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  1. OMG change the style. I hate when everything is so stretched padding: 0 150px;
  2. Good game but no option for the 1 card version....
  3. Hello, I don't really know. I let them produce from a polish company and they let the graphics produce from another polish company. But I can tell you that this game is created with CreateJS. Best Regards Marcel Feig
  4. Hello, we let produce some nice Hidden Object Games in HTML5 for our domain izzygames.com If you are interested you can have a look. Our main Goal was to create 5 levels with dynamic object which should work ok on cross platforms. So some objects are bigger than the naturally are to be better recognizable on small devices. You can iframe them on your site if you wish. No Ads. Just low branding. Feel free http://www.izzygames.com/hog-farm-t5405.html http://www.izzygames.com/fantasy-park-t5188.html http://www.izzygames.com/hard-case-t5355.html http://www.izzygames.com/tenement-house-t5295.html http://www.izzygames.com/treasure-factory-t5260.html Best Regards Marcel
  5. JFYI. Your game doesn't work with the mouse in chrome on Laptops having a Touch.
  6. Freezes after a short time on the Ipad/Iphone also the sound doesn't work Should need an auto-scale to screen size instead of media queries.
  7. IzzYgames


    Cool idea smooth gameplay but why not use scaling for the game. It's a must do
  8. Found this on a website: Maybe it helps some of the developers for their project. Especially when integrating "buttons and virtual keypads"
  9. There are several problems I found out which are quite bad for games especially: - The minimal-ui didn't work for me in Portrait-mode so far. None of the games I tested had a small title-ui - When rotating form portrait-mode to landscape-mode some of the games where stuck on the old width and height and didn't scale to full screen. I had to turn it twice to make it work - Games using buttons in the upper or lower part of the screen will cause the ui to come up and make the game unplayable which is really a big problem. Because it overlaps the game now and the games doesn't seem to scale or at least recognize it. You can't get the ui off again only if you switch it to portrait and back. Big problem. If you click to low again this will happen again etc. So I'm unsatisfied and not really sure yet if it's a good thing. Best Regards Marcel
  10. How unique NOT!!!!
  11. Really good. Too bad it isn't responsive and not really usable for mobile phones.
  12. Won't make much money if you don't create it for mobile devices with auto-scale....
  13. IzzYgames


    - Swipe does not work with mouse desktop mode. Should be supported - Need polishment when swapping to another side to better see where the connections can be made something like a slower fade Otherwise nice game.
  14. Nice game so far. But you didn't make it mobile compatible *boooo*. Work on that and solve performance issues on mobile than it would be awesome.
  15. Good game so far. But needs better engine. Scale to window-size etc.