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    GUI Bug ParentElement

    yes for parentElement But GUI still has the same problem: Look at the text of the button. every word is at the line. Point the mouse on the button, the text puts it correctly after. All demos GUI.Button do this:
  2. Dad72

    Question about isVisible

    The difference is that the hide object with isVisible can still be clickable or receive collisions. Think of an invisible wall that gets the collisions. While with setEnabled, the object is not visible and not rendered.
  3. You can not use cheat code with PHP. The code is not visible in the source code compare to Javascript. PHP is very secure. To identify a player, you can use the session with PHP which is secure. I do not use a Facebook or other account, users log in and a session containing their nickname is registered, and all that remains is to retrieve the login account information from the database.
  4. Dad72

    Gif Creation

    In the documentation there is an example to create a gif animation: var imgNm = 0; scene.render(); scene.registerAfterRender(function(){ ground.rotation.y += 1 * Math.PI / 90; if(imgNm++ < 90) { BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshotUsingRenderTarget(engine, camera, 200); } }); But it does not work at all. This wants to download 90 PNG images instead of a gif image. I think the documentation lacks information here like a PG that shows how to download a Gif image PG here:
  5. Dad72

    Gif Creation

    @Nodragem, You are right Nodragem. But I do not really like GitHub, so I just post things here and lets do the people that are more competent than me. But I understand what you are saying. It's just that I'm extremely lazy sometimes, especially during the winters. 😄 I preferred the use of the Forum which suits me well and remain a user of Babylon rather than a contributor, even if I sometimes contribute and that it will surely happen again from time to time.
  6. Dad72

    Gif Creation

    Thank you but I know the address. I know Babylon since he exists. I am not a newcomer. I'm not going to multiply the reports now that I've done it here, I'm doing it on the forum by habit, and I do not want to make PR not knowing how to edit with proper English. I therefore prefer to abstain and leave those who know how to do it.
  7. Dad72

    Gif Creation

    I already have what is needed.I just point out that something in the documentation is not clearly explain.What is explain, does not work, because it certainly lacks more precision to generate a gif image. I do not ask how to do it. Look at what is written in the documentation at the bottom of the page. Maybe an example PG would help, because I find the information very misleading and not complete.
  8. Dad72

    Gif Creation

    Yes, this is possible with javascript. there are several libs including : gifshot I have to modify the PG so that only 10 images (no 90). 😀 The documentation says we can generate gif, so I test it and it does not work.
  9. For an FTP server, you can use Filezilla. This software connects to your web server to send files from your computer. This can be any file. Then if you want to run a php file, you call it by your server address and the file name and the php code is run. Or you use Ajax which it loads to call the php file to run it in the background. PHP is very easy to use and very powerful. You can with, generate files of all kinds, generate images. PHP is used to generate the sending of registration form, connection for example. I use it in all my projects to read and write in files to record, in your case, it would be very useful to record the data of your players and much more. PHP is a lot easier than JavaScript, it's an essential language on the Web when you want to boost its pages or web projects. The only thing is that your pages that use php should no longer have the .html extension but .php, but you call it as an html page. The Apache server will take care of executing the PHP code on the server and no longer by the browser as with Javascript. This is why the use of ajax + php can work wonders. Learning PHP will be very beneficial to you for this project and other projects.On the FTP server, it allows you to send your files from your computer to your web server (hosting or dedicated) Also most of the web hosting allows free databases in limited numbers. Only one database is sufficient. Then you can still use PHP to communicate with a MYSQL database if you prefer rather than write to json files. I hope this helps you.
  10. Dad72

    Crane Game

    You can link one mesh to another with mesh2.parent = mesh1; Mesh 2 (child) will follow mesh 1 which is the parent.
  11. Dad72

    Multi scene with sound

    Hello, I found a bug with the sound when using multiple scenes. If you activate a scene, all the sounds of each scene is played. There should be only the sound of the scene current to play, not the other scenes.
  12. Dad72

    Multi scene with sound

    What is strange is that we give a scene in the constructor Sound (). var music = new BABYLON.Sound("Violons", "sounds/violons11.wav", scene, null, { loop: true, autoplay: true }); It means that it's totally useless to inform a scene if it's playing on any scene. I think that depending on the active scene, the sounds of other scenes should be stopped automatically. Something is not normal/logic as we are filling a scene in the Sound () constructor
  13. This should be done with: window.addEventListener("resize", function(){ engine.resize(); }); Or canvas_id.addEventListener("resize", function(){ engine.resize(); });
  14. Dad72

    Bug in Inspector/debuglayer

    I do not have the same bug when I open the inspector and I select a node.The camera then freezes, I can not move it. I guess that's when multiple cameras are created. If I delete all scene.activeCameras.push(camera); it works. so I think there is a problem with the inspector when several activeCameras are created. here work whitout activeCamera.push()
  15. Dad72

    Catacombs -- 3D

    It lag a lot. I can not use it. (10 FPS)
  16. I confirm, everything is with the css: /* Your comment */ html, body { width: 100%; height:100%; margin: 0px; paddin: 0px; } canvas { width: 100%; height:100%; }
  17. Dad72

    Demo Ruins not work

    Hi, The ruins demo on the site no longer works Error in the console : Uncaught ReferenceError: __extends is not defined at babylon.SkyMaterial.js:14 at babylon.SkyMaterial.js:25 at babylon.SkyMaterial.js:241 babylon.js:1 Babylon.js v4.0.0-alpha.10 - WebGL2 babylon.js:1 BJS - [16:50:59]: Unable to load from /Scenes/Ruins/ruins.babylon: loadAssets of unknown Lights: Name: Spot001, type: Spot, animation[0]: Name: position, property: position, datatype: Vector3, nKeys: 7, nRanges: 0, animation[0]: Name: isEnabled, property: _isEnabled, datatype: Float, nKeys: 6, nRanges: 0, animation[0]: Name: diffuse, property: diffuse, datatype: Color3, nKeys: 10, nRanges: 0, animation[0]: Name: specular, property: specular, datatype: Color3, nKeys: 10, nRanges: 0, animation[0]: Name: intensity, property: intensity, datatype: Float, nKeys: 7, nRanges: 0 Name: PointLight, type: Point, animation[0]: Name: isEnabled, property: _isEnabled, datatype: Float, nKeys: 6, nRanges: 0, animation[0]: Name: intensity, property: intensity, datatype: Float, nKeys: 6, nRanges: 0 Name: thunderstorm, type: Point, animation[0]: Name: intensity, property: intensity, datatype: Float, nKeys: 12, nRanges: 0 Animations: Name: ambientColor, property: ambientColor, datatype: Color3, nKeys: 6, nRanges: 0 Materials: Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined Name: undefined g._ErrorEnabled @ babylon.js:1 babylon.js:1 BJS - [16:50:59]: Unable to load from /Scenes/Ruins/ruins.babylon: Error in onSuccess callback
  18. Dad72

    Demo Ruins not work

    No problem. 😉
  19. I do not know what a Heroku server is. If you have an FTP, you can send files (js, html, php ...) In this case, you can with PHP code write in .json, .dat, .txt files or whatever you want. The files will go to your server by filling in the path. Level use of the memoir, it consumes virtually nothing. The use of SQL is much more expensive. Do you already use PHP? it's a really powerful language when you pair it with Ajax I can give you complete examples with PHP to write and read a Json file.
  20. Why not save the information in a Json file. it's very very simple with PHP. A file_put_contents($root, json_encode ($json)); to save and file_get_contents($root) to read.
  21. Dad72

    GUI ScrollViewer

    No, it's good John, the scrool is not visible if the text is shorter than the container. All is Ok, for me.
  22. Dad72

    GUI ScrollViewer

    Something like this: canvas.addEventListener("wheel", (evt) => { if(this.slider[name].isVisible == true) { if(evt.deltaY < 0 && this.slider[name].value >= 0) { this.slider[name].value -= 50; } else if(evt.deltaY > 0 && this.slider[name].value < this.slider[name].maximum) { this.slider[name].value += 50; } } }, false);
  23. Dad72

    GUI ScrollViewer

    It sounds cool. But the scroll of the mouse does not work for moving the cursor with the wheel. I think this has not been added, do we have the opportunity to add it with observables?
  24. Dad72

    Sample code of bones

    You define the names with skeleton.createAnimationRange("walk", 0, 40);
  25. Maybe you could develop your request. You search a developer, ok, but to do what? Explain your project, your expectations of what the developer will do. All information can be useful ... I think that will help to get some answers. because there we do not know at all what it is. Why are you looking for a developer?