETOR.bones[2]); }); Or use a variable to check that everything is loaded and the rendering loop run attachToBone making sure it runs only once. But I would prefer the first method with executeWhenReady