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  1. alikoo

    Which Phaser book would you like to see next?

    My choice is Phaser Internals (game loop, sub-systems, extending the core)
  2. alikoo

    Converting spriter JSON to spine format for Phaser

    Is there any way to use Spine export (.json, .atlas and .png) or other tools like spine in Phaser?
  3. alikoo

    Weekly Phaser Coding Tips email

    It's great idea, I'll subscribe to this newsletters.
  4. alikoo

    2D Artist and Animator for hire

    nice graphics good work
  5. alikoo

    A Guide to the Phaser Scale Manager

    It's a very helpful book,thanks a lot.
  6. alikoo

    List of Phaser Tutorials

    thanks !
  7. alikoo

    Phaser 2.0.4 Released

    good job !!!!
  8. alikoo

    Detect when the game change visibility

    Thank you very much Rich!
  9. alikoo

    Can't fill my Tilemap

    I had the same problem with "putTile" and here is the way i solved it. Go to the "parseTiledJSON" function in Phaser (1.1.5) and change this condition: if ([t] > 0) to if ([t] >= 0)