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  1. Dad72

    MixMaterial problems

    Hello @Luaacro, First of all, thank you for this new material. 👍 1) - To follow the discussion on the PR, I still have the problem with mixTexture1 and mixTexture2 that mix. I still have also the problem with alpha channels that do not draw textures but a light shade or very dark. The idea was to have a mix with the diffuseTextures, but not with the mixTextures because the effect obtained does not give the desired result. For you to understand better, I add my terrain editor online for you to test and see the result live : Demo Terrain Editor (I can send you the full zip if you need.) I intend to offer this complet terrain editor for Babylon, I think it can be useful to many people. Use : select the terrain 'Delos' in the menu Load : Activate edition mode (red button) Select Painting mode to paint textures in the terrain. select the texture one by one and paint. We can see that the textures is a mix between diffuseTexture1 with diffuseTexture5, diffuseTexture2 with diffuseTexture6, diffuseTexture3 with diffuseTexture7, diffuseTexture4 with diffuseTexture8 (mixTexture1 and mixTexture2 are mixing according to their RGBA channel) We can also see that it is not possible to paint sand, it is simply transparent shadows or very dark. (I try material.alpha 1.0, but that does not change anything.) try to paint snow on the mountain and repaint some rock over the snow. the snow remains apparent. 2) - I also find a problem with the fog that makes all the texture white. the terrain and the sky this is all white and there is no fog. The shadows and lights work perfectly well. 😊 Thank you for your help. Screenshot result :
  2. Yes do not ignite and create tension. There are cultural differences here that may not be understood. A debate can be done calmly. Everyone has the right to express his opinions with respect and without judgment.
  3. The forum is now rename. I do not really want to debate this subject still. By MP otherwise
  4. To work conceal this fact by MP, mail. the forum should have more transparency and not be too explicit. That is to say, hey, here is a forum to find illegal work and to propose ... For me everything must be treated by MP, mail. the forum is thus not responsible for a bad transaction or other problem. For my part as a Frenchman and with our president, I would not venture to propose run jobs here, because this lack of transparency and Fraud in France are more and more seek with a tolerance of 0
  5. I must surely not express my thought properly. I understand this point of view, except that there is an illegal side of the thing, working conceal by a serious forum. I do not speak of non-respect of each other, but a forum can authorize illegal work by talking about 'Job' rather than 'service offered'. If this forum attracts companies to recruit, then it's great, some may find a job here 'legally', but this is not the case because there is no regulation for jobs. it's work to hide and we do not know if it's a real job that is proposing, or if it's a real serious business. Yes if people want to pay for a job I understand that, it's normal, but it does not have to be something" public". Yes people do what he wants to illegal, but in transparent ways (MP, Mail ...) But the part of the forum should not be called job for me, but 'service request' for example so that it's transparent. then the people deals by email for money. so it remains transparent because we do not know what happens and the forum remains in the legality. I'm not saying that you have to block, but that it's more transparent, because it's all about working behind the scenes and posting publicly. The forum should not condone this kind of work in public ways, but let people deal by email/PM not calling this forum Job because it is not legally the case. In short, it is the confusion of the word Job here which is not appropriate. A new person may believe that he is going to work for a legal business and this will not be the case. After, I do not say that to annoy, but for the general interest, for a question of ethics, for the security of the forum and its image.
  6. I have seen forums close because of this illegal side and of the term employ "job" or the fact that the base of this forum uses the term "Service offered" and not Job. Yes social network, but must it remain legal no? there I see a non-legal side that can damage the forum. it is my concern to have seen similar problems before.
  7. I speak of illegality and unsecured for those who will work for someone. That's what is not healthy. After, yes, people need to earn money to live, but in legal ways is much better. An employment offer is a company looking for employees. Here nothing says that these are companies that offer jobs with a contract that guarantees his salary. Services Offered would be a more appropriate and useful term. After the people discuss by MP for the reports to the money, but the goal is to ask for services, not to offer illegal jobs, without guarantee. I would find it healthier if there was protection for those who are using it. There the advantage is only for those who employs. But for whoever is going to be employed, he has nothing that tells him that he will be paid because legally he can not do it and say he will do it. This is something I have already seen on forums. In short, the service offered imply service and free, not to be a job. This term is more appropriate.
  8. I agree. We are on a free support forum. This Jobs forum can end up in conflictif an employer did not pay for what was done. Whoever jobs can simply disappear after getting what he wanted. There is no guarantee and it is not legal. At home in France there are ANPE (national agency for jobs) to find work and that employers offers) Coming to a support forum and doing your buisness is not healthy, I think. But that's just my opinion. I think there should not be a report to money in this forum because there is no guarantee, not even a regulation. Some time ago, I heard, we are on a forum of mutual aid and an open-source project, oo not wait for someone to work for you. But with this forum it is not really the case anymore. We ask that we deal with it for us without indicating whether the person is paying or not. It is easy to create some kind of confusion and that people do not pay next. Babylon also becomes an agency for no-legal employment ??? No criticism, just a finding.
  9. Dad72

    AudioContext Error

    For my part, I am on the latest version of Google Chrome. OS: Windows 10 It works after refreshing the browser (F5)
  10. This may be able to help you :
  11. Dad72

    AudioContext Error

    I have the same problem. More sound with BABYLON.Sound() If I update the browser, it works.
  12. Oulala. I do not understand what you do : You already have a camera with an attachControl => camera.attachControl(canvas, true); Where does and this.display come from? why {x: 4, y: 4, z: 4}; and {x: 0.1, y: 0.1, z: 0.1} why this.sphere._scaling (property private) Your variables with "this" are not accessible in test') function : this.arrow, and this.sphere To use "" you have to use prototypes or class with ES6 Your PG does not work and has many bug.
  13. What you want to do is for 2D. Babylon is 3D. There is no top 0 in a 3D world. an image to coordinate 0 that starts from the angle for an image size. A 3D world has no size and the center of the universe is 0,0,0 There is no pixel in a 3D world, but points, vertices. If you make box.position.y = 5 your box will be 5 units higher up compared to the center of the world. I think what you seek to do is not the proper understanding of using a 3D engine. I really do not understand what you want to do. I think you're confusing something basic to move forward.
  14. With Babylon, point 0 is the center of world. To position your box, you must use a BABYLON.vector3 (0, 0, 0) I still do not understand the use of css
  15. Your code is CSS, it's for HTML. A 3D box is with Javascript using Babylon.js that use units of measure, not pixels. You can not edit a 3D box rendered with Babylon using CSS You can create lines with Babylon without using boxes