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  1. BitmapText disappears

    By moving between states... I basically follow this example: altho, like this this.timer =; this.gameTimer = this.timer.loop(100, this.updateTimer, this ); so, I can stop... <edit!> I just worked it out... I pass the events to variables so I can stop the timer when the game is over. Obviously as the timer is not (re)started, it doesn't work later. GAH!
  2. BitmapText disappears

    Further investigation has shown bitmapText is working fine... What doesn't work is adding loops via on multiple plays (works first time, not on subsequent.)
  3. BitmapText disappears

    I'v got a really odd issue, which happens the same way in multiple versions of phaser (definitely 2.6.2 & 2.9.2) I am using bitmap text, which works fine when I play the game first time around, but, bizarrely when the game ends & restarts the text disappears. It's used on the splash screen, and this problem isn't replicated there (i.e. every time you go back it appears!) Any ideas?
  4. Phaser export image sequence

    Hi, Having had the most cursory look, it seems that you can export an image from Phaser (I've not tried it, but it seems you can.) I need to create an animation, that will be far easier to create via code, but I wondered about exporting multiple images from phaser? Anyone tried this? Or, something like this? Other thoughts?
  5. Performance

    I updated my iPhone to the new ios and immediately, my game's performance dropped... It was still ok, but noticeably not as smooth (I have an iphone SE which I appreciate is an older/weaker spec device.) What I found was that forcing the game to run on canvas fixed the issue (it also removed the flickering that I'd noticed on my kid's Kindles which are definitely older and very much weaker in spec.) For this game, it's fine, there's nothing that needs to be WebGL, but moving forward (i.e. next game) I was interested in using filters &c. So, is there anything I should be looking at from a code point of view to avoid poorer performance on older devices? Or, have we got to the point where trying to support legacy devices is impossible? Any other thoughts?
  6. PIXI, sounds and Typescript

    And, I've tested it out, it works well!
  7. PIXI, sounds and Typescript

    Thanks for looking into this!
  8. PIXI, sounds and Typescript

    Many Thanks (I'm happy to join the pixi-sound chat!)
  9. PIXI, sounds and Typescript

    Thanks @ivan.popelyshev - can I just check when you used the pixi-sound typings did it only have 2 lines in it? (I'm just trying to work out if I missed something obvious)
  10. PIXI, sounds and Typescript

    Thanks @ivan.popelyshev - I tried adding the typings file - although it doesn't seem like there's enough in it declare module 'es6-object-assign'; declare module 'promise-polyfill'; But adding that in doesn't get it to work for me... Can you give me any further guidance?
  11. PIXI, sounds and Typescript

    I've been looking at sounds - and I've got a bit stuck. In the PIXI examples, they've got some sound demos (, these look good - but as I'm working in Typescript, and there's currently no typings file to use it with. I think there's a way you can use it without, but I've not had much luck getting that working... (any pointers would be gratefully received) I'm happy to use Howler (or another sound library), in fact I have the typings for Howler already - but it seemed that using this in conjunction with the PIXI.Loader, which would be my preferred route, is also a little convoluted... (and my initial experiments failed without generating any useful errors.) Can anyone give me some guidance? Thanks!
  12. Parent sprite returning width = 1, despite texture loaded

    ahhh I see, so because the sprite is empty, it can only have a width/height of 1. Thanks!
  13. I've got a sprite, which I'm placing some other sprites into, I'd read that others had an issue with the width returning as 1, but this was to do with the texture not being loaded... Can anyone advise where I'm going wrong? export class Lightable extends PIXI.Sprite { public icon: PIXI.Sprite; public lit: PIXI.Sprite; constructor(iconRef:string, litRef:string) { super( ); this.anchor.set(0.5,0.5); let iconTexture:PIXI.Texture = PIXI.Texture.fromImage(iconRef); this.icon = new PIXI.Sprite(iconTexture); //this.icon = PIXI.Sprite.fromImage(iconRef); this.lit = PIXI.Sprite.fromImage(litRef); this.icon.anchor.set(0.5,0.5); this.lit.anchor.set(0.5,0.5); this.addChild(this.icon); this.addChild(this.lit); console.log(iconTexture.baseTexture.hasLoaded);// true console.log(this.width, "<<<");// 1 } }
  14. pointerdown firing twice

    I noticed a minor bug in the project I'm working on, and the cause of it appears to be that btn.interactive = true; btn.buttonMode = true; btn.interactiveChildren = false; btn.on('pointerdown', this._click); appears to call this._click on the down AND up event. Is this expected behaviour? </edit> I've edited this post as I realised that the issue I was having was partly a 'logical hangover' from the original.
  15. Phaser with external menu system

    Thanks for the responses, I'll have a play later on to see what I can get working.