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  1. PIXI Loader handling failed loads

    thanks for all the replies!
  2. PIXI Loader handling failed loads

    This is more a question about how people try to do things rather than a problem with PIXI per se. What I've found is, if I force the loading to fail (by turning off WiFi or similar) PIXI behaves as expected, an error event is fired, and then the game will play but with missing assets. The question: How do people gracefully handle the failure? Do you force the loader to start over? Push the error items to an array and reload? (I think this one is good, but there's a possibility that you could get caught up endlessly in the game retrying); Ignore it? (hey it's the internet, things break from time to time!) Create an error screen, which has a link for the player to start over? (this is probably the best option.) Thanks!
  3. (pre)Load video issue

    I've tried 3 different ways of loading videos. 1) Video.fromURL 2) Loading the video as a blob with PIXI Loader 3) Loading video as a blob directly And, all three behave the same way (albeit with different quirks) in that there will be a response that the video is loaded (so either loader says ok, or the readystate >= 3) but, when I check the network it's clear that not all the data can have loaded - I know the filesize! I think this is the browser being clever, or maybe PIXI, but it appears canplaythrough is being treated as equivalent to loaded - which I could go with if there wasn't the *noticeable* pause before playback begins. I did wonder if the pause before playback was a demuxing/decoding thing, but I'm not sure. I'm more inclined to think it's a loading issue. So, the question is: is there a way for me to load the video completely, with some kind of progress if possible? At the moment loader.progress & resource.progress say 100 when it starts rather than ends.
  4. PIXI.utils.isMobile not working

    thanks @bubamara- I tried opening the PDF a number of different ways (by which I mean how I called, and failed to get it to work. And those would be the UAs I was expecting, but that isn't what I was seeing.
  5. PIXI.utils.isMobile not working

    Also - just to give some further detail about this issue. What I needed to do was open a pdf in a new tab ('path/to/my.pdf', '_blank');) which worked fine on desktop but failed on ios - which blocks it as a popup. In that case what I wanted to was just navigate to the pdf (window.location.href = 'path/to/my.pdf';) which works fine everywhere I tested so far. My solution: if ( !'path/to/my.pdf', '_blank') ) { window.location.href = 'path/to/my.pdf'; }
  6. PIXI.utils.isMobile not working

    @bubamara I don't have the device with me today as I'm WFH, but when I had a similar check to you which was returning false | false - when I checked the useragent, there wasn't any mention of iPad in it...
  7. PIXI.utils.isMobile not working

    Thanks for the idea - I think quite a lot of monitors would have a 4:3 ratio, which wouldn't necessarily mean it's mobile. I'm trying a slightly different approach...
  8. PIXI.utils.isMobile not working

    It seems that apple has changed their useragent so it doesn't say Ipad or the like. I'm now finding it a bit hard to differentiate between devices. I don't need super accurate, basically just ipad/iphone/android - is there another way of achieving this? (Alternatively, a fairly robust isDesktop would be fine.)
  9. Massive stuttering / FPS drop due to PIXI.Graphics

    I had a similar issue with Phaser 2.6.2, although the real issue was an update to Chrome. The game was fine, Chrome updated, the game was a stuttering wreck. I spent a while trying to work out what optimisations I could make, and then, in the end, I bit the bullet and ported to PIXI. Problem solved. I will say that the transition from Phaser to PIXI wasn't wrinkle free, but, ultimately it wasn't a move I was sorry to have made.
  10. (pre)Load video issue

    I'm having some issues loading videos... I can get them load ok, but, as I've got a number of separate videos that I need to sequence together seamlessly (or as close as possible to) I'm preloading them, or trying to... ...but, despite the texture appearing to have loaded, there's a delay in starting playback. I've tried a number of things, but would welcome any ideas that anyone has to getting an accurate idea of how much is loaded? I did have an idea that I could load a video as a blob, but I couldn't find an example of loading an item as a blob and then converting it, any leads on that would be welcome.
  11. PIXI sound & IE 11 Loader issue (Updated)

    I didn't come up with a better solution than checking for IE11 so if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('MSIE') !== -1 || navigator.appVersion.indexOf('Trident/') > 0) { // just load mp3s } else { // load sound files as normal }
  12. PIXI sound & IE 11 Loader issue (Updated)

    Ok, further investigation shows that PIXI sound works fine in IE11 (I'm sure the authors knew this already.) The issue is completely with the loader... this (from the PIXI sound demo) works as expected PIXI.loader.add('startGame', 'start_game.{mp3, ogg}'); but, because I have quite a lot of resources to be loaded, I use an array, like so: let audioFiles = []; // sounds for (i = 1; i < 11; i++) { audioFiles.push({ name: 'sfx' + i, url: 'sfx' + i + '.{mp3, ogg}'}); } which doesn't appear to work. Any ideas?
  13. PIXI sound & IE 11 Loader issue (Updated)

    Thanks @Garlov I'm not sure that's going to work for me that easily... I'm dynamically loading (& preloading) sounds throughout. I'm going to make a simple sound test, to see if I can find where the issue is arising.
  14. PIXI sound & IE 11 Loader issue (Updated)

    It could be that... I'm not doing anything very exciting, just loading & playing sounds. I don't really mind going over to howler, but the thing I liked about PIXI-sound was that it made use of the PIXI loader to manage that - how easy is that to do with howler?
  15. PIXI sound & IE 11 Loader issue (Updated)

    Hi, I'm working on a game that may need to be playable on IE11 (ugh!) Having got my basic game now working, I've found that the sound is failing, with the error: Object doesn't support property or method 'addEventListener' It seems that pixi sound should work, but, it's not clear to me why this isn't happening for me... Any ideas?