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  1. charlie_says

    Penny Drops

    This is a new (well, newish, but only recently completed & released) match 3 game in the style of an old slot machine. Have a play here:
  2. charlie_says

    resize and ios

    :S Ok, after quite a lot of playing around, it seems that, this); is unreliable on ios with smaller screens and is better replaced by: window.onresize = this.onResize.bind(this);
  3. charlie_says

    resize and ios

    I've looked through the examples, done a bit of experimenting & further googling and am still stuck. I've got a resizing solution in place (with the scale manager) which works fine on all devices, with the exception of smaller iOS landscape (so definitely Iphone SE, but probably others). The issue there is the address bar and info bar appear in, overlaying the screen, without correctly setting the innerHeight (or not calling the resize function after they've appeared.) Anyone got any ideas or examples of resizing that works in this scenario?
  4. charlie_says

    Bitmapdata example not working in typescript

    ok, should anyone come across this, and be interested, I've fixed it by drawing directly to the context. What I was trying to do was a little different, so it's not a straight replacement of the above. bmd.context.fillStyle = grd; bmd.context.fillRect(0,0,,;
  5. Hi, I'm trying to do something similar to this example: But, I'm working in TypeScript, and it doesn't 'like' the last part:, outerCircle.y, outerCircle.radius, grd); gets me the error: Argument of type 'CanvasGradient' is not assignable to parameter of type 'string'. Any ideas how I resolve this?
  6. charlie_says

    (Solved) Need help translating AS2 code to HTML5

    I think you may need to floor your random var frameLabel = ["repeat", "dontrepeat"]; var rand = frameLabel[Math.floor(Math.random() * frameLabel.length)]; this.gotoAndPlay(rand); <edit> or do what @milton said - I'd misread the "| 0"
  7. charlie_says

    Remove Texture from Sprite

    Hi, I've got a setup where I create an empty sprite, and then later add a texture. this.path = game.make.sprite(0,0); this.addChild(this.path); //... later this.path.loadTexture('frame'); This all works fine, but, I would now like to 'unload' the texture, return the sprite to it's initial empty state. One way I could do it, is to have a blank texture, which I could load in - but, I wondered if there was a way to unload?? Thanks!
  8. charlie_says

    PIXI element typof

    Thanks @ivan.popelyshev My colleague laughed at me for asking this... He said, why not try instanceof. I've given it a test, and it seems to work fine. Is there any reason not to do this?
  9. charlie_says

    PIXI element typof

    I'm trying to write a function that's can have several different elements passed through to it. It could receive a texture, or a sprite, or a container. I'd then be able to handle what happens next... But, as all those items return typeof Object, I'm a little uncertain as to how best to differentiate. Is there a way I can test for they type?
  10. charlie_says

    Combine/mask textures

    Slightly unusual question: I'm porting a game to PIXI (from Haxe), most of which will move quite easily except my buttons. The buttons are created from 2 textures, one is a background image (a circle) the second is an icon. I make a copy of the circle shape, apply a colour to it, and then remove the icon (all of this is with bitmapdata operations.) I then add an effect to the final output (a glow). I can think of a couple of ways of reworking this for PIXI, but am keen to make as few changes as possible from the original. So is there a way of manipulating a texture as you can BitmapData (as per Flash AS3, Phaser2, Haxe)??
  11. For a project I'm working, using Phaser 2, I'm using BitmapData doing something like this: var _icon_bmd = new Phaser.BitmapData(bmd_bg.width, bmd_bg.height, true, color); _icon_bmd.draw(bmd_bg, 0,0, bmd_bg.width, bmd_bg.height, BlendMode.ALPHA, true); // makes a circular shape _icon_bmd.draw(bmd_icon, 0,0, bmd_bg.width, bmd_bg.height, BlendMode.ERASE, true); // removes an icon from the circle var _icon = new Phaser.Bitmap(_icon_bmd); (This is kind of reworked/untested to put in here, but it is directly inline with what I'm doing). I had a brief moment when I thought about porting to Phaser 3. When I found that BitmapData wasn't used any more, and with the time constraints, I decided to leave it. But, for the future, I would like to know how to do this (or if I can). So, can anyone help me out a little? Is this kind of thing possible with Phaser 3?
  12. charlie_says

    Blendmode layer

  13. charlie_says

    Blendmode layer

    Hi, The title pretty much captures it - there doesn't appear to be a layer blendmode in PIXI? Is it possible to replicate this somehow? (Blendemode layer is useful for fading down a sprite with separate internal components, as they fade as one, rather than individually.) I think that cacheAsBitmap does have this effect, but then I'm a little uncertain as to how I update the contents if they've moved?
  14. charlie_says


    thanks @jonforum - will investigate that
  15. charlie_says


    Hi @ivan.popelyshev I was using the canvas renderer which was the problem... So follow up question: Is it possible to do this with canvas? Or something similar? And, is there no blendmode layer in PIXI?