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  1. Hello! We are back Here is our entry : You can play directly here : We use LREditor (based on Phaser) to make our game. Enjoy and please, give us feedbacks
  2. Ok, I undestand. Thank you for the explanation.
  3. Ah ok, so what do you mean by "native loading of XML files" ? (sorry if it's a silly question)
  4. Hello, Thanks for the release! Can you tell me if "native loading of XML files" means that bitmap font loading in CocoonJs is working now ?
  5. Thank you ! The second video is on its way and the first example project will be revealed soon
  6. Hello, It seems pretty cool but can you tell us about technical details please (language, engine, etc...) ? Thank you
  7. In my opinion, it's not a matter of commercial product or not. Phaser is user friendly since the begining! But I agree with you, we should propose a fix to it because it is open source.
  8. Hello ! Fews days ago, I've presented you the LREditor, a Phaser Game Editor, here : Now I want to present you the first tutorial video : In this video, you will learn how to install LREditor and launch the example. You can try it here : And clone it from GitHub here : Or simply visit our website : Hope it helps. Please, give us feedback!
  9. Hi, You can check our LREditor on this post :
  10. I wish a better integration with CocoonJs, espacialy for BitmapFont loading (a JSON parser perhaps ?). Otherwise, keep going with this great work !!
  11. Great! I'm glad to hear it! You're right, the error occurs because the prefabs folder doesn't exist. I can't wait to see what you can do with LREditor Have Fun !
  12. Hi! Thank you for the feedback! You don't need a MAMP server, the script "www" does it for you You just has to open a terminal in the LREditor folder and execute : node bin/www Then, you just has to go to http://localhost:5000 Here is a video : We are working on Youtube tutorials, this video is a draft so please be indulgent with it Enjoy!
  13. I use 640x360 because it's half-HD (1280x720). It gives me that :
  14. No problem. Thank you for your interest !
  15. Hi, I'm sorry but LREditor is not a Tiled-based editor (however, in the future, it will be able to load tilemaps because Phaser can). What you can see as background is a TileSprite, a sprite that repeats its texture. Did I answer your question ?