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  1. Yes you have a callback at the end of the animation, but nothing prevents you from performing another action during an animation. Just use a setTimeout after triggering an animation to do something. Knowing that your action should not be in a loop for it to fire only once. Besides, an animation is not in a loop, it is the displacement of the object that must be. After that depends also if you speak of animation of skeleton or animation of any object. But with a little bit of code and logic, you can do any action before, during, and after an animation by creating offset with setTimeout. PS: Yes a bit of humor in the morning does not hurt for the morale
  2. I do not know what you mean by PPL ? Private Pilot Licence (which allows to fly motorized planes) ? I do not see the relationship with Babylon. I miss something I think, but I just woke up that's probably normal. 😄
  3. I do not use gltf, I do not know how to help with this subject, sorry.
  4. You have reason. I just checked it on my project and I set my ellipsoid at 0.875 which matches the height of my characters by 1.75 units. It seems to me that by putting the camera higher on your PG the artifacts disappeared, but it may be due to some other modification that I had done before in your PG. My elipoid is here for the size of a character : new BABYLON.Vector3(0.3, 0.875, 0.125); (soit 60 cm de large, 1.75 m de haut et 25 cm de profondeur)
  5. My PC is running with a GTX 1050 TI For the wind, you can maybe try to put 0.3 to 0.5 in Z and leave 0 in X. For the ellipsoid, 2 is a height of 2m . You can try 1.8m0 to make a character height, as you did at 0.75, so that the character is 75cm, which is very small.
  6. You can use getFrontPosition which allows to create for example a object in front of the camera. scene.activeCamera.getFrontPosition(8);
  7. Dad72

    GUI Input Text Behavior

    Ok I see the problems you say JohnK. I hope that can be corrected.
  8. Dad72

    GUI Input Text Behavior

    I also note its limitations. 1) It is possible to move the cursor with the arrow keys but with the mouse. we would say that there are problems. (I need to double click in some place of the inputText) I'm not sure I understand: Key in a colon. Maybe you talk about of ! who do not want to show up (which I also notice) 2) we can play with the observables I think. 3) we can not currently paste text, which could be very useful indeed. This is the 3 missing thing to inputText that would be great and essential to have for more flexibility of use.
  9. Dad72

    Playground Limit?

    No limit to my knowledge. Can be the server that has problems.
  10. At home the FPS are at 60 stable on your scene. The deformation of this product according to the orientation of the camera : See: Camera down, it's perfect Camera looking up, and deforming this product : Then I realized that it is not the reflection or refraction that is not going well, it is the camera that produces its artifacts. Watch his pictures: This covers the entire width of the screen by a small band that create deformations. this.camFPS.minZ = 0; has reduced the height of the band, but still remains Then it makes me think that the camera is not big enough in height: So I change its height: this.camFPS.ellipsoid = new BABYLON.Vector3( 0.5, 2.0, 0.5 ) Everything is perfect on this PG : See :
  11. Your water does not need as much subdivision. your water is flat, a subdivision of 4 is sufficient.
  12. Dad72

    About updatePoseMatrix ()

    I have to create the function like that, I add all the sums and at the end they must be equal or different. Maybe we can do it differently, but like that, it works. I put my function here in case it interests someone. isPoseMatrixEqual(mesh) { let poseMatrix = 0; let computeMatrix = 0; for(let i = 0; i < mesh.getPoseMatrix().m.length; i++) { poseMatrix += Math.abs(mesh.getPoseMatrix().m[i]); } for(let i = 0; i < mesh.computeWorldMatrix().m.length; i++) { computeMatrix += Math.abs(mesh.computeWorldMatrix().m[i]); } if(poseMatrix === computeMatrix) return true; else return false; }
  13. Hello, I ask myself this question: sometimes our animate models are totally distorted and with the use of updatePoseMatrix () this solves the problem. My question is why some model updatePoseMatrix() it is not needed and others need it. What exactly is this function? What is she doing ? why some model do not need it? Is this a defect in our animations? Thank you for the clarification. It happens in users of my software asks me the question and I do not really know what to answer. So I'm asking the question here to be less stupid.
  14. Hello, I found a problem with moving shadows. If I create a box with shadows, it is perfect, but if the object, a moment later, is in motion, the shadow of the first box will shake and degrade sharply. Observe the shadow for 10 to 20 seconds and see how it gets worse after the second box is started moving.
  15. Dad72

    About updatePoseMatrix ()

    Ok I see. I will do that. Thank you DK
  16. Dad72

    Shadow degrade after box moving

    Is this planned for the 4.0 cascading shadows?
  17. Dad72

    Shadow degrade after box moving

    ok. I see. Definitely, the shadows are really difficult to render correctly depending on the scenes. There are so many different settings that it becomes a lottery game to have proper shadows. Maybe the cascading shadows will settle everything later? Thanks
  18. Dad72

    About updatePoseMatrix ()

    isEquals does not exist. but I try var pose = dude.getPoseMatrix().equals(dude.computeWorldMatrix()); it always returns false, even if it is true. because of values on -0 and other 0 so this returns false even if it is true.
  19. Dad72

    Quick poll

    Out of curiosity: what will this poll serve?
  20. Dad72

    About updatePoseMatrix ()

    So is it possible to create a condition that verifies the pose of the matrix to that of the matrix of the current mesh. I've seen his functions : (but I'm not sure what to use.) if(mesh.getPoseMatrix() !== mesh.getWorldMatrix()) { mesh.updatePoseMatrix(BABYLON.Matrix.Identity()); } //OR if(mesh.getPoseMatrix() !== BABYLON.Matrix.Identity()) { mesh.updatePoseMatrix(BABYLON.Matrix.Identity()); } // OR if(mesh.getPoseMatrix() !== mesh.computeWorldMatrix()) { mesh.updatePoseMatrix(BABYLON.Matrix.Identity()); }
  21. Dad72

    About updatePoseMatrix ()

    Ok, Merci beaucoup DK
  22. Dad72

    About updatePoseMatrix ()

    Ok, I understand better. Thank you. I just had a hard time understanding that: The pose position of what? skeleton?
  23. And after, converting the text into int with parseInt ("119");
  24. Dad72

    CellShading post-process

    Thank you Nasimi 👍