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  1. jamespierce

    Blob'n Pop - Funny Casual Game

    @onlycape Endless Mode is finally here It is high score based and as the levels increase (endlessly), the game gets harder and harder. Play Link: Blob'n Pop HTML5 Game
  2. jamespierce

    Boomerang Chang, now in HTML5

    Really cool gameplay! What especially stood out to me is how you have implemented the rankings summary when I die. And also the leaderboard overview. Very well done!
  3. jamespierce

    Pixel Memory - Classic Puzzle Game

    To celebrate the release of the "Blob'n Pop" Game, I've added a new card to Pixel Memory: The Snowman! Some players told me about their love-hate relationship with this cute little guy, so adding him as the newest card to Pixel Memory was a no-brainer for me Here is the pixel card of him in the game. If you have drawn something that you would like me to add as a card to the game, please let me know!
  4. jamespierce

    Crypt Of Nightmares - The Haunted Ruins

    First I was playing in Chrome Version 64.0.3282.186 (Official Build) (64-bit). I've checked my version and there was an update available, now I'm on Version 65.0.3325.162 (Official Build) (64-bit). I tried the game again but still get the same error after talking to the knight. Luckily, it seems I can just skip him to continue the game
  5. jamespierce

    Crypt Of Nightmares - The Haunted Ruins

    I've just finished playing through the Prologue and reached "Broken Henge", this game is amazing! Really high quality and the story has captured me from the start, I can't really put my finger on it but I'm simply intrigued to see what happens next. I also love how you've embedded it in an old monitor image. Unfortunately, once I was done talking to the soldier waiting for me in "Broken Henge", the game crashed due to the following error: Uncaught ReferenceError: longvolume is not defined at soundzoneadjust (wizzley.js:206) at rungame (wizzley.js:5918) at draw (wizzley.js:14798) It happened after I talked to him the last time and he simply answered with "Crying" in his message box. Then the message box closed and the game froze, throwing the error above hundreds of times.
  6. jamespierce

    Blob'n Pop - Funny Casual Game

    We made a little trailer for the game My trailers in the past were not top notch, I'm still practicing obviously. But I think this is the first one that could count as something solid! What do you think?
  7. jamespierce

    [WIP] Bugs with GUNS

    The bugs also deal more damage now to each other, right? I definitely prefer this faster setting. Also forces me to think faster where I want to spawn my next bugs
  8. jamespierce

    Blob'n Pop - Funny Casual Game

    Thank you so much! It's thanks to your valuable feedback I like your ideas for the sound effects, I didn't think about it that detailed to be honest. I am still looking for audio files that we can use - it's hard finding audio that we can use in games without worrying about licencing conflicts. Maybe I'll have to buy the sounds but I am tempted to try and create them myself. All the visual art was already created specifically for this game, why not keep it unique all the way to the end! One issue I ran into was balancing the points. If the chain increases beyond 3, you quickly realize you get more points letting bubbles drop to the floor if you can increase the combo chain. I guess one could argue that is a good thing! But intuitively, the gameplay should be about preventing any bubbles from touching the bottom - it feels kinda "wrong" if dropping bubbles is actually worth it. The bubbles are everything in this game, we must not let them touch the bottom!
  9. jamespierce

    Blob'n Pop - Funny Casual Game

    That is very unfortunate, I forgot to test the Tutorial when I uploaded the last update But it is fixed now! Was a really dumb and little thing. I was in a restaurant with friends and wanted to show them the game... and it didn't work *facepalm*... and then I saw your message notification on my phone's Email. Thanks a ton for pointing it out! I wish I could have fixed it the second I saw it and shorten the span of embarrassment.
  10. jamespierce

    Blob'n Pop - Funny Casual Game

    Wow, such a good feedback! I am very grateful. I went ahead and already added all the fixes you've suggested The game really improved, especially with the bubble animations. Below, I'm going to comment to each of your statements individually. Thank you so much! 1) Done, looks really cool now! I added a rotation & wobble animation to each bubble. And with the transparency the fishes or snowflakes shimmer through, it really improved the overall presentation! 2) Changed the sprites and hopefully red and pink are now easy to differentiate. 3) Done! I totally forgot about this! I've added the required score to the intro screen so it is clear now which score you must reach. Thanks for pointing it out! Can't believe you found this. Fixed! The first concept for the game was exactly this endless mode in face. But I felt like for a casual game, you don't want to be stuck in it forever. You wanna have a goal that is short & sweet and get the satisfaction of "finishing the game". However, you are right it could be a great separate mode! In the level selection, there could be an endless mode. And the endless mode would pick a random map! That should be easy to integrate with what the current structure of the game. Haha he just wants to say hi
  11. Play Link: Blob'n Pop Play Link: Blob'n Pop -------------------- UPDATE March 19, 2018: We have added an Endless Mode to the game, as was suggested in the replies below! -------------------- Hey guys, I would like to show you my newest Phaser 3 game! The gameplay takes a casual and funny approach – enter one of the three unique worlds and pop bubbles for the highest score! Art Style: For the first time I have a game where all pictures were drawn specifically for this game! I hope the worlds and their animated surroundings are enjoyable to play. Gameplay: Pop the bubbles, but don't touch the forbidden color! Get combo points by popping the same color 3x in a row. Get enough points and avdance through 3 unique worlds with funny distractions Features: Short Tutorial 3 Unique Worlds With 3 Levels Each Levels Become Increasingly Difficult Your Best Score and Your Last Score Simple Click/Touch Inputs Mobile Optimized! I hope you like the game! I created it with Phaser 3, if you find a bug or problem, please let me know. Also any feedback is much appreciated! Play Link: Blob'n Pop
  12. jamespierce

    Planes Quick Battle

    Your game cracked me up: "Good old green plane. Super good for vegans, but still can prepare some meat!" and "Turn back to battle you chicken!" haha I love when games add humor like this. However there is always an error at the game over screen and forces a browser refresh, like @Umz has already mentioned. The first time I had a "time is undefined" error and the second time it was "cannot read right of undefined" error. Also your debugging tool still seems to be active. I was able to toggle hitboxes by pressing "D" on my keyboard.
  13. jamespierce

    [WIP] Bugs with GUNS

    That was really cool, I like it!
  14. jamespierce

    Pixel Memory - Classic Puzzle Game

    To celebrate the release of Patch 1.2.0 in Chase the Shadow, I've added 2 new cards to Pixel Memory: The Dueling Wizards! This means that there are 2 more card packs to unlock & max level has been increased, as well. I'll probably add more cards for Easter, too.