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  1. SPS on random position of parent

    could you please isolate what is different in your code (and in what's displayed) to help me to understand ?
  2. SPS on random position of parent

    still not sure to understand what you're trying to achieve
  3. Low FPS

    Actually this (JohnK's ?) PG is CPU intensive as it computes intersections between all the bouncing balls
  4. SPS on random position of parent

    #2 : you're already the best optimization by using a immutable SPS (updatable = false). No need for setting the computeParticleXXX properties to false then, they aren't just used. #1 : not sure to understand what you're trying to achieve
  5. What do you mean ? The code to sort different transparent meshes from each other ? or to sort the facets of a transparent given mesh ?
  6. Physics on a convex mesh?

    If you're afraid to implement your own physics, you could use the FacetData feature to get every mesh facet normals : and make thinks collide against it according to these normals
  7. Third-person shooter demo.

    really nice
  8. Babylon.js: A double array to 3d

    really smart
  9. 3D Level Editor

  10. Transform feedback buffer

    AFAIK transform feedback buffers are just GPU side... used to keep data from a frame to another one
  11. Solid Particle Parenting

    excellent !!!
  12. Stupax - Sidescroller game

    incredbly original idea vary good !
  13. Contributing to documentation 101

    yes, this is the reason why.
  14. GPU particles

    just can't stop playing
  15. GPU particles