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  1. Pixel Memory - Classic Puzzle Game

    Thank you @Umz for your valuable feedback, as always! That is a cool idea to remove the guesswork from the beginning of the game! I would need to track how many pairs players find after the short glance. The average of that number indicates how many pairs players memorize after the short glance. Also I have added the Bonus Guesses feature last week which would also need to be taken into consideration. Now that I think about it, these two mechanics would complete each other perfectly! Being able to memorize pairs on the first glance is important to collect a few initial bonus guesses. I love your idea, thank you! Just need to figure out by how much the available guesses need to be reduced consequently. My guts tell me by 5 guesses for each level of difficulty, if we assume on average we can memorize 2 pairs, which gives us 2 bonus guesses and a 2 pairs advantage at start = 4 guesses more in reality. I need to check how easy / hard it is to add this "First Glance Feature" to the intro animation of every new game. I'll keep you updated! Phaser 3 is amazing! I have written a short blog post series about what I've learned from creating my first Phaser 3 game: First Phaser 3 Game – Lessons & Code Pt. 1 First Phaser 3 Game - Lessons & Code Pt. 2 First Phaser 3 Game – Lessons & Code Pt. 3 It is casually written and I'm sharing all my code snippets for the readers to copy / criticize. I figured people who will transition to Phaser 3 will come across some of the same problems as I did - and actually I've seen several of those questions asked in the slack channel Now that Phaser 3.1.1 is already released, maybe some of my Beta 20 comments are not as accurate anymore but I tried to focus on the basics of the framework which should stay true for a while.

    This really feels like Rocket League in 2D Very cool game!
  3. Pixel Memory - Classic Puzzle Game

    @onlycape Thank you so much for not just checking out the game but also providing feedback! Do you think I should reduce the number of guesses available for the Hard difficulty? I save every win & loss that is played online and from my stats, most players are struggling with the medium & hard difficulties. As a matter of fact, the first 50 players (more or less) had a very bad win rate of only 38% overall! But then traffic picked up slightly and a subgroup of very skilled players boosted the overall win rate to over 60% now. So you definitely belong into the strong group! My suspicion is that simply not everyone is even trying to win. Some players just wanna click the cards and see what happens, without memorizing hardly anything. Basically turning the game into a game of luck But then you have the players who want to win and once they figure out a strategy that works for them, maybe the difficulty curve suddenly drops. I don't have enough stats to draw any conclusions for the strong players which makes feedback such as yours so valuable. I am aware of this problem, which has been always related to the browser privacy settings so far. I have been able to replicate the black screen by changing the privacy settings in my browsers to be the most restrictive options possible. I tried my best to have fallback mechanisms in place and I made it work on all of my mobile devices & browsers. Oddly, this includes mobile android stock browser and I don't have any problems. I don't have a winphone with IE so this will be hard for me to replicate and fix. I learned that the black screens I was able to replicate were caused by trying to save to localStorage, which wasn't allowed by the browser settings and thus caused an error. There is a fallback already in place and should be working. It's super hard to be debugging these platform- and version-related mobile issues because I cannot ask for an Error Log from the users (JS console simply doesn't exist) and I don't own all the devices myself to test it. Interesting is that I've used the same Storage logic in all my Phaser 2 games and it was never a problem there. I built Pixel Memory with Phaser 3 Beta 20, to learn Phaser 3 for its big release. So I wonder if it is connected to Phaser 3 or simply my inability to use Phaser 3 properly.
  4. Starship

    It's my kind of humor and I love when games do it
  5. Flappy Tours (my first game)

    Your brother is a beast at this game! That sounds great
  6. Starship

    I like how the game is called "Starship" and I'm flying in an actual ship
  7. Flappy Tours (my first game)

    Your very first HTML5 game and it's already looking polished! Never mind the concept isn't new, I think being able to finish a game AND having it look like an actual finished game (not a prototype) is a big deal. Gameplay wise I found it very hard. I'm curious, what kind of scores did you get in your own game? I admit, I'm not the best in the "flappy birds" genre but I still felt like the bird would drop slightly too fast, or a tap would make it rise too fast, one or the other. Overall it's a cool, small & nicely polished game!
  8. To The Capital II

    I've only just discovered this project of yours, and it looks beautiful! The art style & animations in the promo vids really draw me to the game. Also the name is well chosen. Since it's a sequel you must have already heard it from others plenty of times, "To The Capital" sounds very intriguing Maybe for your promo vids you can add some text to the video, explaining the most important features of the game while the hero is walking. Quoting your website in your promo videos would be cool I think:
  9. Salvage Guns (multiplayer)

    @JeFawk Thank you for sharing all these details, I really appreciate it. I've been looking into a server upgrade myself especially to run a Node.JS server. If the opportunity arises, I will gladly use your referral link! When I saw your game and how there was literally no jittering in the other players' movement, I figured someone with a lot of experience must have set this up.
  10. init parameters is undefined

    @smdool Ah that makes sense now! Something had to be overwriting the state.start() call. Glad you've figured it out!
  11. Salvage Guns (multiplayer)

    Wow this is insanely well done! I can see how this is much deeper than the regular io game. And looks like you've got a lot more in the works as future updates. I do agree however that labelling it an io game will help with marketing as this term seems to get a lot of attention from players. Just in the couple minutes where I was playing there were loads of people online. On a side note: The banner ads didn't bother me at all (I played on the iogames domain). Would you mind sharing some of your server details (hosting plan, hosting location, hardware)?
  12. init parameters is undefined

    @smdool Okay so no data is passed at all then. Maybe you have another state.start('Congratulations'); call somewhere, which starts the CongratulationsState without passing anything? Sorry I can't be more helpful than that I would need to see the complete code for both states to say more. You can send me the files for these two states if you want to and I'll have a look at it.
  13. init parameters is undefined

    @smdool you said the data is coming through as null. Is it really null, or is it set as undefined? Because if there is no data passed to the CongratulationsState, then it would be undefined. If it is null, that means data was actually passed (it just so happens the data object has a value of null.)
  14. init parameters is undefined

    I honestly can't see anything wrong with your code snippets Something I like to do in such cases is to simply do a "console.log(arguments); return;" right at the start of the state's init method. Do you have a play link somewhere online to check it out?
  15. Pixel Memory - Classic Puzzle Game

    I made a trailer for the game, what do you think? Is it a big issue that the game screen doesn't cover the full video screen? For some reason it wouldn't let me scale it up, even though the video capture was same height as the game screen. It's the first time I tried doing a trailer. Oh and by the way, the win rate has drastically increased too! It is now at 66% overall