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  1. HTML5 Game Developer

    hi there, I'm an experienced gamedev with Phaser and HTML5. I'm available for hire if you're still looking. https://www.linkedin.com/in/andymichaelhayes/
  2. Keyboard input + Microsoft Edge

    it was set to canvas
  3. Camera for Pixi.js

    really just need a Camera2D with a few nice features like zoom, minimap! Happy to test!
  4. Camera for Pixi.js

    @ivan.popelyshevIs the gameofbombs/pixi fork still supported? What's the easiest way to use some of these modules such as Camera2D with a more recent version of pixi?
  5. Thrust 30

    Thanks all.. now on steam greenlight! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=823415391
  6. Changing game size to fit page

    this worked for me (I'm using `game.scale.NO_SCALE`) window.addEventListener('resize', function() { game.scale.setGameSize(window.innerWidth, window.innerHeight); }.bind(this));
  7. Thrust 30

    check out my phaser/pixi based Thrust remake at Ludum Dare game jam: http://ludumdare.com/compo/2016/12/17/thrust-30/#more-601134 features music by Matt Gray. feel free to follow, hit like, request features. native ios version awaiting review in itunes, and android and desktop versions coming soon! enjoy!
  8. Thrust 30 Itch.io Release

    Hi there, I just released my first game to Itch.io: A modern remake of classic 8-bit shootemup: Thrust (1986 C64, BBC Micro, Vectrex + many others) Features: - Music by Martin Keary (Titles) and Matt Gray (In Game & SFX) - External Joypad, Touch or Keyboard Controls. - Rock hard gameplay. - Speed Run and Endless Game Modes Tech: - Pixi.js and P2 Physics Engine, Phaser.io Framework https://hayesmaker.itch.io/thrust-30-demo Native versions of the full game on mobile platforms have been submitted to Itunes & Play store and should hopefully be available soon. Feedback Welcome.. Enjoy!
  9. Keyboard input + Microsoft Edge

    yes. load your thing in Chrome.
  10. Keyboard input + Microsoft Edge

    Don't worry... It's just an Edge case
  11. RT @ThrustPlatform: #Phaserjs version of #Thrust massive optimisation coming. All Levels now run at 60fps on my 4 year old mac in hi-res ht…

  12. Unit testing a Phaser application?

    If you'd like to experiment with End-to-end testing your Phaser games you can try my extension of Nightwatch, which you might find useful: https://www.npmjs.com/package/phase-2-e For unit testing Phaser games I've used Mocha and sinon for stubbing/spying Phaser methods. You just need to mock your Phaser.Game instance in your tests like: window.game = myGameMock; and myGameMock looks like this: var sinon = require('sinon');module.exports = { game: { physics: { p2: { enable: sinon.stub() } }, world: { centerX: 500 }, make: { sprite: sinon.stub(). returns({ addChild: sinon.stub(), body: { clearShapes: sinon.stub(), addRectangle: sinon.stub(), setCollisionGroup: sinon.stub(), collides: sinon.stub() }, scale: { setTo: sinon.stub() }, pivot: { x: 50, y: 150 } }) }, math: { degToRad: sinon.stub().returns(100) } }};all the methods your game uses on Phaser.Game should be mocked. you can then write tests like: it("player physics are enabled", function () { player.init(); expect(game.physics.p2.enable).to.have.been.calledWith(player.sprite); });Using Mocha, sinon, chai and sinon-chai
  13. Performance issues with P2 sprite collisions

    hey joshgerdes, I have similar issues using a polygon physics map and p2 with phaser. My problem is I wanted to create a small map, and a really small player sprite, and have the camera zoom in so it seems like it's a lot bigger. Trouble is Phaser Cameras, unlike all other cameras on the planet, cannot zoom. So I had to try a new approach where the physics data contains much larger (bigger distances) shapes. I'm also using PhysicsEditor for the map's physics data json. I am going to try to only apply the physics data for the immediate area around the player, and have the engine update the map's physics data as the player scrolls around the map.. is that the same thing you did with success?
  14. Slaying the install Dragon

    chg, we just followed the instructions on the website... if those are incorrect, then it should be regarded as an issue.
  15. Pandajs for beginners

    If that's the case, why is it not released?