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  1. 3D scatterplot on babylonjs

    @bulisor : here's a quick video to give you an idea of the result: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AsZFp14PveQOxdRPUQMMklpmV0IQSA
  2. 3D scatterplot on babylonjs

    I've modified your sample to use a new version of the VRHelper that can be called from a Babylon GUI button: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#E3XJMU#29. Then I'll push my code, use the Boolean as a parameter to the VRHelper constructor will remove the default button displayed.
  3. 3D scatterplot on babylonjs

    Thanks for your sample! It brings me an idea to modify my VRHelper (createDefaultVRExperience). I didn't think about providing an external element to enable/disable VR.
  4. 3D scatterplot on babylonjs

    Great stuff. Could be interesting to be viewed in WebVR also
  5. Hello! This is because the Windows MR controllers are using glTF. It's also an extension you have to reference. I thought we had a warning message but apparently we didn't cc @Deltakosh In conclusion, to make my sample works on your machine you need : - to download or reference our GUI extension library as it's not in the core of Babylon.js - to download or reference our glTF loader extension Thanks! David
  6. I remember also we had trouble with this approach while working with the people from Windows Mixed Reality but can't remember why neither. Maybe @Deltakosh will remember!
  7. Lightmap With OcclusionMap Support

    Wow! Impressive work. Congrats.
  8. Babylon.js render canvas not open in tab?

    Hi, Sorry but I don't understand your question or problem. Can you please share either an online reproduction sample or use our Playground to illustrate your issue: http://playground.babylonjs.com/ Thanks, David
  9. Hi, @Deltakosh and I were delivering several session during a big French event named Microsoft Experiences 17. We've done a couple of babylon.js related session. One of the most popular session is named Coding4Fun and I've created a small demo scene intro acting as the agenda of the session. You'll find it there: It uses our new GUI engine, some cool Post Processes like VLS/Godrays and so on. I've also composed the music for it. Thanks to @Stvsynrj who has created most of the awesome content used in this demo! During the same session, I've been building a fun WebVR experiement I'll share later on my on blog Enjoy! David
  10. Multiple Scene Loaders issue?

    @Mythros before asking new questions on the forum, please follow these rules now: 1 - learn how JavaScript is working by following various tutorials you'll find on the web 2 - learn how to use the F12 / developer tool of your favorite browser 3 - search our documentation / samples / forum / playground samples if the question can be solved that way 4 - if you still need help, use the playground to reproduce your issue to ask for help The team and great forum's members can't spend their time helping you until you've first done that. David
  11. Hello, To build a babylon.js app for Xbox One, you simply need to either build a C# UWP app with a WebView displaying the babylon.js content or a JavaScript UWP app, which could kind either a hosted web app (code will live on your own web server) or classic app where the resource will be embedded with your app. You can also build a Progressive Web App and use PWA builder to make it a UWP app: http://www.manifoldjs.com/generator David
  12. Hello Davrous,

    Existe-t-il une communauté sur le webgl sur Paris ? Aimerais tu organiser un meetup sur Babylon ? 

    + je recherche des écoles enseignant le webgl à leurs étudiants, en connaitrais-tu ? 

    Clément de la startup clovis.pro 

  13. The VRHelper will implement a default teleportation behavior and will display the 3d models of each solution. It will offer also a default picking mechanism that will test the meshes for actionable items. For the GearVR, yes, this is still planned to add support for the controller.
  14. Hi beloved community, We're proud to announce that we've got a full support of the Windows Mixed Reality headsets AND Spatial Controllers in v3.1 : We even have very cool animation of the controllers to enhance immersion. We're also working on simplifying a lot the creation of WebVR experiences in Babylon.js via the VRHelper. Stay tuned. But using only 2 lines of code, we will soon be able to cover 80% of use cases David
  15. New Gamepad Changes

    Adding @Deltakosh who had refactored the gamepad logic. I haven't run my previous tests on it yet on my side.