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  1. jerome

    How add ring in disc? up to you to tweak it as you need
  2. jerome

    How add ring in disc?

    not sure to understand either... is this what you want ?
  3. jerome

    How add ring in disc?

    maybe our good old ribbon then ?
  4. jerome

    How add ring in disc?

    or one cone with several subdivisions ?
  5. jerome

    How add ring in disc?

    What do you want to achieve ?
  6. jerome

    Dynamic Terrain

    I know, I know 😁 but wait for the next feature : the per object UVs and colors from the object map. Here a blue house, there a red one, etc.
  7. jerome

    Dynamic Terrain

    PG : 3000 particles to render dozens thousands from the map. another one : an alien cilization erected 75K concentric stones in this landscape
  8. glad to hear this my transformNode suggestion was just to avoid you to compute the matrix by your own, but I can see that this is something you're conformtable with
  9. Not sure to understand well why you are using so many materials, but I don't know this fractal. Anyway, you could build exactly the same with the same algo (but not the same mesh) by using a SPS instead of several planes and several textures. Just replace your planes by quad planar particles built from a plane model. Just set all your different texture images in a single big image (texture atlas) and then set planar particle uvs property values to match the related texture in the big image. You'll get finally one mesh and one material, so one draw call only.
  10. I think VS Code knows TS out of the box without any required extension. It's more an issue about how to reference the BJS framework from the user code.
  11. if you editor can't find where BJS is on your disc by itself, just add this comment line in your file in the first position /// <reference path='/path/to/Babylon.js/dist/preview release/babylon.d.ts' /> write your own path the babylon.d.ts file then reload your file in VSCode, Intellisense should work
  12. I can't remember if the transfomNode holds a Bbox or not. If not : - create a transformNode - create an independant BoundingInfo objects besides - each time you rotate the transformNode, get its updated world martix, then update the BoundingInfo by passing it the transformNode world matrix. This will update the Bbox directions.
  13. jerome

    SPS questions

    1 there's no animation in the SPS, you have to animate every particle, vertex by vertex with updateVertex() if you need it 2 - in your case, instances would probably be faster than the SPS because the SPS iterates over all the particle vertices and your model seems to have a big number of vertices 3 - the SPS only copies the UVs from the model. No idea if your model has UV2s, UV3s or some PBR material. 4 - I can't see what's going wrong here 5- yep, these are vertexColor for each whole particle. This already works in your case, rotate the cam, you'll see them. Maybe instances may faster than the SPS with your high-tri model
  14. clip planes ?