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  1. Really nice improvement ! congratulations
  2. online documentation :
  3. waoow
  4. yessitizzzzzzz :-)
  5. material with alpha ?
  6. sorry, I should be more didactic :-) Well, it's a good thing to remember that : Javascript is monothreaded and the variable scope is the function in what it is created. So if some variables are created each call to a function, they have to be cleared by the garbage collector once this function is over. And the garbage collector will use the same global javascript process than your code, so some precious CPU cycles that you would prefer to keep for yourself. Thus, in general, we try to avoid to create new objects (vector3, arrays, etc) in the render loop, what is in BJS a call to the function registred with registerBeforeRender() every 16 ms (60 fps) to keep the allocated memory as constant as possible, so to keep the GC far away our little business
  7. This is really nice I think some things can be improved in your code : there are many particles and each particle process does some new allocations (so the GC will work also). Maybe could you try to replace all the ".add()", ".scale()"(subtract, etc, you see the idea) with some addToRef() or addInPlace() and scaleToRef or scaleInPlace() depending on the current case ?
  8. Really nice, but don't forget also that the SPS already implements the particle intersections if needed : Maybe, for testing each particle against the other ones, the usage of a prune (or p-prune) algo would be more efficient...
  9. I guess Jorditantadiaz looks for this :
  10. of course you can... just have a read at Canvas2D documentation and examples
  11. this works for any mesh, flat shaded or not
  12. mesh.position = ...?
  13. funny : the 20th particle embbeds the camera and looks at the 19th one, both falling and boucing endless ...