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  1. OkijinGames


    Sorry with business partner, we have decided to part ways and the game has been taken down while we sort out legal and technical stuff (IP, hosting...). It will be back at some point.
  2. OkijinGames

    Cryptocurrency as a game reward

    The problem with bitcoin as it currently stands are the fees per transaction which would make such rewards pointless / or costly whichever side. Lightning network may help a lot in regards to this. Another solution is to use a dedicated alt currency (there are several) or create your own with low fees and fast transaction speeds. People would trade them vs BTC to cash out as they do with alt coins trading. Offering 1 BTC as unique reward for the first player to beat the game (or create a more elaborate reward structure) is not such a bad idea. Last year I actually wrote a short blog article about a digital artist, she embedded private keys to bitcoin stashes in her paintings. Her last puzzle has yet to be solved but surely, should the reward be substantial enough (4.5 BTC in her case), it is a great way to get exposure, especially these days with cryptocurrencies all over the news.
  3. OkijinGames

    'Mad World MMO' launching this fall on Steam and others

    Looks amazing, Great work!
  4. @AlectoraIt may be out of topic but I have been focusing 100% on cryptocurrencies for the last 2 months. And we have now reached almost $1M market cap (https://www.coingecko.com/en/price_charts/magnet/btc). Note that we did not use ICO, the project was 100% bootstrap. if interested in learning more check out my blog (http://blockonomy.org/blog/magnet121/) , this week we will also release more information and roadmap on the website.
  5. The real pioneer (David Shaum with DigiCash) actually went bankrupt... he was too early on the market. Blockchain technology has amazing potential
  6. Yes, some websites are apparently using client's CPU to contribute against their mining node instead of displaying adverts (not sure about that one, computer performance going down may actually be more of an annoyance than seeing an ad - although it can be balanced properly). Bitcoin CPU mining is worthless, for some cryptonight-based coins it may still work with many visitors (but for how long, difficulty is always going higher and any successful coin will attract more hash power... does not seem long term solution). The technology itself is amazing and can bring fast and cheap transactions everywhere, blockchain could be used for decentralized /cross-game saves, gamer's id... Most important, cryptocurrencies need less volatility... would be pretty annoying to find out that the 0.001 bitcoin you used to remove ads in a game could get you a car a year later (e.g. like this guy who bought a pizza for $5M). There is so much speculation and craziness, it makes it hard to develop stable business solutions. Hopefully the craze will go down and people will start looking at how the technology can serve - not the speculative side of it.
  7. Hello, This one is not what I would call a "game" (unless you classify lotto-systems in that category), yet it is still 100% HTML5 canvas front end. I created Lucky Miner to iterate on the idea that there is a nonzero probability for any miner to confirm a block before anyone else does on the bitcoin blockchain with a potential to earn 12.5 BTC ($57328 @ 4586.31 Oct. 9, 2017). The app implements an experimental “lottery-like” system running miners on a full "bitcoin node" back-end. Whenever a block is confirmed, one participant address is randomly picked up to collect the reward. Here is the link: http://blockonomy.org/apps/luckyminer/ I intend to explore more deeply how Bitcoin and more generally cryptocurrencies can be used in the gaming industry - several other projects like this one in the pipeline.
  8. OkijinGames


    Thank you
  9. OkijinGames


    Long time no update, the game is now available on Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ai.pie.io Team mode has been added as well!
  10. OkijinGames

    How to package html5 games for mobile?

    For Android using xwalk is likely redundant for 5.0 and above. You can create 2 versions, 1 using xwalk (up to 19) and another one with native webview (21+) so most users would get a small binary but can still provide the remaining users with performance benefits running xwalk. I used this approach on my latest game. Taking advantage of multiple APKs support : https://developer.android.com/google/play/publishing/multiple-apks.html
  11. OkijinGames

    Monitise .io Games

    They specify 1M monthly game sessions but I applied after 1 month and half with about 500K - as soon as website gets good volume on an uptrend you can probably submit.
  12. OkijinGames

    I'm starting a new documented journey in the world of games.

    He was also saying that we should always give something back to our communities (he was a monthly columnist in Weider magazine if I remember correctly) which you seem to be doing too - good Luck!
  13. OkijinGames

    Monitise .io Games

    slither.io monetise with AFG (Adsense for Games). If you play long enough you will see the ads (full screen video interstitial). I also use AFG to monetise http://pie.ai - tried using adsense for content banners but was advised against it since it may be seen as violation of adsense policy. I saw others using CPM networks... I guess you need to see what works best depending on geos, gameplay flow etc...
  14. OkijinGames


    Beta 3.0 Update So far eating "item" pies would give players an immediate benefit (shield, damage boost) regardless of the calories count and this did not help to reinforce player authority so the goal of this update is to experiment with a progression system that links the calories count to these benefits. As players eat calories they unlock skill points. Skill points can be spent to passively boost Power and Armor (some "active skills" could be rewarded to extend this system later on) The direct consequence of this is that players with a higher calories count get higher benefits from boosters like Mushroom Pie (2X power) and Shield (now progressive). The fat burner mechanic was completely removed. The lighting is now a collectable item and can be used to activate the jetpack (eating a pie was required before). The flag carrier still earns double points but the respawn will only happen when both flag carriers are dead. Work in progress: Currently working on a "capture and hold the flag" mode which will be Team vs Team instead of FFA.
  15. OkijinGames


    Beta 2.0 update: Eating other players now rewards their current calorie count instead of a flat 200 calories points (400 with flag). Fat burner (formerly jetpack) can be used to fly. Beware, it consumes calories at increasing rate! Improved UI numbers display. Mushroom now increases eating speed. Mushroom effect time increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.