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  1. ivan.popelyshev

    Texture caching problem

    Textures appear in cache after the loading process is complete, not after you called "load". Thus, fromImage tried to load textures on its own, without loader, and duplicates appear. Its pixi loader behaviour, I understand that its not clear Textures passed to loader cant be used before loading process is completed, fromImage works differently.
  2. ivan.popelyshev

    PIXI.js doesn't render my sprite.

    var tex = resources["images/games/test/objects.png"].texture; player = { texture: tex, sprite: new Sprite(tex) }
  3. ivan.popelyshev

    PIXI.js doesn't render my sprite.

    var a = { texture: 123, sprite: this.texture } console.log(a.sprite) In your case, "this" is window. It doesnt have texture.
  4. ivan.popelyshev

    Sprite Tint on Canvas

    Yes, that's good solution!
  5. ivan.popelyshev

    Sprite Tint on Canvas

    The problem is extra canvas for tinting, that is bigger than our image part and filtering consumes one more pixel at the edge. I cant explain it properly, but you have to "extrude" your image a bit, modify CanvasTinter class.
  6. We have http://www.html5gamedevs.com/forum/8-game-showcase/ and special thread to show games: I'm moving it.
  7. ivan.popelyshev

    PixiJS ConvolutionFilter is not working on IE 11

    Most of the time its the problem with amount of "texImage2d" calls. According to the source.. https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-filters/blob/master/filters/convolution/src/convolution.frag#L11 Yes, there's no way to lower that. Which error do you get?
  8. ivan.popelyshev

    Can't start pixi-spine example

    Yay! Just one more person contacted me about "cannot read property xxx" and this time my telepathy worked, same issue as yours, and "preloaded_json" helped! Congratulations, you helped someone else!
  9. ivan.popelyshev

    Video sprite not showing up

    I think you should search this forum and pixijs issues on github first, because I'm sure I saw that problem several times. Then ask @xerver
  10. ivan.popelyshev

    Can't start pixi-spine example

    For a long time, people came up with many ways to load spine files in a plugin. Most of the time when new user starts an app, he wants to modify loading process and of course there are questions like "how do i load it from webpack". There are several examples in "examples" folder of pixi-spine repo and a number of webpack-related issues. spineData is not JSON, its the result of loading JSON+png file, special class with special methods. Please see https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-spine/blob/master/src/loaders.ts if examples and issues are not enough for you. Unfortunately, if the issue doesnt go away through simple juggling with parameters, you have to debug it. Prepare to open developer tools and see 0. Are you sure that your file path is absolute, why is your link starts with "/" and not relative path 1. what exactly is loaded in your app 2. does your web-server supply necessary MIME TYPES for json and atlas files. 3. where is SpineData object formed Sometimes my telepathy can tell what exactly are you doing wrong, but here its not working, sorry.
  11. ivan.popelyshev

    Doubt Container

    In the list of pixi-related projects, https://github.com/cursedcoder/awesome-pixijs. there is https://github.com/gamestdio/pixi-engine which has SceneManager.
  12. ivan.popelyshev

    Video sprite not showing up

    addToCache doesnt work like that, look at the code: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/blob/dev/src/core/textures/BaseTexture.js#L794 As for video, it depends on the format and codec. Are you sure this particular video can be put in <video> element?
  13. ivan.popelyshev

    Doubt Container

    I cant explain it to you if you dont make your first game on pixi on your own. Containers are there for two big purposes: 1. transform composition 2. when you remove container, all children go away too
  14. ivan.popelyshev

    Doubt Container

    Please follow the tutorial or book: https://github.com/kittykatattack/learningPixi
  15. ivan.popelyshev

    How to use GPU memory during scrolling?

    Its performance limitation. Every texture change spends some time idling. Also, every Graphics or TilingSprite or Mesh cant be drawn in a batch, so they will always consume 1 drawcall, and its even worse: they change shader.