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  1. Occlusion Queries does not appear right

    I noticed another problem is that the when the object is occult, if the object casts a shadows, the shadows remains display, it would have to disable it too, otherwise the scene has shadows unnecessarily calculate.
  2. Hello, I wanted to introduce a new project that I have been working on for some time in parallel with HeroonEngine. It's a 3D interactive story editor with game-shaped animations with hiding points to find or interactive objects to click to advance a story that you create, which can happen successfully or with failure. You will be able : - Create multiple scenes and navigate from one to the other to make indoor scenes, other outdoor ... - Create multiple cameras per scene to create different viewpoints as can be seen in the movies and also navigate from one to the other. The cameras to create are cameras spectator, there is also a camera made by default for the editor which is the user camera not use on the final rendering of the game. - Create a scene from scratch with a terrain and a user camera and a default spectator camera or create from a list of prefect scenes with different themes that you can complete and save to continue your work later. - Add primitive objects (to create hiding points to click) or customize for a scene, position them, turn them and scale them. Its objects can be interactive or not, made visible or hidden and what does its interaction do following a type of click (single, double, drag and long) but also the camera change, scene change, triggering animations, dialogues, effects, sounds or to make hidden objects visible ... - Animate objects, cameras and characters that are triggered with interactions on objects to advance the story. - Each scene has default shadows to activate and a default sky rotation, you can change the environment settings by changing the sky texture, add fog and change post-process and others. - You can also add backgrounds of different types to simulate a scene background. Ideal for creating depth quickly. - You can also create lights, the edit and exclude objects to illuminate. So you can create with MoviRender all kind of interactive story. This can be a police investigation to solve and according to the choices made, the story runs successfully or with failure. It's still under construction, but it's at a good enough scene to be able to talk about it. I do not know when I could finish it, I still need maybe 2, 3 months of work on it to release a first public version. I also have the whole site to do with tutorials. So I still have a lot of work. I think it's something that can be fun to create interactive stories. Feel free to leave your comments to get your opinion on this project. If you have ideas of what you would like to do with this kind of program, it may inspire me to add what I would not think. I will make an announcement when this project is available. Thank you. Here is a small screenshot:
  3. CustomMaterial and edit textureDynamique

    The problem is that CustomMaterial does not use the StandardMaterial changes, but a version_old (StandardMaterial_OldVer) directly embed in the CustomMaterial file, so any changes made in the parent class, create problems in CustomMaterial. I do not think that the addition of observables is taken into account in CustomMaterial. On the other hand an observable in CustomMaterial to recompile would be useful to solve this problem or redo this class with extend StandardMaterial.
  4. CustomMaterial and edit textureDynamique

    In fact all the materials use this rebuild(); But not CustomMaterial. Would that not help things?
  5. CustomMaterial and edit textureDynamique

    So do you leave CustomMateriel as it is with this problem? I'm not sure I understand everything you say. Why not add a simple function material.update ()? Should we continue to use CustomMateriel or should it be removed because abandoned ? Currently, there are no materials that can create up to 8 textures, there is an extension that allows 3 textures max, but not 8 as can CustomMateriel. I feel that CustomMateriel is a bad idea to use if it is not maintained now.
  6. CustomMaterial and edit textureDynamique

    @NasimiAsl An idea of what is missing to solve this bug? I think it's because you have blocked re-compilation when it was compile. so this does not update. in "CustomMaterial.prototype.Builder" I'm sure this bug is not much. A material.update () function to recompile would not solve the problem easily?
  7. [SOLVED] importmesh with morph targets

    ImportMesh loads only one mesh, morph contains several meshs. I think that's why. Use Append that does like ImportMesh rather than Load that only loads a scene
  8. CustomMaterial and edit textureDynamique

    My previous PG does not work anymore, I do not know why. So I redid a PG or I reduced everything to the bare minimum with only one texture. The bug this product always. As soon as a light is created, either the texture disappears or becomes black, or the first light is no longer taken into account. Maybe @Deltakosh has an idea of what's going on to help you @NasimiAsl if you can not do it. But this seems like a major bug, CustomMaterial should not live with this bug that has been around since version 3.0.
  9. Babylon 3.2 was started not too long ago, so it is not stable yet. ES6 is a good choice, it is stable and use by any modern browser.
  10. On this PG, when I move the camera to the left to see the sphere, it appears. But if I move the camera to the right to see the sphere, it does not appear. She also appears if I look from behind. It's only from the right that I do not see it. or I must approach very very ready. try to move the camera to the right to look at the sphere, it will not appear. Try to the left or the back, it will appear. Super feature by the way
  11. CustomMaterial and edit textureDynamique

    Here, a simple PG that reproduces the problem. I think something like material.update () needs to be rather than recreating the material. The post of the problem is here:
  12. CustomMaterial and edit textureDynamique

    @NasimiAsl Do you find a solution for the problem with CustomMaterial for all that is add after the creation of the scene (light, shadows ...) that do not update.
  13. That's what I did by resuming your code by adding the files. var canvas = document.getElementById("renderCanvas"); var engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas); var scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine); scene.clearColor = new BABYLON.Color3(1, 1, 1); var camera = new BABYLON.FreeCamera("camera", new BABYLON.Vector3(-2.15, 0, -3.2), scene); camera.minZ = 0.01; var light = new BABYLON.PointLight("light", new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 5, -5), scene); var pathsToLoadFrom = ["assets/obj_files_10/", "assets/obj_files_11/", "assets/obj_files_12/"]; // replace the files here by yours var file = ["files10.obj", "files11.obj", "files12.obj"]; var loader = function(paths, file){ this.mesh_pos = -5; this.meshs = []; for(let i=0; i<paths.length; i++){ this._run(paths[i], file); this.mesh_pos += 1; } return this; }; loader.prototype._run = function(path, file) { BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh('', path, file, scene, (meshes) => { for(let i=0; i < meshes.length; i++){ let mesh = meshes[i]; mesh.position.x = this.mesh_pos; this.meshs.push(mesh); } }); }; engine.runRenderLoop(function () { scene.render(); }); var _l = new loader(pathsToLoadFrom, file);