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  1. turboboing

    Android doesn't load atlas and sound?

    I also had problems with the stock browser on the Galaxy Tab 3, and like you said using canvas fixed it. So I added this hacky fix for now. var ua = navigator.userAgent;var bAndroid: boolean = (/Android/.test(ua));var bChrome: boolean = (/Chrome/.test(ua));if (bAndroid && !bChrome ) super(width, height, Phaser.CANVAS, 'game', null);else super(width, height, Phaser.AUTO, 'game', null);
  2. turboboing

    Can you help us test our phaser game?

    Hi Hackenstein, Nice looking game here's a some feedback / suggestions:- You should display tab/click message on the intro screens.You could add an arrow pointing to your spell book on the tutorial.How about detecting if its on mobile and use the word tap, otherwise use click on desktop.I tried it on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3), it runs OK but there's no music.On my iPad 3, after the Hypnotic Owl logo you just get a black screen.Also it might be a good idea to show a bitmap when the mobile is held in portrait mode telling them to turn the screen.
  3. turboboing

    Internet Explorer 11 WebGL bug

    Thanks Rich. Its bloody annoying that IE 11 was supposed to be the webgl breakthrough, and you have an annoying issue like this. By the way, I tried the runpixierun pixi.js demo on my laptop, it runs but it reverts to software, If I force IE to version 10 it reverts to canvas and runs much faster. I think like you said its probably something Pixi.js is doing that IE11 think it can't do and reverts to software render.
  4. turboboing

    Internet Explorer 11 WebGL bug

    I've also discovered you can no longer detect IE 11 by looking for MSIE in the user agent string. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ie/bg182625(v=vs.85).aspx If you really need to detect it you need to use the trident token ( Trident/7.0 )
  5. turboboing

    Internet Explorer 11 WebGL bug

    IS this anything to do with the "IE 11 temp patch fix" checked in 2 months ago?
  6. turboboing

    Internet Explorer 11 WebGL bug

    Ok, thanks Rich. Its just frustrating it can't fallback to canvas after the webgl error.
  7. turboboing

    Internet Explorer 11 WebGL bug

    oh and the three.js demos run without a problem on the same laptop.
  8. turboboing

    Internet Explorer 11 WebGL bug

    By the way, this was on my laptop (Acer Aspire 6935g), which has Windows 7, the latest version of IE, and has an NVidia GeForce 9600M GT with the latest drivers.
  9. turboboing

    Internet Explorer 11 WebGL bug

    Hi, I've been working through the first TypeScript tutorial and I couldn't get it to work using the IIS Express web server with Visual Studio and Internet explorer 11. It would load the page, but it wouldn't show the Phaser logo. After a lot of messing around I finally figured out what it is, its a bug in IE 11 to do with WebGL. I set Phaser.AUTO and started it up in IE 11 and in the output log it says "WEBGL11258: Temporarily switching to software rendering to display webGL content". If I force it to Phaser.CANVAS it worked fine. There's a bug logged with Microsoft http://connect.microsoft.com/IE/feedback/details/805206/webgl-only-doing-software-rendering My question is, shouldn't Phaser detect this and fallback to canvas? Tim.
  10. turboboing


    Hiya! I'm another flash guy from over at FGL, and I came here to see what all the fuss is about! Rich, It was good to chat to you last night, and nice to know we share a lot in common. Looking forward to making great HTML5 games. Tim.