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  1. I did not change much. I just made the problem more visible.
  2. I have modify to simplify the PG and that one sees the problem better.
  3. Yes it is OK. On the other hand I still see dead link 404 and in other classes as well, but I have not all see
  4. I do not know if it can help. But I think it's because of the comments that were added. Of what I suspect at first sight.
  5. In fact, it lacks things everywhere. Some class seems complete, but many others are not It's hard to look at everything so much there is class and I do not know everything by heart to be sure that it lacks things or not. Many links also leads to a 404 in many class
  6. Ah if, in material also
  7. In Documentation 3.0, I notice that the Scene class lacks a lot of things. Full of functions and properties. (I think this is the only class or lack of things I have not all look at, but the rest seems ok.) And the link at the very beginning has a 404 error (in description)
  8. ok, I see.
  9. I also noticed that "preserveDrawingBuffer: true" solve this problem. But why should we use that?
  10. @NasimiAsl Do you have a scheduled date to correct this? Thank you
  11. I rewrote all the SDK of HeroonEngine which now use BABYLON.GUI has 98%. Here is the result in image: Create Character : Game
  12. Ok, I see. I know what that is, except term. I have look on google to understand better
  13. I'm not sure what that's all about? Not that it should not be useful, but in what cases can it be used?
  14. Well I will have to tweak with what exists