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  1. Hi, I would like to modify time scale in a 2D physics engine. I searched about it, and matter.js seems to permit timescale modification. In addition, i would like to set 'different timescales' for different bodies (as example: 2 object fall, one will be set to timescale:1 and the other timescale:0.5. So this last one will fall 2x slowly) It sound nonsense, but is there a trick to do it? I thouth about saving positions on last step, and compare them to the new one, then replacing them with a homothety value relative to the timescale. But there is a lot of cases that this can't handle Any sugestions? Thanks
  2. @Nockawa If i may ask another fast question : I want to move a Sprite2D, but nothing appends if i do: mysprite.position.x += 100, it does not work (It seems to update the vector, but the sprite do not refresh to it's new position). So i need to do mysprite.position = new BABYLON.Vector2(mysprite.position.x + 100, mysprite.position.y) to get it work, what is wrong with the first method? Thanks
  3. Hi ! When using two Sprite2D that overlap themselves (.png with transparency), the transparent pixels of the top one does not display the pixels of the second one. It behaves like a mask. Even overlaping a sprite2D (fully transparent png) over a rectagle 2D will make the rectangle2D to not be rendered in this area. Am i wrong or there is an issue ? Ping @Nockawa Thanks !
  4. Thanks @Temechon, this is working too ! The issue is now fix, i don't know why, but the pickInfo made the glitchy cursor for me. I replaced this with a scene.pickWithRay, and it's now really smooth. @Deltakosh Yes the cursor is the square, you can see the problem i had more clearly on mobile device when moving here : @Nockawa Sorry for this, it wasn't related to Canvas2D at all. Thanks you all !
  5. Only when using mobile and VRCamera here : The "cursor" should glitch
  6. Thanks ! Do you have an idea for the glitchy look of the camera (lag) when moving on mobile devices?
  7. It does not work for me on mobile, the plane should change it's size right?
  8. Well, as you suggested before, maybe the VR camera on PC is fallbacked to a standart camera. In this case, it could be related to the camera. In addition, i did the pickInfo based on width and height of the screen (to get a camera target ray) so in this case, it could be a pickInfo bug And yes, this issue is my priority :/ Thanks !
  9. The picking do not work with others mesh of the scene too on Mobile, the is a huge gap between the mesh that it should pick and the ones it pick. This project is my main subject of my internship, so i have a few weeks to get it work :/ But this is is certainly an issue for everybody who wan't to use Canvas2D as an UI for VR :/ Thanks !
  10. Thanks for your answer ! the 2nd PG is working as expected on a PC. When i try with my phone, i got picking results with an angle difference. If i target the mini1, i got the ground, and if i target a special position in the "sky", i can hit mini1. It feels like the angle of viewport is different than the one used to compute pickInfos. For the glitchy look of Canvas2D, i got this when moving my phone. I can't take a screenshot because the result is "shaking/shuddering". I see a kind of double canvas, but it's because it's shaking. (If you keep moving your phone, you should see it on the second PG (#13), u will see a double red point ) I just tried on tablet, and yes, there is still a little shaking effect. On smartphone it's more visible
  11. Sorry for the up, i'm still stuck on this. I do not know if it's a mistake of mine or a bug (for both glitchy canvas2D and pickinfo fail) :/ Does someone have an idea for this? Thanks
  12. Thanks! It seems the pickInfo/ray issue is not related to camera, but related to mobile use. (When i try #13 on mobile, pickInfos are wrong). For the glitchy canvas2D i think it's related to camera Edit: Even the sprite size on #13 are not the same on mobile and desktop O.o
  13. Hi ! My scene is working well with FreeCamera, but when i switch to VRDeviceOrientationFreeCamera, some issues appear: FreeCamera: (point over babylonjs logo, the canvas2D sprite size will grow) VRDeviceFreeOrientationCamera (on mobile, no need to use cardboard to see what is failing): (pickInfo totaly fail -see console- + glitchy look of canvas2D when moving || See lines 93-111) In addition, I tried things to bypass pickInfo, but my own implementation of rayPicking does not work, i don't understand why (Lines 86-91) Do you see a mistake in my scene? Thank you !