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  1. Alpha 0.2 now live. The Shield provides 50% damage reduction. This item can be stolen from other players by eating them. Capture the Flag to get 100% points bonus. This item can be stolen from other players by eating them. Added 2 skins (Cute Rabbit, Brazilian Flag). Fixed issue wit bots eating flying players. Added "Total pies eaten" counter on main page now almost 10M pies eaten since alpha is live (currently 4K daily players) Up-scaled server to 4 Core / 7GB RAM, things should run much more smoothly.
  2. IOS flickering is now fixed
  3. Thanks! I actually tested on iPhone (6) and I was probably half asleep because I did not notice the flickering when taping! After you mentioned it I can clearly see and reproduce it (some silly bug slipped in the touch events I guess...). I have tested on Note 4 and noticed the slowness as well, there will be an option to load lower quality graphics on older devices so that should fix this. Thanks again for the great feedback.
  4. Thanks, the game is hosted on Azure (NodeJS). I have used Azure in the past for my games backend (leaderboard, cloud user data saves, analytics) and never had much issue - I will also try to setup an instance on Google Cloud for this game next week.
  5. Thank you!
  6. Hi samid737, Thanks for the feedback. Authenticated login with cloud save (skins, gold, packs) will be available as soon as the beta is out. It is not available in alpha as the game is being balanced so sessions are not persisted at the moment. For maps, I was thinking the other way around (jumping in holes to land on a new map below). There will be different maps but still need to determine the design around it.
  7. Changes: Added new skins Increased limit to 45 concurrent players (server is getting over 1.5K daily players) Currently working on 2 new items (will be live in next update this week): Shield: reduces all damage taken by 50% Flag: When the player carries the flag, all calorie/gold gains are doubled but all damage taken as well.
  8. Thank you! Thanks! Indeed, I may tweak the calories (currently 200 for eating a "live" player, and 100 for eating its jammed carcass). In my first implementation, getting "jammed" was not permadeath (just a 5 second freeze) and the higher reward was to incentivize players to eat jammed players during that 5 second window. (i removed the mechanic as a whole because the freeze was just annoying and confusing) Yes you can recover HP by jumping into a healing hole (uncovered by eating a pie with the green/white cross on then) "Probably you'll add a way to see what items you've collected" Good idea to explore (either death summary screen or separate screen that can popup any time during gameplay).
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, it will be possible to use coins to unlock skins and get starting packs from shop (keys, hammers and maybe heal kits). Regarding the mouse indeed that is a good idea i can see a nice effect for blocky pointer (could be made optional as well so no problem at all) will put on to-do list
  10. Thank you - all my games are built on my home-made "engine".
  11. Thanks! Indeed, I do not plan to do licensing for this game.
  12. Thank you
  13. Thanks Indeed may be a bit tricky with the trackpad! Thank you! I came up with the idea myself. Although it evolved substantially since the first prototype. In the very first implementation (top-down view) players could only move when eating a block. Thank you !
  14. Hi Everyone, Pie.Ai (alpha) is my new HTML5 multiplayer game. Jump straight into the action and eat as much as you can of everything (even other players) but don't stand in the JAM! With simple one touch control to jump, eat, fly, open locks, break blocks or attack the game is designed to offer seamless experience across all devices (phones, tablets, PC). This alpha version was developed in one month (originally part of another project, more details below). Note that I have currently limited the number of players to 12 for the alpha so you may get the "Tables full" message if it gets busy at time (you can always spectate to get an idea). Click here to play Here is what to expect in the next few days: Lootable Armor (or temp invulnerability). Improved bot AI. More skins Multi-language support Gold shop to unlock starter packs and skins (gold farming allowed). Game Design: Propeller vs Jetpack for flying (currently both items behave the same, I am thinking of differentiating them) Smash items mechanism (jumping on some items to trigger some effects) Game modes (have a few ideas that need to be tried out). Initially that game was to be part of another upcoming project (mini game for Idle Brainz) but somehow I got stuck with the top-down graphics and changed to adopt an isometric view. Since the style ended up so different from Idle Brainz, I decided that a separate standalone release would probably be better. Feedback are welcome.
  15. Thank you! It is a multiplayer idle game - players battle against other players (mini-games) to earn permanent and temporary bonuses.