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  1. pie.ai

    Thank you
  2. pie.ai

    Long time no update, the game is now available on Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ai.pie.io Team mode has been added as well!
  3. How to package html5 games for mobile?

    For Android using xwalk is likely redundant for 5.0 and above. You can create 2 versions, 1 using xwalk (up to 19) and another one with native webview (21+) so most users would get a small binary but can still provide the remaining users with performance benefits running xwalk. I used this approach on my latest game. Taking advantage of multiple APKs support : https://developer.android.com/google/play/publishing/multiple-apks.html
  4. Monitise .io Games

    They specify 1M monthly game sessions but I applied after 1 month and half with about 500K - as soon as website gets good volume on an uptrend you can probably submit.
  5. I'm starting a new documented journey in the world of games.

    He was also saying that we should always give something back to our communities (he was a monthly columnist in Weider magazine if I remember correctly) which you seem to be doing too - good Luck!
  6. Monitise .io Games

    slither.io monetise with AFG (Adsense for Games). If you play long enough you will see the ads (full screen video interstitial). I also use AFG to monetise http://pie.ai - tried using adsense for content banners but was advised against it since it may be seen as violation of adsense policy. I saw others using CPM networks... I guess you need to see what works best depending on geos, gameplay flow etc...
  7. pie.ai

    Beta 3.0 Update So far eating "item" pies would give players an immediate benefit (shield, damage boost) regardless of the calories count and this did not help to reinforce player authority so the goal of this update is to experiment with a progression system that links the calories count to these benefits. As players eat calories they unlock skill points. Skill points can be spent to passively boost Power and Armor (some "active skills" could be rewarded to extend this system later on) The direct consequence of this is that players with a higher calories count get higher benefits from boosters like Mushroom Pie (2X power) and Shield (now progressive). The fat burner mechanic was completely removed. The lighting is now a collectable item and can be used to activate the jetpack (eating a pie was required before). The flag carrier still earns double points but the respawn will only happen when both flag carriers are dead. Work in progress: Currently working on a "capture and hold the flag" mode which will be Team vs Team instead of FFA.
  8. pie.ai

    Beta 2.0 update: Eating other players now rewards their current calorie count instead of a flat 200 calories points (400 with flag). Fat burner (formerly jetpack) can be used to fly. Beware, it consumes calories at increasing rate! Improved UI numbers display. Mushroom now increases eating speed. Mushroom effect time increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
  9. pie.ai

    Thanks you ^^
  10. pie.ai

    Another update is live and we have shrooms! Added a few new items: Shrooms: Double damage and size for 30 seconds. Lightning bolt: Double XP gains for 30 seconds. Many UI improvements and fixes. Enjoy!
  11. pie.ai

    Thank you, it means a lot to me! When I created my first game in 2013, I took some time to port a small set of library functions I wrote in C++ for Direct2D to HTML5 canvas and used it as the base for my framework. Since then, I have simply expanded this set of functions as I wrote new HTML5 games over the years. I also enjoy writing things from scratch if I can. Thanks again for your comments!
  12. pie.ai

    Thank you! I wrote my own "engine" which I use for all my HTML5 games.
  13. pie.ai

    Thank you
  14. pie.ai

    Another update (alpha 0.3) - play here: http://pie.ai Eating pies and killing other players rewards XP points. Added Authenticated login (Facebook and Google). Players can now save gold, xp and other settings. Added unlockable skins (with XP) : Batman, Tiger, Picachu Few fixes on server.
  15. pie.ai

    Alpha 0.2 now live. The Shield provides 50% damage reduction. This item can be stolen from other players by eating them. Capture the Flag to get 100% points bonus. This item can be stolen from other players by eating them. Added 2 skins (Cute Rabbit, Brazilian Flag). Fixed issue wit bots eating flying players. Added "Total pies eaten" counter on main page now almost 10M pies eaten since alpha is live (currently 4K daily players) Up-scaled server to 4 Core / 7GB RAM, things should run much more smoothly.