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  1. jerome

    OfficeGames project

    back For some personal reasons this project was delayed for while, but now I'm back again (slowly) on it. FYI : Although not many things have changed in the first and only current game, I refactored a bit the code and implemented an early prototype of a SceneManager, a light tool to switch from a BJS scene to another one according to some logic. Maybe when the tool is working fine and stable, I will propose it for a PR in the core or at least an extension. FYI also : I disabled the user FPS log in the database. just click to start a new level : ... the program still remains far from achievement
  2. jerome

    Text as polygon mesh

    Actually the "local center" isn't really a notion from the particle point of view. To understand better, the pivot is a Vector3 that will be used to translate the particle in its local space before rotating it (whereas the standard transformation workflow is : scale first, then rotate and finally translate). If a character isn't initially centered in its local space, what seems to be the case here, we could compute its barycenter from all his vertex positions and then set the pivot with this barycenter value to the character particle. I guess that each character is built yet translated in the sps local space. Another approach (maybe more usefull imho) would be that each character of a given string would be created at the sps origin and then each particle (so character) would be positioned to its right location in the string with particle.position. This would allow the final user to handle each character position, rotation and scaling the expected way. Not sure I'm really clear.
  3. jerome

    Text as polygon mesh
  4. jerome

    Text as polygon mesh

    the pivot of each particle (so each letter) can be set with particle.pivot
  5. If you have plenty of billboarded planes, you could use a SPS :
  6. jerome

    Text as polygon mesh

    it works !
  7. jerome

    Text as polygon mesh

    Woooawww ... assuming that each string is one SPS, I suppose then that each character within this string is a solid particle. This would great as we could access each character to change its size, rotation, position, color, uvs inside the string and even animate some (or all) the characters in the string !
  8. jerome

    Data Visualization Authoring Tool

    sps particles expect a color4, not a color3... because they can handle the transparency
  9. jerome

    Text as polygon mesh

    Wooaww, ultra-nice feature. I understood that this relies on a SPS under the hood. Is each solid particle a word or a letter ?
  10. that's what I understood, Wingy ... and I'm really not involved in this site.
  11. no, I'm not in this project at all. This is just an idea ... the ability to see the window on my left side, the door on my right side of the office and my face all reflecting on a surface while looking at it
  12. Hi guys, This time, I won't publish any demo but just an idea. Looking at the existing demos with some environment reflection (usually done with some cube map and a fixed texture), I wondered if this could be a little more dynamic. When you look carefully at this example from the BJS web site : you can see that the reflected environment on the robot surface is something like a room with, probably, some pieces of furniture, a window, the sky, etc. Well, a fixed texture under the hood. But wouldn't it be funnier if the robot could reflect my own real environment at the moment I'm watching the scene : my room, my windows and maybe my face looking at it ? Let's imagine that the texture used for the reflection would be caught from my webcam at some right time interval to keep a decent scene framerate and the feeling that the reflection is really live. I have no idea how to do this... but maybe someone of you would like to meet the challenge. There's nothing to win except the eternal gratefulness from this community
  13. jerome

    Door designer (Work in progress)

    excellent !
  14. jerome

    PC Game