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  1. Hi people, Based on the internal initial code from @JCPalmer, here are the per point colors for LineMesh and LineSystem var points = [arrayVector3]; var lineColors = [arrayColor4]; var line = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateLines("l", {points: points, colors: lineColors}, scene); // same for LineSystems var lines = [arrayVector3[] ]; var colors = [arrayColor4[] ]; var lineSystem = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateLineSystem("ls", {lines: lines, colors: colors}, scene); Note1 : this works also with updatable LineMesh or LineSystem objects as the colors array can be updated live. Note2 : when set at construction time, the parameter colors overwrite the hypothetical line or lineSystem .color property. If colors is passed but undefined, the object color falls back to the .color property value. [EDITED]Note3 : if you need to enable the alpha blending (line or segment transparency), just set the parameter "useVertexAlpha" to true at construction time : var lineSystem = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateLineSystem("ls", {lines: lines, colors: colors, useVertexAlpha: true}, scene); var line = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateLines("l", {points: points, colors: colors, useVertexAlpha: true}, scene); This will allow you to create rulers, axes, graduation systems with multiple colors and to draw them in a single draw call. As usual, documentation and PG examples coming soon ... meanwhile :
  2. Mesh Facet Depth Sort

    Of course, the facet depth sort still works on live updatable meshes : The tube path follows the curve used for Moebius ribbons
  3. Three.js or Babylon.js for room design

    Even with expensive software products or other service Premium offers, you will never meet such a fast and dedicated free answer and fix. Maybe, this is THE reason that you might consider about choosing BJS over ... anything else
  4. 3D scatterplot on babylonjs

    @bulisor for your dynamicTexture, maybe could you use instead the GUI advanced dynamic texture with the stack panel : Then only crop the advanced dynamic texture onto your solid particles.
  5. Mesh Facet Depth Sort

  6. What's next?

    here for example : or anywhere where we need either to iterate over dozens of thousands objects (standard particles) or where we need long or intensive computations (maybe texture generation from capture devices, collisions, path-finding algos, etc)
  7. What's next?

    As workers coupled with sharedArrayBuffers seem to be a good plan to speed things up while keeping JS (no wasm not asmjs needed), maybe a way to integrate/name them easily would be nice ... knowing they usually require a separate file, a way to start them, to stop them, etc. Well a bunch of new things that need to be thought before.
  8. Ribbons are just standard meshes : pickable, collidable, morphable, etc good readings : (legacy )
  9. 3D scatterplot on babylonjs

    Ribbons and SPS in the same demo ... I'm obliged to like
  10. Mesh Facet Depth Sort

    it will be.
  11. A workaround could be to use Ribbons in billboard mode.
  12. Mesh Facet Depth Sort

    PG : depth sorted on the left, standard on the right
  13. Three.js or Babylon.js for room design

    Moreover there are serious and objective reasons to prefer BabylonJS over ThreeJS : - the name "BabylonJS" is longer than the name "ThreeJS" - Deltakosh's hairdressing is more fashionable than Mr Dood's one - BabylonJS has an animated logo
  14. Three.js or Babylon.js for room design

    That's also my own history. I started with ThreeJS, then for some reasons (one being the fast and great support on this forum, another being the docs, tutos and videos made by the BJS author himself), I ported my project to BJS. And I'm still here with no regret at all since early 2014. I even became a core contributor as much as I felt the framework smart, productive and the people around here interesting, passionate and lovely (this was not my initial intention but things slowly happened this way and I went stuck to this project )
  15. if you want to test simply if the particle should be set over a certain altitude only :